Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jamala Again

Here is the video of the casting of Jamala... 6 minutes of Jamala thats great i guess she is one of the favorites and i love that. Also i read that the Ukranian national final will start this sunday so there is where Jamala will present her song...well im waiting for it.

Then i have some pics of Jamalas new video "It's me Jamala"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Girl Power - А.Р.М.И.Я

This 5 girls are the member of the group "A.R.M.I.A/А.Р.М.И.Я " they will be competing against my girl Jamala, and it will be hard to choose one of then, you all know that Jamala is my top favorite to represent Ukraine in ESC 2011 but if this girls have a great song i wouldnt mind to see them in Germany.

Talking about Jamala, this week she was shooting her new video "It's me Jamala"

And im getting very exited cause on octuber 3 she will present her Eurovision song so Os its ready for it.

Also i have to say that since last week the Ukranian tv started to show the videos of the castings so if you want to see the 1st part you definitely should visit their official web.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 3

A new semifinal came and in this one, i was very curious about the songs from Alcazar and Darin, here are my opinions about the songs and performances i liked the most.

Deltävling 3

Melodi nummer 1: Headlines - Alcazar

When Svt announced that Alcazar were one of the artists competing in the 2010 MF it was a great surprise to see then back after 2009, the description of the song made me wait for it very exited, well i think they did a fabulous performance as always, they had so much energy, it was a powerful performance and i really loved it, the song was nice but it wasnt better than Stay the night.

Melodi nummer 6: Kom - Timoteij

The biggest shock moment of 2010 was when this 4 young girls won the semifinal, i loved their faces when they won, the song have something that i love, its very catchy and the girls did a great job even if i thought that it would be better for the Junior Eurovision song contest.

Melodi nummer 7: You're out of my life - Darin

Then the favorite of the semifinal came, im not sure if the biggest shock moment was that the girls of Timoteij won or Darin didnt, it was like what, and maybe i still dont get it, to me he was the best of the night, the song is a great ballad, and he did an amazing performance, so sad that he said he wouldnt come back to mf, but i guess we have to wait to see if he change his mind.

Then the other songs in orden of preference:
Hur kan jag tro på kärlek - Erik Linder
Yeba - Getty Domain
Heaven or hell - Crucified Barbara
Tonight - Johannes Bah Kunhke
Doctor, doctor - Elin Lanto

Inget konstigt alls

My Favorite

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 2

After the excitement of the 1st Semifinal the week of the 2nd semifinal came, in my opinion it wasnt better than the 1st one but lets see which songs and performances were the ones i loved:

Deltävling 2

Melodi nummer 1: Manboy - Eric Saade

When i listened the 1min preview of the song, i found it ok, but on the stage was very good, he is very cute and looked absolutely hot dancing under the water, it was a surprise when he won the semifinal 'cuz i think the song is not that good, to me the song is very weak the only thing i like about the song is the chorus but the show was very good.

Melodi nummer 7: Underbart - Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän

To me the lyrics and the music of this song are so beautiful and Kalle & Orsa delivers a nice and sincere performance so thats why they were one of my favorites that night.

Melodi nummer 8: Manipulated - Hanna Lindblad

When SVT published the names of the artists in november i started searching information, videos and songs from them, and when i watched Hanna i really liked her, then when the preview of the song came i kinda like it but i just wanted to see her show, well to me the song its good, but i think she is much much better and she proved with the amazing show she did, she can sing, dance, the choreography was perfect for the song, and all i can say is that i really hope to see her name on the 2011 list of MF artist.

Then the other songs in orden of preference:

My Favorite
Hanna Lindblad

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 1

This year was the 1st time i watched the Melodifestivalen live, i always liked the songs from the past years so i was ready to follow the show live. I think all the MF fans wait for February the whole year, when Svt presented the artists i was so impressed and i couldnt wait for the songs, then the 1st week of february arrived and i started reading all the things that the press said about the songs, watching pics of the rehearsals and all that stuff, and when friday came and the 1min of the songs were in thee official web i was super excited, i loved 6 songs and i was so ready for the 1st semifinal.

Deltävling 1

Well this was the 1st thing i watched and it was amazing, 3 gorgeous women  Charlotte, Nanne and Sonja with a nice song and a great performance.
Now i will talk about my favorite songs from the semifinal 1:
Melodi nummer 1: Unstoppable - Ola

This was the one i liked the most in the moment i listened the 1min, its so powerful and Ola gave us a fantastic performance, he looked so good, the song is great and he deserved the place in the final.
Melodi nummer 3: You're making me hot hot hot - Linda Pritchard

Well what can i say, she was one of the biggest surprises to me, wonderful singer, nice dancer, hot look with a hot hot hot ok song, and a fabulous performance that made me say WOW this girl is fantastic but i truly believe that she is much better than the song and i hope to see her next year with a great song.
Melodi nummer 6: I did it for love - Jessica Andersson

A beautiful ballad sung by a talented woman, i love the lyrics of the song and the performance was so magnificent, she made me feel the song.
Melodi nummer 8: Keep on walking - Salem Al Fakir

When Svt announced that he was the 2nd Joker i was like WTF because i thought his style wasnt the right one for the MF but when i watched him on the stage with the piano, his cute strange look, his energy and that great song i fell in love with him, it was a nice surprise when he won the semifinal but he really deserved, i love the song cause is one of those songs you listen when you feel bad and gives you positive energy, and it have a wonderful message.
Then the other songs in order of preference:
Road salt - Pain of Salvation
The Saviour - Anders Ekborg
Singel - Frispråkarn
A place to stay - Jenny Silver

My Favorite

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For every heart

Here is Jamala performing "For every heart" in the Castings for the 2011 Ukranian National final.

She looks so beautiful with the red and black dress, she did a great performance with her wonderful voice and all i have to say it's that i love her.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Melodi Grand Prix 2010

I will comment about the last year National finals and the 1st i'm going to talk about is the MGP

Semifinal 1
Semifinal 2
Semifinal 3

My Favorite 
It was love at first sight, when i listened to the song i was like OMG this is so cute and fabulous, it's the perfect pop song with a nice singer. In the semifinal the performance was a bit weak and she didnt went directly to the final, but in the Siste Sjansen she did a good job. Then in the final it was very depressing when she didnt made it in the top 4.

There were other songs i loved like:

and i also loved Marte Stokstad and Per Sundnes they did a fantastic job hosting the show.

Well i just wait great songs for next year and please no more Metal...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ethno + chaos

Searching and watching some videos of the 35 artists that will take part in the 2011 Ukranian National final, i've found very good and interesting artists, so it's time to know this group called Dakha Brakha/даха браха or Give/Take in the old Ukranian language, this means that they want to give music, joy, emotions and take energy from anywhere.

The group was created in 2004,  Nina Garenetska, Iryna Kovalenko, Olena Tsibulska and Marko Halanevych are the members and the instruments they play are Indian tablas, Marakas, Cello, Accordion, Dijeridu, Bongo, Darbuka, Djembe, Buddhistic gong, Carpathian bukhalo and others.

Well i guess you can see how excited i am with the Ukranian preselection, i think there are very good artist for 2011 but now what can i say about this group, well i really like this ethno ukranian folk, they look very good and they are very talented.

It's Germany ready for Ukranian folk?

As i said in the last post, we have to wait for the songs and i hope a ukranian song for them.

If you want to listen their songs you should visit their web.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's not Janna, it's not Amy, She is Jamala

This is Jamala a 27 years old extravagant jazz singer and she is one of the 35 artists that will compete in the 2011 Ukranian National Final.

She won the contest New wave 2009 and she said to kp.ru that her fans wanted to see her in eurovision, and if people wanted to hear her music she can't refuse and she believe that it's a great opportunity to represent her country and show her music all over europe.

Well i really like this girl, she is very unique, i love her voice, look, style and i can not wait for her song in the National final.

When i saw that video, i fell in love with Jamala...Like my lovely Hera Björk said: Je ne sais quoi, i know she has a special something.

It's Germany ready for Jamala?

I am definitely ready to see her representing Ukraine next year but let's wait for the song 'cause right now i'm just talking about her as an artist.

Here are the other performances she did in New wave 2009: History Repeating and Маменькин сынок

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How it all began?

My name is Os, i'm 18 and i am a Eurovision addict

It all began when i was 11 years old on February 17, 2003 the day of the Spanish national final, i was a huge fan of Operacion Triunfo 2 and that was the reason i watched the nf, in OT my favorite since the 1st day was Ainhoa ( i was so happy when she won) but after having listened to the 9 songs in the preselection i fell in love with Beth and her song Dime. Obviously i was extremely excited when Dime won the National final.

And since that day a new date was marked on my calendar: May 24

I remember that TVE showed the preview videos of the participating countries but i didnt pay attention because i just wanted to watch the video of beth. They also made special shows before eurovision with Beth and some of the OT guys and they showed videos of european cities supporting beth and that gave me an idea about making something to support her so i took a white t-shirt from the school and i wrote the lyrics of Dime on it, i had a white brief and i wrote on the back side "Beth Dime 12points", and i did the same with a pair of white socks and then my Eurovision outfit was ready.

The sun appeared and i opened my eyes, the day of the eurovision has come and i was ready for it of course wearing my eurovision outfit. The special show before Eurovision started and they talked with beth, showed the rehearsals and other stuff. It was a good show, they gave a lot of support to beth and i was looking forward for the ESC to begin.(BTW now i can say that in those days Tve cared about eurovision.) then the show ended and the Eurovision theme started:

The ESC has started and iceland was the 1st song i heard (i will talk about the songs in other post) but i couldnt wait for beth..austria, ireland, turkey, malta, bosnia & herzegovina, portugal, croatia, cyprus, germany, russia and the moment i've been waiting for arrived:

I was so nervous, but when the music started i began to sing and dance Dime, i was so happy and excited those 3 minutes were absolutely amazing, and i really enjoyed the whole show but then i got more nervous when the voting part came, i wanted Spain to win but it didnt win, and i remember i was sad when she finished 8th  but it wasnt a bad position and she was my winner.

I will never forget that song, i watched Eurovision because of it.

May 24, 1956 1st Eurovision song contest
May 24, 2003 My 1st Eurovision song contest

What can i say? this is not a coincidence

Eurovision has given me a lot of fantastic songs, unforgettable moments, good friends and so many  wonderful things, Here i will post all my thoughts about the eurovision world.