Friday, October 31, 2014

Montenegro 2015: Knez

Here is the 1st participant of Eurovision 2015: Knez.

Here is one of his recent videos:

Meh, to be honest Im not excited about this choice, I dont even know what to say cause I dont want to sound rude but there's nothing about him as an artist that make me wanna say "Yes!" "Cant wait for his song" "This is going to be awesome" but this is a song contest and Eurovision is full of surprises so maybe I'll say "Yes!" when we actually get to listen to his song. Good luck Montenegro!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Malta 2015: Semifinal - The running order

The Maltese national selection for Eurovision 2015 is going to be next month, 20 acts will compete in a semifinal on November 21 and only 14 will get the chance perform in the final on November 22. Here is the running order of the semifinal:

1. Lyndsay Pace - Home 
(Boris Cezek)

2. Iona Dalli - Could Have Been Me 
(Philip Vella)

3. Franklin Calleja - Still Here 
(Alexander Rybak)

4. Christabelle - Rush 
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)

5. Jessika - Fandango 
(Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)

6. Chris Grech - Closed Doors 
(Chris Grech, Edward Mifsud, Peter Borg & David Cassar Torregiani)

7. Karen DeBattista - 12, Baker Street 
( Jan Van Dijck & Emil Calleja Bayliss)

8. Daniel Testa - Something in the Way 
(Mins Ek & Charlie Mason)

9. Glen Vella - Breakaway 
(Kevin Borg & Simon Gribbe)

10. Raquel Galdes - Stop Haunting Me 
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)

11. Domenique - Take Me as I Am 
(Adrian O’Connor)

12. Lawrence Gray - The One That You Love 
(Elton Zarb & Lawrence Gray)

13. Deborah C - It’s OK 
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)

14. Danica Muscat - Close Your Eyes 
(Elton Zarb & Emil Calleja Bayliss)

15. Corazon - Secretly 

16. L-Aħwa - Beautiful to Me 
(Erik Anjou)

17. Amber - Warrior 
(Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)

18. Trilogy - Chasing a Dream 
(Paul Abela & Joe Julian Farrugia)

19. Minik - Once in a While 
(Elton Zarb & Rita Pace)

20. Ekklesia Sisters - Love and Let Go 
(Philip Vella)
Photos: PBS Malta

Amber, Karen DeBattista, L-Ahwa, Christabelle, Daniel Testa, Chris Grech and Glen Vella are the acts i like the most right now but im sure everything can change with the performances so i will probably say who is my biggest favorite after the semifinal. Good luck to everyone!