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Monday, May 28, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Congratulations Loreen

Can you imagine how happy i am? YAAAAAAAAAY Thanks thanks thanks to all Europe, thanks to the ones who voted for sweden and thanks to those who are buying the song on itunes! I knew in my heart that she was going to win but i didnt want to think about it cause if something else happen it sucks so i tried to stay calm and wait to see the voting results. Back then in march when she won the Melodifestivalen i was very excited cause i knew this song was going to be a succesful entry in the charts around europe and yeah i was right, look all the itunes top 10 and see that Euphoria is on the top. I really admire Loreen cause she is a very talented, humble, down to earth girl that gave us her heart in every performance, i wish her all the best in her career cause she deserves it. THANK YOU LOREEN! for all the emotions you gave me since the 1st time i heard the song, as i said before, this song is really important for me and im very happy right now, a huge round of applause to all her team and im sure we all are ready for SWEDEN 2013.

Photos: Andres Putting (EBU)
Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Here is the winning performance: 

Why can't this moment last forever more

Tonight eternity's an open door


Don't ever stop doing the things you do

Don't go

In every breath I take I'm breathing you

Forever, ‘til the end of time 

From now on, only you and I

We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

An everlasting piece of art

A beating love within my heart

We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

We are here
We are alone in our own universe

We are free

Where everything's aloud and love comes first

Forever and ever together

We sail into infinity

We're higher and higher and higher

We're reaching for divinity

Forever, ‘til the end of time 

From now on, only you and I

We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

An everlasting piece of art

A beating love within my heart

We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

We sail into infinity

We're higher 

We're reaching for divinity


We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

An everlasting piece of art

A beating love within my heart

We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up



We’re going u-u-u-u-u-u-up

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Pre - Final

The day is finally here, tonight we will know who is the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2012. I've said this a lot of times but im going to say it again, this year is a bit weird for me cause i've been trying very hard to control my emotions about the songs cause i dont want to get mad or sad if i dont like the results but i think that failed cause im pretty sure that i'll be very disappointed if a bad song wins but its not going to be the end of my eurovision world cause my feelings about the results changed a lot when i saw the results of last year esc and what im trying to say with this is that it doesnt matter if you get a bad position, if your song is good, it will be succesful and thats more important cause if the winner doesnt have a good song or wasnt the best in the contest the only thing that they get its a trophy and the right to host the contest but thats all, if you ask me about 2011, the most succesful act were the Jedward boys and they didnt get a top 5 result, does Ell & Nikki have a career, hmm maybe but if you compare them to Lena or Alexander Rybak? i dont think so. This year anything can happen and there are some really good songs and artists that i can see doing well in the charts all around europe, so i really hope one those songs gets the trophy of the esc 2012 cause its what the contest needs, last year the winner song was not succesful in the charts. Since february 4 i've been in love with that song, i didnt expect her to win the Melodifestivalen cause normally my favorites dont win and she performed on the semifinal 1, she got a meh draw in the final and she got a big competitor Danny ( Im sure Bjorkman wanted him to win) that was the biggest favorite before the competition but then he was the 2nd favorite cause she won the hearts of all the swedish people and on the final night she won with a huge record of votes. Since then she became the biggest favorite of this year and even if there are a lot of people saying that she is going to win, i still think that anything can happen, i would love to see this fantastic song and artist winning but if she doesnt win, i dont care cause theres no doubt that the most succesful song before Eurovision was Euphoria and after her semifinal she got in the Itunes chart of a lots of countries so i think she already won cause for an artist the most importan thing is to get people who likes what you do and support you buying your songs and she already got that no matter the result she gets tonight. Here is the 1st performance of my Eurovision 2012 winner: LOREEN

Tonight eternity's an open door
no dont ever stop doing the things you do 
dont go in every step i take im breathing you

Forever we sail into infinity
We're higher
We're reaching for divinity


Ok here are some pics of my favorites:
Albania: Rona Nishliu
Iceland: Gréta Salóme & Jónsi
Cyprus: Ivi Adamou
Italy: Nina Zilli
Denmark: Soluna Samay
Sweden: Loreen
Spain: Pastora Soler
FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi
Ireland: Jedward 
Photos: Thomas Hanses (EBU)
Elke Roels (EBU)
Andres Putting (EBU)

Im very excited and im going to enjoy every second of this years contest cause its going to be my 10th edition since i've been following the contest so lets hope for the best tonight!, I wish all the best to everyone, lets light our fire and if you like one of my favorites dont forget to vote for them! Vote for song number 17, 23, 10, 03 and 22.  GO LOREEN! GO NINA ZILLI! GO JEDWARD! GO RONA NISHLIU! GO KALIOPI!  


Friday, May 25, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Semifinal 2

Thats it, tonight we got the 26 finalists of the Eurovision song contest 2012, right now im disappointed with a part of the results but what can i do? It was a nice semifinal and i hope we can have a great final on saturday.

Here are my short comments on the songs that were eliminated:

Belarus: I dont know what to say about this entry, i dont dislike it but i kinda ignore it, the performance was ok but not enough to get in the final.

Portugal: I thought the juries were going to save her and maybe they voted for her but i guess she didnt get so many votes with the televote. She is a very  good singer but the song was too forgettable.

Croatia: I kinda like the song but the performance wasnt good, this song didnt need dancers or all that stuff she had but there is no doubt that she is a good artist.

Georgia: Ohh this was one of the worst songs this year and im happy that its out.

Slovakia: I liked the performance, he got energy on stage and he looked HOT, the juries rehearsal wasnt good and i think that killed his chances but i wish all the best in his career.

Now the ones i really liked but unfortunately didnt qualify

Bulgaria: I really like the song and it got so many negative comments during all the rehearsal weeks that i was getting in the "hate this song mood" but when i watched her performance my Sofi love came back, she was enjoying every second of that stage and song and that made me enjoy it too, she looked really strong on that huge stage alone so good job Sofi.

Slovenia: This is one of my favorite songs of this year and i dont get why she didnt get in the final, the only think i didnt like about the performance were the backing vocal girls choreography but Eva was great and she really did a fantastic job and she should be very proud of herself.

The Netherlands: Im very sad and mad, this totally deserved the final, she looked beautiful and the performance was really good and cute but the most important thing is that this is a fantastic song and i still dont get why this is not in the final. Its a shame that people or juries vote for countries or vocal performances over songs and i understand that the juries should vote for a mix of everything but no matter how good a singer is, if the song is crap nothing will make it better and this song was great. I wish all the best to the sweet and talented Joan! Thanks for this lovely song and performance and no matter the result, im sure a lot of people are going to remember this song cause its one of the best songs of this year. Well done JOAN FRANKA!

Now here is my top 10 of tonights finalists:
10.Lithuania: Donny Montell - Love is blind
He is a great singer and im happy for him but this song is really lame and i dont know how it got into the final.

9.Malta: Kurt Calleja - This is the night
Another case of good singer/bad song, im sorry but this is another unfair finalist in my opinion.

8.Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar - Korake ti znam
I kinda like this performance and im sure the juries loved but the song is a bit boring and there were better in the semifinal.

7.Ukraine: Gaitana - Be my guest
I love Gaitana and she was one of my favorites in this semifinal but i didnt love the performance, i hope she can do it better in the final.

6.Estonia: Ott Lepland - Kuula
He is amazing and i really like the song but i dont know whats happening with him and his need to show how good singer he is doing long notes every second of the song, i think the song was really beautiful the way it was and this live eurovision version is too much for me.

5.Serbia: Zeljko Joksimovic - Nije ljubav stvar
Its good to see him again on the eurovision stag, i remember how much i hated him in 2004 cause he was the biggest competition to Ruslana and it was my 2nd eurovision so i was really in the love & hate years, now i like Lane moje and his song of this year, theres nothing bad to say about this and he got a great  position in the final can he be the winner? hmm i hope no, too meh for me this year.

4.Norway: Tooji - Stay
All i can say about this is that it was a good performance and i love Tooji, he is fierce!

3. Turkey: Can Bonomo - Love me back
Nice song with a cool performance and a kinda weird singer, i like this, it looked really well on the screen and it was almost like the host entry, even if i like this i dont want it to win, is not good enough to take the 1st place but still im sure we will see him in the top 5.

2.FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi - Crno i belo
WOHOO! im so happy!! Kaliopi is not only a great singer but a lovely person. She did an amazing performance and i loved her part in the press conference. Bravo Kaliopi!! Good luck in the final!

1.Sweden: Loreen - Euphoria
You cant imagine how happy i am right now and i think i dont need to say anything, just watch that performance and then you maybe get to feel all the emotions that this song and Loreen has. Thanks to all the people who voted and suported Loreen, im sure this must be really hard for her but i hope she is enjoying everything. Thank you Loreen for this everlasting piece of art and if you are in europe dont forget to vote on saturday for song number 17! 
Photos: Elke Roels (EBU)
Andres Putting (EBU)
Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Now that we got our 26 finalists, lets see the running order for the final:

1.United Kingdom - Engelbert Humperdinck
2.Hungary - Compact Disco
3.Albania - Rona Nishliu
4.Lithuania - Donny Montell
5.Bosnia & Herzegovina - Maya Sar
6.Russia - Buranovskiye Babushki
7.Iceland - Gréta Salóme & Jónsi
8.Cyprus -  Ivi Adamou
9.France - Anggun
10.Italy - Nina Zilli
11.Estonia - Ott Lepland
12.Norway - Tooji
13.Azerbaijan - Sabina Babayeva
14.Romania - Mandinga
15.Denmark - Soluna Samay
16.Greece - Eleftheria Eleftheriou
17.Sweden - Loreen
18.Turkey - Can Bonomo
19.Spain - Pastora Soler
20.Germany - Roman Lob
21.Malta - Kurt Calleja
22.FYR Macedonia - Kaliopi
23.Ireland - Jedward
24.Serbia - Zeljko Joksimovic
25.Ukraine - Gaitana
26.Moldova - Pasha Parfeny