Friday, May 24, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Eurovision 2013: And the winner is DENMARK!!!

Last night Denmark with the song "Only teardrops" by the lovely Emmelie de Forest won the 58th edition of the Eurovision song contest!!!!!
Im very happy for her!!! I still remember the 1st time i heard the 30secs on the dmgp page and i fell in love with it that day!! She wasnt the biggest favorite to win before the DMGP final and i was very nervous that day but oh joy i was so glad when she won!! Now we are here and what can i say? I love the song, i love Emmelie as an artist and she did a fantastic performance yesterday!! Well done Denmark!!!

Here is her performance:

Now here are some pics of my favorites:
Photos: Dennis Stachel (EBU)
Sander Hesterman (EBU) 

It was a great show!! Good job SVT!! Bravo Petra Mede and congratulations to all the people that made the eurovision 2013! Thanks to all the webs that reported all the info from the rehearsal!!! Thanks to the whole escxtra team for doing a wonderful job and for making feel like i was there in Malmö with their livestreams!! Thanks to all the artists!! Thanks to everyone!!! 

Now lets get ready for DENMARK 2014!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eurovision 2013: Pre - Final

The day we all have been waiting for has arrived! The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is here, tonight we will know who is the winner of this year!

I was thinking about making a post with the pics of my favorites but im just going to post the video of my biggest favorite for tonight!

Im sure this going to be my winner tonight! There are no more words to say! This is BRILLIANT and Anouk deserve a great result!!! Good luck The Netherlands!!! GO ANOUK!!!

Good luck to all the artists!!! GO FRANCE! GO LITHUANIA! GO MOLDOVA! GO BELGIUM! GO ESTONIA! GO MALTA! GO SWEDEN! GO DENMARK! GO ICELAND! GO GREECE! GO ITALY! & GO NORWAY! (Yeah those are the other songs i like jaja)

Im very proud of a lot of artists!! I really hope they all enjoy the whole experience and im sure we will get a great show tonight!!! Vote for the song you like the most and if you like one of my favorites vote for it a lot of times pleaseeee!!!
Happy Eurovision!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Eurovision 2013: The Final - Running order

Here is the running order made by the producers of the show for the final on saturday:

01.France: Amandine Bourgeois

02.Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis

03.Moldova: Aliona Moon

04.Finland: Krista

05.Spain: ESDM

06.Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa

07.Estonia: Birgit

08.Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya

09.Malta: Gianluca Bezzina

10.Russia: Dina Garipova

11.Germany: Cascada

12.Armenia: Dorians

13.The Netherlands: Anouk

14.Romania: Cezar

15.United Kingdom: Bonnie Tyler

16.Sweden: Robin Stjernberg

17.Hungary: ByeAlex

18.Denmark: Emmelie de Forest

19.Iceland: Eythor Ingi

20.Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov

21.Greece: Koza Mostra

22.Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich

23.Italy: Marco Mengoni

24.Norway: Margaret Berger

25.Georgia: Nodi & Sophie

26.Ireland: Ryan Dolan