Monday, February 27, 2017

Latvia 2017: Triana Park

Here is the song that is going to represent Latvia this year: Line by Triana Park
Good job, Latvia! I really like this! They are pretty good performers and I love the atmosphere they create on stage.

Shout out to The Ludvig, who was my second favorite in the NF:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017 - Deltävling 4: We don't need no statements

Photo: Magnus Sandberg/Aftonbladet
Time for the last semifinal of  Mello 2017


1. En värld full av strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh) - Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia
I wasnt a fan of JHF's entry in 2015 but I gotta say I like his song this year. It is not a contender but it has a nice melody.

2. Running with Lions - Alice
Alice is a very talented girl and the song was nice, but sadly I think she got the wrong staging for this song. Wouldnt mind seeing her again in mf. (PS: Girl, who made you wear that dress?)

3. Bound To Fall - Les Gordons
I have nothing bad to say about this. I liked it.

4. As I Lay Me Down - Wiktoria
There are moments I like the song and there are moments I think it's kinda bland. I think "Save me" was a better song and this one feels like a cheap version of it, that doesnt mean it's bad but I wouldnt like to see it in Eurovision.

5. När ingen ser - Axel Schylström
He is really good singer and I loved his energy on stage. Go Axel!

6. Du får inte ändra på mig - Sara Varga och Juha Mulari
Nice little song.

7. Statements - Loreen
I love Loreen and I was ready for a good non competitive entry cause I thought the reason she was doing Mello this year was just promo, not because she wanted to go to Eurovision but "Statements" really shook me to the core. The song is so fucking brilliant! THAT BEAT KILLED ME! I liked the performance but tbh I think it could have been much better, I hope she can fix it for AC cause I really need her in the final, no matter what result she gets in it. Less is more, Lo. Strip it down a bit and let the song shine on its own.

7.Sara Varga och Juha Mulari
6.Les Gordons

Axel Schylström

Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia
Photos: Sven Lindwall/Expressen

Denmark 2017: Anja Nissen

Photo: DR
Now lets check out the winner of DMGP 2017: Anja with "Where I am"
Meh! To me this sounds like a "winner single" from any talent show. Its just a "let me show you how good I sing and how high can my voice get" kind of song, there's no passion behind it and sadly I bet some juries might end up voting for it like they did with Australia last year (Which was better than this but I think it fits in the same category).

Ukraine 2017: O.Torvald

Photo: Тетяна Шавловська
Here is the Ukrainian entry for ESC 17: Time by O.Torvald
Ukraine had such a fantastic NF last year that Im disappointed with what they did this year, none of the songs in the competition caught my attention. The winner is okay, I like their performance more than the song but I doubt it will be one of my favorites in May. 

Moldova 2017: Sunstroke Project

Here is the song that is going to represent Moldova this year: Hey Mamma by Sunstroke Project
This is not as good as their 2010 entry but its not bad, (I think it needs a colorful performance though) Good luck guys!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Slovenia 2017: Omar Naber

Photo: Jani Ugrin
Here is the song that is going to represent Slovenia in Kiev: On my way by Omar Naber
I like Omar, but this song is super cheesy! I dont like it. (Stop was miles better than this)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017 - Semifinal 4: Rehearsals

Here are some pics from the 1st rehearsals of the last semifinal of Mello 2017:

Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia


Les Gordons


Axel Schylström

Sara Varga & Juha Mulari

I think this is going to be an exciting semifinal! I didnt dislike any of the snippets but I have to say that Im team Loreen! Cannot wait to see what she is going to do on stage, (btw I also liked Axel, JHF, Alice and Wiktoria very much)
Photos: Jimmy Wixtröm/Aftonbladet

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017 - Deltävling 3: There is a boogieman out on the loose

Photo: Magnus Sandberg/Aftonbladet
What time is it? It's Mello time!


1. I Can’t Go On - Robin Bengtsson
This was a pretty good perfomance, I loved the idea of it and it looked fucking hot on screen but I still think Robin lacks of something on stage, (I mean just look at his dancers, their energy is so contagious, and they look like they're enjoying those minutes on stage while Robin looks kinda awkward and stiff in some parts of the performance)

2. Snurra min jord - Krista Siegfrids
Krista is one of the most loveliest artist ever and it breaks my heart to see her sad about her result. But sadly I agree with them, Im not a big fan of this song and even if she gave her all on stage, it wasnt enough for me to like it.

3. Kiss You Goodbye - Anton Hagman
This was probably my favorite song from this week and I liked the performance but I would like Anton to show more personality on stage next time.

4. Gravity - Jasmine Kara
Jasmine is such a fantastic performer! SHE KILLED IT! I want her to come back with a good song (gravity was too 2012/Sia wannabe IMO) cause she is FIRE and she deserves a second chance!

5. Boogieman Blues - Owe Thörnqvist
What a joyful performance, it made me smile and dance. 87 years old and this man still got his boogie! YES! C'MON OWE! I think he deserves a standing ovation!

6. Crucified - Bella & Filippa
They are adorable and their performance was lovely, cant wait to hear more music from them!

7. Gotta Thing About You - FO&O 
I gotta say that this whole act was pretty nice, I liked their energy on stage, their vocal performance wasnt bad (Omars vocals were great), and even if the song is not a winner, it's catchy as hell. Good job guys!

7.Krista Siegfrids
6.Jasmine Kara
5.Bella & Filippa

Anton Hagman

Robin Bengtsson
Owe Thörnqvist
Photos: Sven Lindwall/Expressen

Malta 2017: Claudia Faniello

Here is the song that is going to represent Malta in Kiev: Breathlessly by Claudia Faniello (SHE IS FINALLY GOING TO ESC!)
She is a good singer and as a Eurovision fan I gotta say that Im happy for her but Im not feeling this song at all. Sorry!

Shout out to my fav song in the Maltese NF: So Simple by Crosswalk

Poland 2017: Kasia Mós

Here is the song that is going to represent Poland this year: Flashlight by Kasia Mós
I think this is better than their entry from last year (which was a guilty pleasure) but I need to watch a good quality video of her performance in the national final to see if I like it or not.

Hungary 2017: Joci Pápai

Here is the song that won A dal 2017: Origo by Pápai Joci
What I like the most about this entry is that no matter what, there will be no other song like this one in the contest but they really need to work really hard on the staging cause what they have right now is just not good. Good luck Joci!