Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kdam 2013: Semifinal 3 - Results

The 3rd semifinal of the Kdam 2013 was some minutes ago and here are the  results:

2nd Chance
Nicki Goldstein - We are one
I dont like this, thats all im going to say.

Meital De Razon & Asi Tal - Toda la noche
This is not going to be on my favorites from the final but the whole act and song were cool still i think her vocals werent perfect so i hope this is just a final filler.

Hila Ben David - Beautiful
I like this even if i think the song is just ok, her performance was good and she has a beautiful voice.

Moran Mazor - Rak bishvilo
This is my favorite song from the 30 participants and this performance was one of the best of all the semifinals so i think she is going to be a contender for eurovision! Fantastic vocal performance and a very good stage presence, the only thing she needs to change is her dress!. This is my biggest favorite in the final and i would love to see her in Eurovision!! Go Moran Mazor!!!

Kdam 2013: Semifinal 2 - Results

The 2nd semifinal of the Kdam 2013 was today and here are the results:

2nd Chance
Yarden Tsur - Replace you
This was nice, she is very cute and she did a lovely lovely! Not sure if its going to be one of my favorites but i like it!

Vladi Blayberg - We are free 
This song is not bad but i really dont want something like this in Eurovision, the stage act + the lyrics of the song together were too much for me. It was a cool perfomance and he is a good singer but the whole thing its just not what i want from Israel for Malmö.

Moran Mazuz - Give me a sign
This song is ok but i dont love it still i think she did a fantastic performance! 

Ran Sandler - Find a way
I like this song, he is a good singer and his performance was really strong! Well done Ran!

Kdam 2013: Semifinal 1 - Results

Israel started their national selection this week, its a Kdam Melodifestivalen version and there are pretty good songs so lets see the results of the semifinal 1:

2nd Chance
Judah Gavra - We're beautiful
This song is good and he is HOT! and also talented so what a great combination jaja. I really liked the performance still i think the vocals were a bit weak in some parts but i hope he can do a better vocal performance on the next show. Good Luck Judah!!!

Kathleen Reiter - Ad elay
A beautiful ballad by a gorgeous and talented girl, i liked the performance but i was expecting more cause this seems to be one of the biggest favorites for Eurovision and i didnt go crazy with the performance, it was just good.

Ron Weinreich - Love is one
Another good song with a very solid performance, he has a very strong stage presence and i like his voice a lot! Well done Ron!

Shany Zamir - Forever
This was very very good, i like her voice even ifl i think she needs to control it a bit in some parts but she did a great performance and it wouldnt mind to see this in Malmö!! I like the song, her stage presence and her interesting voice so i could say this was my favorite from all the 4 songs! Good luck to Shany!!

Macedonia 2013: Imperija

We already got Waterfall & Mizerja so now its time to get Imperija:

I really like this but i think the chorus lacks of something, maybe they should get a revamp with a stronger instrumental part in the chorus cause that would make the song perfect. I wanted a folk explosion but i understand why we didnt get that still i hope they change some little things to make this better! I cant wait to see Esma & Lozano doing a live performance! Go Macedonia!!!
Photos: Marko Marinkovich

Croatia 2013: Klapa s Mora - Mizerja

Here is the song that was selected internally to represent Croatia this year:

I dont like it, still i think its not bad, this might get a lot of votes from the juries but im not sure if they have a chance to get in the final. Good luck Croatia.

Georgia 2013: Waterfall

Today was the presentation of the song that Nodi & Sophie (Yeah i know it sounds like Ell/Nikki but Sophie is a singer so lets not compare them) are going to sing in Malmö, a song made by G:son called "Waterfall".

I think this is the typical eurovision ballad but this could be absolutely fantastic in a live performance. They are really great singers and i guess thats why i kinda like this so Good luck to Sophie & Nodi!! Good luck Georgia!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spain 2013: Contigo hasta el final

Last night after an unnecessary song selection El sueño de morfeo got their Eurovision entry and its "Contigo hasta el final"

I really dont get why they didnt choose the song internally when it was pretty obvious that they really wanted this song to win. I think the song is really cool but unfortunately very plain, the only part i like is the intro, the rest needs a change if they want to get a good result in Eurovision, still im sure they will do a very good job on Malmö. Good luck to them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Video: Tell the world i'm here - Ulrik Munther

Here is the official video of "Tell the world im here" and I LOVE IT!!!

Melodifestivalen 2013: Running order - Andra Chansen

This week the MF 2013 is going to be on Karlstad!! Here is the running order of the Andra Chansen:

1. You - Robin Stjernberg

2. Vi kommer aldrig att förlora - Eric Gadd

3. Hon har inte - Caroline af Ugglas

4. Jalla Dansa Sawa - Behrang Miri

5. Hello Goodbye - Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli

6. Begging - Anton Ewald

7. Burning Flags - Cookies N Beans

8. In And Out Of Love - Martin Rolinski

Melodifestivalen 2013 - Deltävling 4: Ulrik Munther is here!

The last semifinal of the MF 2013 was on saturday and we got the right results!!! here are my comments about all the performances:
Då kör vi!!!!

1.Rockin’ the Ride - Army of Lovers
This is a very catchy/annoying song and the performance was too over the top like they wanted so i guess they are not disappointed with the results cause in my opinion they got the result they deserved, na na na na nana. Also they joined Anton in the best miming performance of this year category.
2.Must Be Love - Lucia Pinera
This song is kinda nice in the studio version but i think the performance was very forgettable.

3.You - Robin Stjernberg
Robin is such a lovable boy, i just want to hug him so much jaja! This song is amazing and also very difficult to sing so well done Robin! He did a very good performance but i think it can be much better so i want a super performance next week! Good luck on Andra chansen!

4.Trivialitet - Sylvia Vrethammar
This wasnt my favorite song but she did a nice performance.

5.Bed on Fire - Ralf Gyllenhammar
Everything will BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN! He was on fire! what a performance and what a great song! I wouldnt mind to see this representing Sweden this year! Go Ralf!

6.Jalla dansa sawa - Behrang Miri
I love this song! Its party, its unity and its very catchy. They had such a lovely and fantastic energy on stage that made me love the song even more. I wish him all the best on andra chansen! Go Behrang Miri!!!

7.Breaking the Silence - Terese Fredenwall
I dont love this song but i like it and mainly because of the lyrics, she should be very happy with her result and with her performance cause it was good.

8.Tell the World I’m Here - Ulrik Munther
I love Ulrik, he is such a talented artist and im very happy for him! I think this is the song that should win Melodifestivalen 2013, the performance was really amazing but maybe theres a little thing i would like to change and its the "kinda choreography" they made him do with the arms and that stuff, i think it looked good in some parts but not the whole 3mins, the rest i think its very strong, he looks great, his vocal performance was pretty good and the song is very powerful so thanks to everyone who voted for him! Dont forget to vote for him on the final! Im on TeamUlrik!! Go Tell the world im here!!!

8.Must Be Love - Lucia Pinera
7.Trivialitet - Sylvia Vrethammar
6.Rockin’ the Ride - Army of Lovers
5.Breaking the Silence - Terese Fredenwall

Andra Chansen
Jalla dansa sawa - Behrang Miri
You - Robin Stjernberg

Tell the World I’m Here - Ulrik Munther
Bed on Fire - Ralf Gyllenhammar
Photos: Olle Kirchmeier / SVT

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ireland 2013: Only love survives

Ryan Dolan won the Eurosong 2013 some minutes ago and he is going to represent Ireland in Malmö with the song "Only love survives".
The song is not bad, he was the best act in the competition and he is a good singer but he lacks of charisma so he needs to work a lot of his stage presence cause its very forgettable, right now all i remember from the performance are the drummers. Good luck Ireland!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013: Semifinal 4 - Rehearsals

Here are the pics from the rehearsals of the last semifinal:

1.Army of Lovers

2.Lucia Piñera

3.Robin Stjernberg

4.Sylvia Vrethammar

5.Ralf Gyllenhammar

6.Behrang Miri

7.Terese Fredenwall

8.Ulrik Munther
Photos: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT

Theres only one song and artist that can save this bad MF year so please Sweden vote!! If he doesnt get in the finals im going to get really mad so girls get ready to vote on saturday! 099-202 08!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!