Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spain 2011: A Lucia no le quitan lo bailao

Well the whole preseletion in Spain this year was very bad, my favorite was eliminated on the 1st show, then after 2 shows only 3 artists get in the final, to be honest i didnt like anyone so i didnt have a favorite in this year spanish national final. Lucia Perez with 68% of the televote is the winner, i didnt like her, but honestly i think there is something of her i liked when she performed "Que me quiten lo bailao" , she looked fresh and happy and i cant get the uo uo uo uo out of my mind, so its a very nice entry that she has to enjoy, give the best of her and have fun, good luck to Lucia and uo uo uo uo uo uo uo uo ahora que me quiten que me quiten lo bailao.

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