Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Linköping & Malmö

The Melodifestivalen 2011 is going to be orgasmic, great artists and i hope fabulous songs but will Sweden choose the right one this time? or they will send to Eurovision the one that will make them fail.

Deltävling 3 - Linköping - February 19
Enemy - Sara Lumholdt
I thought it was forever - Shirley's Angels
Lucky you - Linda Sundblad
No one else could - Sebastian
Popular - Eric Saade
Spring för livet - Sara Varga
The king - The Playtones
Tid att andas - Simon Forsberg

Deltävling 4 - Malmö - February 26
Alive - Linda Pritchard
Better or worse - Julia Alvgard
E de fel på mig - Linda Bengtzing
I surrender - Lasse Stefanz
Leaving home - Nicke Borg
The hunter - Melody Club
TBA - Love Generation
OMG Bengtzing and Pritchard on the 4th semi, its going to be fabulous, im sure i will love the MF 2011.

There are 31 songs cause one song was disqualified:

Don't Stop
Upphovsmän: JC Chasez, Carl Falk och Kristian Lundin
Artist: Anders Fernette

It seems that SVT gave one week to make a new song to the composers, if the song is good they will put it on the list.

Information about the new songs:

The King
Upphovsmän: Fredrik Kempe, Peter Kvint
Artist: The Playtones

Upphovsmän: Fredrik Kempe
Artist: Eric Saade

Upphovsmän: Oscar Görres, Fredrik Kempe
Artist: Linda Pritchard

I Thought It Was Forever
Upphovsmän: Robin Abrahamsson, Alexander Bard, Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström
Artist: Shirley's Angels

No One Else Could
Upphovsmän: Andreas Alfredsson Grube, Sebastian Karlsson
Artist: Sebastian

Upphovsmän: RedOne
Artist: Love Generation
Lucky you
Upphovsmän: Linda Sundblad, Johan Bobäck, Fredrik Thomander, Anders Wikström
Artist: Linda Sundblad

Pop, Rap and Metal in the Melodi Grand Prix 2011

Fabulous Pics, 21 artists, 21 song titles and it seems that a lot of differents styles.

Now lets continue with the artists of the 2nd Semifinal:

Semifinal 2 - Florø: January 22
What a cute boy, absolutely beautiful
Song: «Oh, Oh (Puppy love)»

Lyrics & Music: Samsaya Sharma/Jarl Aanestad
Artist: Endre
Song: «Hungry For You (Gipsydance)»

Lyrics & Music: Marika
Artist: Marika
Hanne is back as an Artist this time
Song:«You’re Like a Melody»

Lyrics & Music: Hanne Sørvaag
Artist: Hanne Sørvaag
Ovi is one of the composers of their song
Song: «I’ll Be Yours»

Lyrics & Music: Ovi Martin/Johanna Demker/Bjørn Lindstøm
Artist: Pernille & Marius

Song: «Sand»

Lyrics & Music: Isabella Leroy
Artist: Isabella

Semifinal 3 - Skien: January 29
Song: «Like dreamers do»

Lyrics: Simon Walker
Music: Grethe Svensen og Tommy Berre
Artist: Grethe Svensen
Song: «SOS»

Music: Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen/Christoffer Bergesen
Lyrics: Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen/Christoffer Bergesen
Artist: Girl Happy
Song: «Gone with the wind»

Lyrics & Music: Simone Larsen / Moh Denebi / Jennifer Brown / Bjørn Djupström
Artist: Noora Noor
Song: «Dance Tonight»

Lyrics & Music: Agnete Johnsen / Emelie Nilsen
Artist: The BlackSheeps
Song: «Nothing Remains»

Lyrics & Music: Andersen/Hagen/Åkesson/Didriksen/Mustaparta
Artist: Susperia
Song: «Haba haba»

Lyrics & Music: Stella Mwangi
Artist: Stella Mwangi
Song: «Fire Below»

Lyrics & Music: Knud Kleppe
Artist: The Lucky Bullets

The full list of the participants in each semifinal

Semifinal 1 - Ørland - January 15
Carina Dahl - Guns & boys
Use Me - Daisy
Sichelle - Trenger mer
Sie Gubba - Alt du vil ha
Rikke Normann & Åste Sem - Not that easy (Ah-Åh Ah-Åh)
Helene Bøksle - Vardlokk
Gatas Parlament - Jobbe litt mindre, og tjene litt mer

Semifinal 2 - Florø - January 22
Pernille & Marius - I'll be yours
Mimi Blix - Allergic
Endre - Oh, Oh (Puppy love)
Isabella - Sand
Marika - Hungry for you (Gipsydance)
Babel Fish - Depend on me
Hanne Sørvaag - You're like a melody

Semifinal 3 - Skien - January 29
Girl Happy - SOS
Stella Mwangi - Haba haba
The Blacksheeps - Dance tonight
Susperia - Nothing remains
Grethe Svensen - Like dreamers do
The Lucky Bullets - Fire bellow
Noora Noor - Gone with the wind

Is The Euroviisut 2011 Good Enough?

Today the songs that will compete in january in the Euroviisut 2011 were released, some surprises and i already have some favorites, even if i think there were better songs in the Euroviisut 2010.

Now i will comment the 5 songs i like the most

5.Jimi Constantine - Party to party

This one is nice, it sounds a bit like his other song Dirty Cinderella, "We can sleep when we're dead" can be the "Her daddy doesnt need to know", but its a cool song and if he is going to be shirtless it will be hot.

4.Tommi Soidinmäki - Seis!

I like the energy of this song, his voice is very strong but im not sure if this will work in eurovision.

3.Saara Aalto - Blessed with love

This is one of the online winners, they made a nice new version, it sounds beautiful, can she sing it perfectly live? i hope so.

2.Paradise Oskar - Da da dam

What a surprise, when i saw the title and with paradise oskar as a name of the artist i thought it was going to be a dance club song but it was a beautiful song, i love the lyrics and the da da dam da da dam, definitely i think this one should have the chance to go to Düsseldorf.

1.Father Mckenzie - Good enough

This was my favorite since the 1st time i listened, great melody, nice lyrics and if i have to choose one to go to Eurovision, it will be between Father Mckenzie and Paradise Oskar, i really want to see them live, lets wait that the finnish people choose the right one. This is good enough for me.

Here is the full line up:
Semifinal 1 - January 14
1.Automatic Eye - I'm not the one who's sorry
2.Marko Maunuksela - Synkän maan tango
3.Johanna Iivanainen - Luojani mun
4.Jonna - Puppets
5.Cardiant - Rapture in time

Semifinal 2 - January 21
1.Soma Manuchar - Strong
2.Paradise Oskar - Da da dam
3.Jimi Constantine - Party to party
4.Milana Misic - Sydämeni kaksi maata
5.Father Mckenzie - Good enough

Semifinal 3 - January 28
1.Eveliina Määttä - Dancing in the Dark
2.Sami Hintsanen - Täältä maailmaan
3.Tommi Soidinmäki - Seis!
4.Saara Aalto - Blessed with love
5.Stala & So - Pamela

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Heat 5

The last heat came and we will know the last 6 songs in the competition, is the winner in this heat?

1.Pavlo Tabakov - Shake your body

This song is not horrible but his look, his dancers and the backing vocals looked very bad, maybe too cheap, his vocals were not bad. Pavlo dont try to be sexy cause you're not.
2.Jamala - Smile

What can i say? I was waiting for this since october, imo Jamala is the perfect artist for the ESC, she is an amazing singer with a great look and strong stage presence. Smile is a fantastic song, it made me smile every time i listen to it, i really love it, the performance today was very good but i think she didnt gave us all maybe she is ready to give us all in the semifinals, her vocals were absolutely fabulous and she is on my top 3 favorites.

3.Denis Povaliy - Aces high

Is this guy a comedian? i dont know but im not sure if he is a singer, his vocals were weak, his stage presence a bit boring, his look was good kinda funny and his song is just ok.
4.Maxim Novitsky - True love can free you

WTF moment, i dont get their costumes, his vocals were ok but in some parts were bad as the screaming girl in the backing vocals, the show wasnt horrible but wasnt good enough, the song is not bad.
5.Tatiana Vorzheva - Vse Resheno/Всё решено

I really like this song, the melody is so catchy. Tonight she looked nice and her dancers looked hot, the choreography was very good, her stage presence was good but can be better and her vocals were weak, so i hope she can improve her vocals in semifinals cause i like this.

6.VRODA - Zhovteye zhyto/Жовтеє жито

They made a good performance, their vocals were good, their stage presence was nice and im not sure if the song is strong enough for eurovision, but i like it they deserved to go to the semifinals

The Semifinalists
Tatiana Vorzheva
Denis Povaliy

The Best of the night
Lets Smileee

Saturday, November 27, 2010

To Infinity with Daria Medovaya

Well if you all remember well, she participated in the 1st heat of the Ukrainian National Selection and her performance impressed everyone, it was amazing to have a contact with her and here you will see my first interview and its with her. She is 20 years old, she graduated from music school, piano and singing class. And she is one of the 21 semifinalist to represent Ukraine next year in Eurovision.

First of all can you introduce yourself? Who is Daria Medovaya?

Daria Medovaya - it's my name, my singer name. Name of the voice that gives truly and deeply emotions to the listeners. Daria Medovaya its an artist, that sings only the truth and nothing else.

When did you start your singing career?

My career started at the same time when i was able to sing, i was almost 5 years old. I don't like the term "career", i prefer my own development and improvement of my professional skills.

Now you are one of the artists that are taking part of the Ukrainian national selection for eurovision, your song its called Infinity, what is the story of this song? what is the song about?

I wrote the music for "Infinity" and Evgeniy Matushenko wrote the english text. When i decided to take a part in the national selection i was looking for the song very powerful and emotional. Ultimately i understood that no one of the composers can't feel the song like i do. So "Infinity" was born. This song is about a ladies feeling, about how we must appreciate every minute of our life. This song is about female strength and patience - if we will wait for love so persistently we will meet One on the crossroads of the life.
Why did you choose that song to compete in the National selection?

The essence of Infinity was very important for me. There was no choice of the song, because Infinity was written specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest. I feel this song, we make it with my friends that are supporting me all the time and this song is ready for the competition. And to be truthful it's the story of my own life.

Talking about songs, i know you have a new song "Цунами Нежность", can you tell us something about it?

"Цунами Нежность" - in Russian and it means "Gentle Tsunami" - is a brand new song. I can't predict the future, because this song is only starting her own way. Of course i heartly believe in this song and it tells about things that are familiar to each girl. It is about a feeling of love that gives sometimes a tsunami of emotions, gentle emotions.

Amazing song, i like it very much.
Now back to the Eurovision. You weren't one of the favorites before the shows but now you are on the top 3 in the internet voting and your song is one of the favorites, how does it feel to know that the people likes your song and your performance?

It's unbelievable! When you are devoted to yourself and did lots of work only to make a good performance and professionals liked it, it's very pleasant. But the most important thing for me is the number of views of my performance on youtube are increasing so much every day. I know that people who listened my song are making the destiny of it.

So there is a rumor that says that there will be 3 semifinals in december, how you prepare for it? do you know when this semifinals will be?

Yes, that's true. All of the participants are devided into 3 groups. I'm in the 1 group. Now I'm a little bit worried about it because i don't like the competition very much :-). On the stage i prefer to feel free atmosphere, sincerity, inspiration, when i'm flying away. Now I do need friends support.

And for the semifinals there will be a new version of Infinity, what can you tell us about it and is there a date to the premiere of the song?

Yes, after the first performance we've had time to make "Infinity" better than before. I just wanna tell that there will be some changes for the sound and i added some instruments. There is no appointed date to the premiere of the song, but the performance recording will be on December 2 or December 3.
The dress of the 1st show was amazing, you looked absolutely beatiful, how is going to be the new dress?

Thank you very much. I wanna tell that a new dress will be very beatiful. The embroidery of the dress will be with a National Ukrainian symbols by Anjelika Rudnitskaya, former well known Ukrainian singer and painter. you will see it very soon.

Have you listened the other songs in the competition? do you like someone?

I saw performances of all contestans and of course some of them have chances to win this competition and it will be people solution.

Why the ukrainian people should vote for you to represent them in Eurovision?

I think that every participant are asked for this question and i don't wanna be banal. I think if people had the same feeling once in their life as i did, they can vote for the song 'cause any song is not only text and performance it's first of all artists emotions that singer want to give to the listener. I love the song very much. I love music, love singing, this is my life! and when the people will hear my song and see my performance i believe that they will like it, i want them to believe me. I think that only when it's happening, people will vote for me.

Something you want to say to the Eurovision addicts?

I want to say my heartful thanks to everybody who supports me and listened to my songs, because if there is no fans support there will be no singers and Eurovision as well. Thank you! If anyone want to make friends with me they can simply find me on Twitter, Facebook or Livejournal. Listen to my music and i will try not to disappoint you.
Wish you the best

I really want to say Thank you very much Daria for this wonderful interview and for being so cool and nice with me, i cant wait to listen the new version of Infinity and to see the performance of the semifinal. Good luck in the semifinals and i send you all my positive energy.

Now here is the absolutely beautiful performance of Daria in the first heat of the Ukrainian National Selection, as i said before this performance was great, her voice, her look, her song and her feelings through the song were magical and im sure the next performance will be amazing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are you ready to Smile?

Here it is, the song that will represent Ukraine in 2011? i dont know but it definitely made me smile, its a catchy unique song and the multi cultural part is fantastic, i cant wait to see her performance on sunday. Jamala is amazing, i just love her, i really hope this get better and represent Ukraine, im ready to smile in Düsseldorf!

Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Ørland & 2 from Florø

NRK presented today the 7 artists that will compete in the 1st semifinal and 2 from the 2nd semifinal, it seems that today was a press conference day.

Im very excited with the mgp even if i dont like that political rap group, i like the different styles on the competion and im sure i will love a lot of songs next year.

Semifinal 1 - Ørland: January 15

Absolutely fabulous pic! I think i will love this song
Song: «Guns & Boys»

Lyrics & Music: Carina Dahl, Nanna Martorell og Hanne Sørvaag
Artist: Carina Dahl

Cute boys
Song: «Daisy»

Lyrics & Music: Jim André Bergsted
Artist: «Use Me»

She participated on 2009
Song: «Trenger mer»

Lyrics & Music: Christine Dancke
Artist: Sichelle

Song: «Alt du vil ha »

Lyrics & Music: Magne Almås og Petter Øien
Artist: Sie Gubba

Song: Not That Easy (Ah-Åh Ah-Åh)

Lyrics & Music: Rikke Normann
Artister: Rikke Normann og Åste Sem

Cute pic, i will like this one
Song: Vardlokk

Lyrics: Cecilie Larsen
Music: Helene Bøksle, Sindre Hotvedt, Knut Avenstroup Haugen
Artist: Helene Bøksle
Song: «Jobbe litt mindre, og tjene litt mer»

Lyrics: Gatas Parlament
Music: Jester (Alex Molkom)
Artist: Gatas Parlament

Semifinal 2 - Florø: January 22
I will love this one too
Song: «Allergic»

Lyrics & Music: Merethe La Verdi og Kjetil Schei
Artist: Mimi Blix

Song: «Depend on me»

Lyrics & Music: Halvor Holter/ Tarjei Van Ravens
Artist: Babel Fish

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Luleå & Göteborg

Today SVT presented in a press conference the artists that will compete in the first and second semifinals of the Melodifestivalen 2011.

Deltävling 1 - Luleå - February 5
Desperados - Pernilla Andersson
In the Club - Danny
Me And My Drum - Swingfly
Oh My God - Le Kid
On My Own - Jonas Matsson
Social Butterfly - Rasmus Viberg
Something In Your Eyes - Jenny Silver
Try Again - Dilba

Deltävling 2 – Göteborg - February 12
Elektrisk - Anniela
Ge mig en spanjor - Babsan
I'm In Love - Sanna Nielsen
Like Suicide - Christian Walz
My Heart Is Refusing Me - Loreen
Oh My God! - The Moniker
Seven Days And Seven Nights - Brolle
Vaken i en dröm - Elisabeth Andreassen 

Information of the new songs:

Oh My God
Upphovsmän: Märta Grauers, Anton Malmborg Hård af Segerstad, Felix Persson
Artist: Le Kid

Something In Your Eyes
Upphovsmän: Erik Bernholm, Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson
Artist: Jenny Silver

Upphovsmän: Johan Alkenäs, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren, Johan Fransson
Artist: Anniela

Like Suicide
Upphovsmän: Fernando Fuentes, Henrik Janson, Tony Nilsson
Artist: Christian Waltz

Oh My God!
Upphovsmän: Daniel Karlsson
Artist: The Moniker

Seven Days And Seven Nights
Upphovsmän: Brolle
Artist: Brolle  

Next moday we will know the artists of the 3rd and 4th semifinal.