Saturday, February 26, 2011

Austria is BACK with an AMAZING singer: Nadine Beiler

This was a surprise for me, i didnt expect her to win but im so happy that her stunning performance made the people take their phones and vote for her. Her performance was magical, i cant believe how perfect were her vocals, im very very happy with Austria this year, it was a fabulous performance and she deserved to win. Also i have to say that it was a very good national final so great comeback for Austria.

Here are the 2nd place and 3rd place:

They were the favorites, its a catchy song and it was a good performance but i perfer Nadine 100%.

This was my 2nd favorite.

Well i have to congratulate Austria for making a fantastic National Final, a round of applause for Nadine and Good Luck to her in Düsseldorf!

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