Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rasmus Viberg is absolutely ready!

The Melodifestivalen week started and i had a little interview with one of the participants, Rasmus was one of the first names announced last year, i didnt know him and there wasnt information or videos of him on internet but a swedish friend told me that he was very good, and then some weeks later i watched this video:

He is very interesting, i like his voice and his look is fantastic, i really think that he can be one of the surprises of the first semifinal.

Well i asked him some questions and here are his answers:

Can you tell me something about yourself? Who are you? What kind of music do you like? When did you started singing?
My name is Rasmus Viberg, and I'm 20 years old!
Right now I'm working in a store, selling jeans and stuff! I'm a really energetic guy, and I can’t sit still.
I listen to a lot of music. It can be everything from hardcore to funk, or jazz, everything that gives me a good feeling!
I've singed all my life, but I started to notice that I had a talent for it when I was 15, I think! And then i started to take lessons and went to a music school!
Now that we know something about you lets start asking about the Melodifestivalen, this week you will be on Luleå, are you ready for it? how are you doing with the rehearsals?
The rehearsals have been really great! I've had the honour to work with Mathias Karlsson who is a great stager. So, it's fantastic!
I'm doing great! I'm a little bit nervous of course, but I can't wait to be on that stage performing my song.
I'm absolutely ready!

The name of your song is Social Butterfly, What can you tell me about it? What is the song about? How did you get the song?
How I got the song is actually a funny story!
My school choir were in a studio with Amir Aly (who wrote Social Butterfly) and he told me to send him some music with me singing! So that he could contact me if he found a piece that could fit my voice - and he did! But i thought it was a studio job, with me just singing on a demo for a song . So we sat down at the couch and he said: Well, I want to try your voice on this song, and if you do it good, it's yours! The rest is history in the making!
The song is a big mix – a great uptempo pop song with folk influences.
It's about this girl who's everywhere, and you never get the chance to catch her because she's a social butterfly!
Describe your song in 3 words.
It is good!

Can you say something about how the performance will be?
Lets just say that it’s a party on stage!

Describe your performance in 3 words
Energetic, fun, natural!

What do you think about the other 7 artists competing on the 1st semifinal?
They are all great artists, so there’s a tough competition!

Thanks to Rasmus for the answer and i really wish him all the best on Saturday.
Here you can see his Melodifestivalen video presentation.
Here the information of "Social Butterfly". 
Here his official page on the Melodifestivalen web.
And of course be a fan on his Facebook page.
If you are swedish and you like his song, vote for him, Social butterfly is the melodi nummer 6. Again Rasmus thank you very much and Good luck!!

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