Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unser Song Für Deutschland - Semifinal 2

Today was the 2nd semifinal of USFD, 6 new songs from the new album of Lena were presented and 3 get into the final. From those 6 songs i liked only 3 and only 2 of them are finalists "Push forward" and "A million and one", im not sure which song will win next week but it seems that is going to be "Taken by a stranger". Lena looked absolutely gorgeous and the performances were fantastic. The songs are very good but i think they dont want to win this year, but we never know whats going to happen in ESC, the only thing i can say right now is that her new album is AMAZING!.

The 3 Finalists:
A million and one
Push forward
Mama told me

The 3 non finalists songs:
Teenage girls
At all
A good day

The final will be on friday 18, for more information you can click here to enter to the USFD official web.

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