Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The last post of 2013!

Its december 31! and its time to make the last post of the year! As a tradition on this post i'll comment my favorite songs on this years contest!

Lets start with the amazing swedish interval act by Petra Mede!:

Love her!

Malta: Tomorrow - Gianluca
This was so sweet! He really enjoyed his performance and thats why the audience liked it! 

France: L'enfer et moi - Amandine Bourgeois
I love Amandine! She is crazy and her passion on stage was perfect for the song! Unfair result but who cares? she did a fantastic performance and im sure she really had a great time on eurovision! Bravo Amandine!

Lithuania: Something - Andrius Pojavis
Oh My Andrius! Im so proud of him! I've been a fan of this entry since the 1st moment and i was so happy when he qualified to the final! I love him, i love the song and his performance on esc was very good! I'll said it again and im still not sure if it makes sense but he is magnetic and i cant take my eyes off him every time he performs! LOVE U ANDRIUS!

Belgium: Love kills - Roberto Bellarosa
This was wow! The difference between the semifinal performance and the final performance is unbelievable! I love him! He worked really hard to get in the final and he did a great performance there! Well done Roberto! Good luck on your career! 

Sweden: You - Robin Stjernberg
He is so talented! His voice is just amazing and he did one of my moms fav performances of the night! 

Now its time to remember one of the best moments of 2013
Love him! He was the right winner of MF 2013! and he did a great job on Eurovision! 

Moldova: O mie - Aliona Moon
This was really really good! Aliona is a great singer, the song is beautiful and the performance was fabulous! 

Denmark: Only teardrops - Emmelie de Forest
She is such a sweet girl and i wasnt surprise when she won cause the whole act was good! My mom said this song was a eurovision winner when she heard the song on DMGP and she was right! Congratulations Emmelie!

Now its time for my TOP 5:

Armenia 2014: Aram Mp3!

Before 2013 comes to an end the Armenian TV has announced on their Happy New Year show that Aram Mp3 is going to represent them in Copenhagen!
I dont know what to think about this selection yet but if the song is something like this song i'll be very happy:

Good luck Aram! Good luck Armenia!

2013: Photos (5)

Semifinal 1 finalists

Amandine Bourgeois



Andrius Pojavis!

Who see & Nina Zizic!

Koza Mostra

Petra Mede



Aliona Moon


Loreen & Emmelie

Marco & Andrius!

Marco Mengoni

Margaret Berger!


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Marco Mengoni

Ryan Dolan & Aliona Moon

Bonnie Tyler

Koza Mostra & Gianluca

Anton Ewald

Farid Mammadov

Emmelie & Zlata

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Gianluca & Bonnie

Zlata & Bonnie

Who see, Nina Zizic & Igor