Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010 - Thanks, 2010

Well lets continue with my favorites of 2010:

Eva Rivas - Apricot stone

Eva was very confident and did a wonderful performance, imo she deserved a top 5, i just love it, a round of applause for Armenia.

Juliana Pasha - It's all about you

She is so nice, i wanted Anjeza for Oslo but i also liked Juliana, Albania works very hard to make their entry much better for eurovision and they made it, fantastic song, cool performance a very strong stage presence and 3 fabulous backing vocals, Bravo Juliana.

Paula & Ovi - Playing with fire
This was the bomb of 2010, they played with fire and i loved it, fantastic song, great stage presence, amazing vocals, fabulous promo video, a huge round of applause for Romania and for them, they deserved the top 3, i was so happy for them, i would love to see Paula for Romania someday, i also want an album from them. By the way they are today hosting the Romanian National final, so good luck to all the artists competing and may the best win.

Hera Björk - Je ne sais quoi

There is not words to describe how happy she made me, her team was without a doubt the best one in Oslo.

They are so cool and kind, when Hera won the National final i was so happy for her and i really enjoyed every interview and performance of her. I was so nervous and excited before the semifinal performance and when the music started was so energetic, it was a magical performance, i really love it, she did a fabulous performance and it was my winner on that semifinal, she is another of the eurovision artists that will always be on the hearts of all the eurovision addicts, a standing ovation and the biggest round of applause for Hera and her team.

After the last song i definitely want to review the amazing opening by Alexander Rybak.

The opening of this year was so fantastic a round of applause for NRK and all the people who made it.
I loved  that version of Fairytale, and i love Rybak, he is great!

And of course one of the most unforgettable moments:

This idea was the best idea ever, there is no boundaries, we might not know each others but in that moment we were Eurovision fans and thats the most wonderful of Eurovision a lot of people united for the same thing, i think this was the best of 2010.

Lena - Satellite

I didnt followed the Unser Star Für Oslo, when i listened Satellite for the 1st time i liked it but when i watched the performance i loved it and it became in one of my favorites since that day, i really wanted her to win but i didnt expected, i dont know why but then a lot of countries gave her 12points and you can imagine how happy i was when she won. This song was the best of Eurovision 2010 and it was a hit on a lot of countries, love oh love. Now we have Lena for Düsseldorf, i really hope they can find the right song and make a great show in may.

Now all i can say is Thanks to all the eurovision webs for all the information and coverage in Oslo, a big round of applause for NRK, all the people that made the Eurovision 2010, all the artists, all the composers, Thanks to everybody!

And im ready for Düsseldorf, lets SMILE and be happy in this 2011, i hope great national finals, fantastic artists, fabulous songs and i hope to be in Germany on may, Happy New Year!!

My Favorites from 2010

Rybak won in 2009 and Norway hosted the Eurovision song contest 2010, a very interesting year is ending so i guess its time to review my favorites from this year.

This year i followed every second of the esc season, there were some artists that i really liked:
Harel Skaat: I was very happy when IBA announced that he was the reprensenter of Israel in Oslo, he is an amazing artist, i dont know if he will like to try it again but i would love to see him soon in Esc with a better song.

Vukašin Brajić: He is very cute and his performance in Oslo impressed me, i really liked it. 

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends: The "Friends" of Giorgos were the best from Greece lol, they are HOT, and it was a nice performance and i love to dance OPA.

Kuunkuiskaajat: Lovely girls, they were so cool and i really enjoyed their song and performance, the deserved the final.

Marcin Mrozinski: What can i say about him, he is such a nice boy, i really loved his videoblogs on youtube and i saw how happy he was about being in eurovision, i think he loved it and he is a fantastic singer, and i really wish him the best for his career.

Didrik Solli-Tangen: Absolutely beautiful boy with a good voice and he did the best for norway, i won a MGP album cause i predicted him to win the MF, i wanted a "My Hard is yours" t-shirt lol, his performance at esc was very good and what else, i really like him and his song.

Niamh Kavanagh - Its for you

This lady is AMAZING, i loved all her interviews, she is so nice with all the people and thats what i love about her, her song was fantastic, she did a beautiful performance and she is a legend for Eurovision, i think she will be on the hearts of all the eurovision fans forever.

InCulto - Eastern european funk

When they won the Lithuanian National Final i didnt like them at all, but with their videoblogs i really saw how hard they worked and it wasnt a joke entry they are real musicians that love to play music wherever they are, i loved their promo tour and to me they really deserved the final, their show was absolutely fabulous, i love their shiny boxers, i really enjoyed their song on the semifinal 2 and i read today that they will be splitting up by the end of january so here is a gift from them, you can download their last album "Closer than you think" here, click on Spausk.

Milan Stankovic - Ovo je balkan

Ovo je balkan c'mon, so catchy and it make dance everytime, he did a very good performance and i loved it.

Sofia Nizharadze - Shine

One of the greatest singers of 2010, her vocals were perfect even if she was dancing on the stage, she looked sooo beautiful on that red dress and im very happy that she gets the highest position for georgian in their ESC history.

Alyosha - Sweet people

I didnt like her when i saw her for the 1st time, but in the stage of eurovision was like wow i love it, her horrible dress looked good on her and on that performance that was very strong and one of my favorites, i always like Ukraine and 2010 wasnt the exception.

Jessy Matador - Allez olla olé

This was amazing, great energy, catchy song, nice team on stage, hot boy on the backing vocals, and a fabulous entry, a round of applause for France.

To be continued..

Monday, December 27, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Semifinal 3

Finally after a week without a show, the 3rd and last semifinal of the Ukrainian national selection is here, 7 songs, 5 finalists, 3 artists waiting for the televote.

Daria and Jamala two of my favorites are in this semifinal, so lets hope they get the final.

1.A.R.M.I.Y.A - Allo allo

I think they looked better in this semifinal but their vocals were worse, i didnt get the energy, it was a bad performance.

2.El Kravchuk - Moya nadezhda

I didnt like it at all, this version is bad, i prefer the russian version, his english is horrible and the lyrics were not good, so i hope he sings the russian version in the final, the performance was also very bad, his hands move were too much and he sang better the 1st time, hope he can do it better next time in russian, please.

3.Jamala - Smile

I love Jamala and i love the song, this performance was better than the 1st one, i really like when she dance at the latin part, but even if it was better i didnt like the dancers so i hope no dancers for the final. Her vocals were amazing as always, Go Jamala! without dancers.

4.Eduard Romanyuta - Berega
I have to say this again, he is so cute. I like this song, i like him and i think he gave us a very nice performance, his vocals were ok, his stage presence was good and the pyro at the last part was great, so lets wait to see what he is going to do on the final.

5.Mila Nitich - Goodbye

Hmmm, i dont know what to say, her performance was kinda boring, i think she didnt get the right tone when she started and her stage presence is very bad.

6.Pavlo Tabakov - Shake your body

I dont have anything to say, it was better than the last time, i think he enjoyed so that all.

7.Daria Medovaya/Dasha Medova - Infinity

OMG, she looked so beautiful, the new dress is absolutely fabulous, fantastic feelings through the song, her vocals were the best and im really happy for her, she is so talented and lovely, it was a great performance, a round of applause for her, Go Dasha!!.

8.Matias - Myself
He didnt perform cause he was sick but they gave him another oportunity so he is waiting for the televote results. I think that means that he is in the final without a performance in the semifinal, im not sure if this is fair, but lets hope he make a good performance in the final.

 The Finalists
Eduard Romanyuta
Dasha Medova
El Kravchuk

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Albania 2011: Aurela Gaçe with Kënga Ime to Düsseldorf

The Final performance here.
Here it is, the second song from 2011. Yesterday was the final of the Festivali i këngës 49 and Aurela Gaçe won it for the 3rd time.

It wasnt a surprise cause she was one of the big favorites, i cant find the performance of the final, but it was amazing, she has an amazing and strong stage presece and that why i like her, i like the song even thought it wasnt the best one on the final but she will make a fabulous show in Germany.

1. Aurela Gaçe 82
2. Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Cani 66
3. Saimir Braho 48
4. Xhejsi Jorgaqi 44
5. Enkelejda Arifi 36
6. Dorina Garuci 34
7. Dorian Nini 29
8. Francesk Radi 13
9. Besa Kokhëdima 13
10. Kamela Islami 12
11. Hersiana Matmuja 7
12. Selami Kolonja 6
13. Denis Hasa 6
14. Maria Prifti 5
15. Orges Toçe 3
16. Marsida Saraçi 2
17. Goldi Halili 0
18. Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj 0

I didnt like all the results 2nd, 3rd and 4th place were not right to me Enkelejda, Dorina and Besa deserved to be on the top with Aurela.

It was a good FIK, a fantastic stage, good songs and great artists, so a big round of applause for Albania and i wish good luck to Aurela in Düsseldorf.

Here the lyrics of Kënga Ime

Zemër ti mos me ler pa fjalë
Dua tia them e dua tia marrë
Sa herë vij edhë shkoj si frymë të kërkoj
N’gjak më jë futur pa ty s’mund të rroj
Me bëhesh det edhe me bëhesh valë
Than një lot edhe ndez një mal
Sa herë vij edhe shkoj si frymë të kërkoj
Ne gjak të kam kënga ime moj, heeeejj

E pasur jam se ty të kam
Nuk jam ne tokë e asgjë s’me ndal

Sot që këngën ma ke fal më lër ta ndaj
Nuk ka ngjyrë e nuk ka fjalë more xandar
Tokën qiellin e bën bashkë harron e parë
Sa me deh e me mban gjallë asgjë s’me ndal, ehehej

Sa herë për ty etja do me marr
Di të pij e buzën do ta lag
Sa here vij edhe shkoj si frymë të kërkoj
Doren ti se edhe un jetoj, heeeejjj

E pasur jam se ty të kam
Nuk jam ne tokë e asgjë s’me ndal

Sot që këngën ma ke fal më lër ta ndaj
Nuk ka ngjyrë e nuk ka fjalë more xandar
Tokën qiellin e bën bashkë harron e parë
Sa me deh e me mban gjallë asgjë s’me ndal, heeejj

Sot që këngën ma ke fal më lër ta ndaj
Nuk ka ngjyrë e nuk ka fjalë more xandar
Tokën qiellin e bën bashkë harron e parë
Sa me deh e me mban gjallë asgjë s’me ndal, heeejjj

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Festivali I Këngës 49 - Semifinal 2

Tonight was the 2nd Semifinal, the juries selected 9 songs for tomorrow. I have my favorites for the final but lets see some of the finalists of this semifinal.

Established Singers
01. Adhurim Demiri – 24 Orët
02. Besa Kokedhima – E bukura dhe bisha
03. Emi Bodgo – Letër për ty
04. Denis Hasa – Mbi xhaketën time
05. Kujtin Prodani – Ti ishe Kreyvepër
06. Goldi Halili – Në krahët e tua
07. Marjeta Billo – Përjetësi
08. Francesk Radi – Kemi dasöm'o
09. Aurela Gace – Kënga ime
10. Heldi Kraja – E diela pa ty
11. Sonila Mara – Egoist
12. Mateus Frroku – Dimër në shpirt
13. Xhejsi Jorgaqi – Rastësi
14. Enkelejda Arifi – Një dashuri
15. Kejsi Tola – Pranë
16. Saimir Braho – Shtegëtar i jetës time

01. Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj – Dritë
02. Bledi Polena – Të jemi të dy
03. Rudina Delija – Tek ti gjeta dashurinë

Besa Kokedhima – E bukura dhe bisha

Festivali i Këngës 49 - Besa Kokëdhima - E bukura dhe bisha
Uploaded by festrtsh. - See the latest featured music videos.
She is so beautiful, and her look for this performance was absolutely fabulous, i love it. The song is good and she did a nice performance but i dont think the juries are going to vote for her tomorrow, but we never know.

Aurela Gace – Kënga ime

Festivali i Këngës 49 - Aurela Gaçe - Kënga ime
Uploaded by festrtsh. - See the latest featured music videos.
She is another big favorite, i really like her super strong stage presence, her voice is very strong too even if some people thinks she screams, i was bit scaried when i saw her before the festivali cause of her look, but she looked amazing, the song is nice, not sure if its the best one cause its not easy to remember it, its a very difficult song but i think they can make it better.

Enkelejda Arifi – Një dashuri

Festivali i Këngës 49 - Enkelejda Arifi - Një dashuri
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IMO this is the best song in this year FIK, i love the violin, it was a perfect performance, im not sure if this is going to be the right one for eurovision but its the best one without a doubt, a big round of applause for the composers and for Enkelejda.

Kejsi Tola – Pranë

Festivali i Këngës 49 - Kejsi Tola - Pranë
Uploaded by festrtsh. - Explore more music videos.
So sad she didnt get into the final, she is such an amazing singer and the song is very nice. She is a lovely girl and i hope she keep trying.

The Finalist
Besa Kokedhima
Denis Hasa
Goldi Halili
Francesk Radi
Aurela Gace
Xhejsi Jorgaqi
Enkelejda Arifi
Saimir Braho
Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj

Well one of the 18 songs will go to Düsseldorf next year and my favorites are: Dorina Garuci, Enkelejda Afiri, Aurela Gace, Besa Kokedhima, Marsida Saraci, Miriam & Alban and Kamela Islami.

Good luck to all of the 18 finalists and lets hope they choose the right one.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Festivali I Kënges 49 - Semifinal 1

Today was the 1st Semifinal of the FIK, 19 songs competed and 9 songs get into the final.

Unfortunately there wasnt a webcast for the semifinal and the esc addicts didnt watched the show live but thanks to ESCDaily for the fantastic live report and Festrtsh and ArkivaShqip on youtube, i watched some of the performances and listened the studio version of the song.

Established singers

01. Selami Kolonja – Enderr kosovoe
02. Miriam Cani & Alban Skenderaj – Ende ka shpresë
03. Orges Toce – Mari
04. Kamela Islami – Jetova për ty
05. Blerina Shalari – Lutjes apo dashurisë
06. Ernis Cili & Onanta Spahiu – FAM
07. Dorian Nini – Mirë se vini në Shqipëri
08. Edmond Mancaku – Dashuri pas emrit
09. Ardita Tusha – Dikur besoja
10. Klajdi Musabelli – Vetëm ti
11. Evans Rama – Sonte
12. Dorina Garuci – Mirmbrëma engjëlli im
13. Herciana Matmuja – Me cilin rri ti dashuri
14. Agim Poshka –
15. Marsida Saraci – Vetëm s'jemi në botë
16. Entela Zhula – Stuhi dhe diell

01. Ilir Karaferi – Nuk je këtu
02. Maria Prifti – Pasuri e pasurive
03. Megi Laska – Endërrat ekzistojnë

I liked a couple of songs but i think i dont want to see any of the songs from this semifinal on Düsseldorf, so all my hopes are in the 2nd Semifinal.

Miriam Cani & Alban Skenderaj – Ende ka shpresë

Festivali i Këngës 49 - Miriam Cani & Alban Skenderaj - Ende
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They are the favorites and all the rumors said that they are the winners. They look very cute, but im not sure about the song, i know albania makes miracles with the esc versions but right now its a bit boring. I dont hate it but i dont love it right now. Studio version

Dorina Garuci – Mirmbrëma engjëlli im
Festivali i Këngës 49 - Dorina Garuci - Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli

She was the one i liked the most even if i really cant see her in Eurovision with this song, but i really like the song and she did a great performance, the video of the performance was deleted but i watched like 15 times.

Maria Prifti – Pasuri e pasurive

This song is very powerful, i like it but the performance was just ok, i prefer the studio version.

The Finalists
Maria Prifti
Selami Kolonja
Miriam Cani & Alban Skenderaj
Dorina Garuci
Orges Toce
Kamela Islami
Marsida Saraci
Dorian Nini
Hersiana Matmuja

From the finalists i love Dorina, i like Maria, Selami, Miriam & Alban and i kinda like Marsida, Kamela and Hersiana.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: My Favorites NF songs (2)

The 2010 NF season was very good, so here are other of my favorites songs:

The Euroviisut 2010 imo was great, there were very good songs and artists.
- Heli Kajo: Annankadun kulmassa

She was my winner, this was so fantastic, her kinda weird stage presence, her cool backing vocals, the fabulous and different lyrics made me fell in love with this, and i wanted her to win so bad. The Kuunkuiskaajat girls were good but this was the best of finland 2010.

- Nina Lassander - Cyder hill

This was my second favorite, lovely ballad with beautiful lyrics, it was a huge surprise to me when she gets the 2nd place, but she definitely deserved it.

- Maria Lund: Sydän ymmärtää

She is an amazing artist, she can sing, she can dance and i really enjoyed her performance, i love the lyrics of this song and they way she did it was absolutely fabulous.

I also liked:
Amadeus - Anastacia
Osmo Ikonen - Heaven or hell
Antti Kleemola - Sun puolella

The Festival da Canção 2010 was impressive, a huge round of applause for RTP for making 3 great shows, 2 semifinals and a final. Fantastic host, great stage and good songs and artists, but the juries made me think  that maybe the Festival 2010 wasnt perfect, i didnt get the jury results but what can we do.

- Vanessa: Alvorada

To me she was the best, what a great singer and it was the best ballad, much much better than the winner. She looked beautiful, and her performance was very good.

- Catarina Pereira: Canta por mim

She was the fans favorite, she gets the 12points from the televote and because of her, Filipa gets some booo when she won. To me it was a nice song but just that i dont think it was for a top 5 in eurovision.

I also liked:
Seis Po'Meia Dúzia - Pássaro Saudade

Im not a fan of this nf but this year there were 2 songs i liked.

- Lenna Kuurmaa: Rapunzel

This show made me like the song, to me this was the one that deserved to go to Oslo. She have a huge charisma and the song is catchy.

- Iiris: Astronaut

What a huge stage they got, this song was the one i liked the most before the final, it was a nice performance, i prefer this than the winner.

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010: My Favorites NF songs

The 2011 Eurovision song contest season started weaks ago and now its time to remember and let you now my favorite songs on the national finals in this year.

The Festivali i kenges 48 was a year ago, the time goes so fast we will know the Albanian song for 2011 on saturday. Last year was the 1st time i watched the FIK live and i love it.
- Anjeza Shahini: Në pasqyrë

I love Anjeza and this song is very good, i really wanted her to win but it was good to see her happy with her 2nd place, i still wondering how this song would sound in english with a eurovision version but unfurtunately i will never know.

I also loved:
Kamela Islami - Gjëra të thjeshta
Dorina Garuci - Sekreti i dashurisë

Both songs are fantastic and very interesting. These 2 girls will try to represent Albania again, so i hope they have good songs.

Every year i get excited about spanish nf but every year i feel disappoined with tve, i dont like the internet selection at all, but i think there is not internet voting for 2011 so i think it will be different but i still believe that tve will choose the one they want and not the best one as always.
- Coral Segovia: En una vida

This song was orgasmic since the 1st day i listened and what can i say about Coral she deserved to go in 2008 and 2010 so sad she didnt make it. I dont know if the performance was amazing, the camera work was horrible and i really felt her strange like "i know i wont win, so i just want to relax and give my best" but i definitely think this was the best song and artist from this national final.

I really love some of the 2010 DMGP songs and i have to say it was a surprise when In a moment like this won, i didnt imagine that song winning.
- Sukkerchok: Kæmper For Kærlighed

This one is amazing, so bad the performance wasnt as good as the song, you can watch the final performance here.

But my winner for Denmark 2010 was:
Silas and Kat - Come come run away

Fantastic performance, great song, fabulous choreography and silas is so hot, i LOVE IT, much better than Chanee and N'evergreen.

I also liked:
Simone - How will i know
Kaya Bruel - Only tonight
Bryan Rice - Breathing
Jens Marni - Gloria 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

La La La La Lauris Reiniks for Latvia 2011?

This is weird, i like a song from the latvian national final? wow thats a big surprise but this song is absolutely fabulous, i love it since the 1st second i listened, nice lyrics, fantastic melody, super catchy chorus, great song. Will the latvian people choose this song for Düsseldorf?, will  Lauris make a great performance? we will have to wait until february. Also there are cool songs in the competition so if you want to listen the rest of the songs, here is the official web.
My Banjo is ready for Düsseldorf, Go Lauris!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Semifinal 2

The 2nd semifinal was today and it was much better than the 1st one, the finalists were the right ones and there were better shows.

1.Mika Newton - Angel

This is fantastic, she had a great show on the quarterfinals and she changed it to another fabulous show, 5 male dancers with wings and 5 mirrors, a beautiful dress and her hair looked better, i really love it. A big round of applause for Mika, she is amazing.

2.Ivan Berezovsky - Ave Maria

He has a very poor stage presence, but this time was a bit better than his first show. Unfortunately his vocals were very week. His voice doesnt sound good at all.

3.Shanis - Tsvetok

I like her a lot, she is a good singer and her dancers are hot, its the same show so i still like it, her vocals were good, maybe in the quarterfinal she sang better but still being a good performance.

4.Zaklyopki - Ou la la

These girls are here for the televote, they changed their outfits but they cant change their bad vocals, no dancers this time just the 3 girls trying to sing good, but sorry girls, it was very bad.

5.Elena Korneeva - Why didnt say goodbye

Her energy is so good, it was a great performance, she felt the song and the performance was very nice, so i dont have anything more to say, i love it.

6.Kristina Kim - Victim of my love

In the quarterfinals she was alone on stage, the jury told her she needed backing vocals and dancers for the next time and she did it. A different show with more energy for the dancers but i still thinking that her vocals and stage presence were weak, but at least she did something better.

7.Denis Povaliy - Aces high

I dont like, it was boring and his voice is very weak, i dont get why he get into the final.

8.Anastasia Prikhodko - Action

The performances of the 3 semifinals were recorded late at night on december 2/3. I think Anastasia recorded her performance at 3am or something like that, i felt her like "i dont care anything, i waited so much, i just wanna do this and go home" lol, i just love it, she is fantastic , she maybe doesnt have a lot of charisma but she looks strong on stage and her vocals are fantastic, i love her, i love her backing vocals, i love action, GO ANASTASIA!

The Finalists
Mika Newton
Elena Korneeva
Anastasia Prikhodko
Denis Povaliy

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anna Rossinelli is the winner in Switzerland

We have the 1st song of 2011, to be honest im not sure what i think about this song, its not bad but its not good, its just ok there were better songs in the competition, good luck to anna in eurovision, she can do it well but im not sure about going to the final it will depend on the other songs, we will see. But i have to say that this is much much much better than 2010.

The Results
1. Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while 23.93%
2. Bernarda Brunovic – Confidence 13.36%
3. Ilira & The Colors – Home 13.05%
4. CH – Gib nid uf 11.73%
5. The Glue – Come what may 8.21%
6. Sarah Burgess – Just me 7.70%
7. Aliose – Sur les paves 6.49%
8. Polly Duster – Up to you 4.36%
9. Andrina – Drop of drizzle 3.30%
10. Scilla – Barbie Doll 2.88%
11. Duke – Waiting for ya 2.66%
12. Dominique Borriello – Il ritmo dentro di noi 2.33%
This is my winner: Aliose - Sur les pavés: Lovely song and performance, i really like them

Ilira & The Colors - Home: Great song, nice performance

The Kukushka video

This is the official music video of the Zlata Ognevich entry for ESC 2011 "The Kukushka". Great video, i love it, she looks amazing and i think this ukrainian version sounds much better than the english/ukrainian that she sang on the quarterfinals and semifinals. Will the kukushka represent Ukraine next year? we will see, Kuku.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Aliose or Ilira & The Colors FTW! - Eurovision Switzerland 2011

Tomorrow we will know the 1st song of the 2011 Eurovision song contest, i can tell you that im not that excited as i can be, 12 songs will compete and i just like 2. My favorite didnt get into the final, sadly cause it was the perfect song for Switzerland 2011.

I really liked this song and she seems to be a great artist, but lets move on to the songs that are in the competition, im not sure if i will comment the 12 songs tomorrow cause there are a lot of bad songs, i guess i will comment the winner performance or something like that. There are just 2 songs i like:

Aliose - Sur les pavés: cute song, i really want to see them tomorrow, i watched a live performance of them and i love it, she is beautiful and i love this song.

Ilira & The Colors - Home: This is the best song imo, but im not sure if they have a strong stage presence.

We have Lena, 3JS, Christos Mylordou, Dino Merlin and maybe Emmy?. But tomorrow we will have the artist and the song, this year the 1st one isnt Albania.

Good luck to the 12 artists tomorrow and i hope the swiss people vote for the right one.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Semifinal 1

Today was the first semifinal, yeah those shows of november were quarterfinals lol, it there is something i dont like about this national selection is that it seems they dont have any rules and you dont know what will happen, well i thought there were 3 semifinals with 7 artists, 5 going to the final so there were 15finalists but it seems that i was wrong cause there are 8 artists on each semifinal and 6 songs will get into the final so we will have 18finalist but as i said everything can happen.

Now in this round i want to see new performances, some changes and better shows.

The televote semifinalists are:
QF 1: Zaklyopki - Ou la la
QF 2: Neksi - Sever-yug (WHAT)
QF 3: Vitaly Galay - My expression
QF 4: Mila Nitich - Goodbye
QF 5: Pavlo Tabakov - Shake your body (???)

And then there are other televote semifinalists
El Kravchuk - Moya nadezhda
Para Normalnyh -Ledi
Vladislav Levitsky - Love
A.R.M.I.Y.A - Allo, allo

The Semifinal 1:
1. Bahroma - Eyo imya

I love this guy, the song its interesting but too long and boring for me, i like the performance but just because of him. My opinion of this its the same opinion i had in the quarterfinals.
2. Zhemchug - Hero

Some changes that i kinda like, maybe they need to connect with each other cause they dont look like a duet, i like the song their vocals were good, so i hope to see them more like a duet and now two different singers singing a song.
3. Vitaly Galay - My Expression

He is very cute, his vocals were ok but he can do it better, i want him to have more contact with the camera, that would be perfect, the song is nice, i like the way he move on stage, all that he need is a better stage presence and more connection with the camera.
4. Neksi - Sever-Yug

First of all i just cant believe they get into the semifinals for the sms voting, but i have to say that they improve their performance and that was good cause we watched a very different performance this time, much better looks, new stage performance, but its the same song so i still thinking that this is not for eurovision but i will give them some applause cause they did it much better.
5. Zlata Ognevich - The Kukushka

She is definitely one of the favorites, im still having the love and hate problem with this song, i think her stage presence was better, i felt her much stronger this time but her vocals were too painful in the last part, other thing i have with the kukushka is that i dont know what the song is about, the lyrics are like radom lyrics so i have to say i dont think i want this in Düsseldorf but we never know she is a good singer and she can do it better and i love the kuku.
6. Para Normalnyh - Ledi

Well there is nothing interesting to say, this time they looked less nervous and thats all.
7. Tatiana Vorzheva - Vso resheno

WTF? Where were the hot dancers? OMG this was horrible, i like this song and im really disappointed, she looked beautiful but very uncumfortable and her vocals were the worse vocals in the whole national selection, i dont know what happened but if she gets into the final i hope she can at least sing better.
8. Vladislav Levitsky - Love

Its good to see him on the semifinals, this song is very good and he did a great performance, his look is better than in the quarterfinals, he looked cute and simple this time, his stage presence get stronger and the dancer in the last part was cool.
There were better and worse performances, the 5 finalist were good.

The jury in this semifinal choosed 5 artists, the televote will pick 1, next sunday the second semifinal.

The Finalists
Vitaly Galay
Zlata Ognevich
Vladislav Levitsky

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Italy is BACK

Fabulous news, after 13 years Italy returns to Eurovision next year, yaaay.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mika Newton released the video of "Angel"

Beautiful video, im strating to like more this song. She is one of the favorites to represent Ukraine next year.

Talking about Ukraine the semifinals will be recorded tomorrow, i hope to see some pics on the web, im wondering which songs get into the semifinal by the televote.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Linköping & Malmö

The Melodifestivalen 2011 is going to be orgasmic, great artists and i hope fabulous songs but will Sweden choose the right one this time? or they will send to Eurovision the one that will make them fail.

Deltävling 3 - Linköping - February 19
Enemy - Sara Lumholdt
I thought it was forever - Shirley's Angels
Lucky you - Linda Sundblad
No one else could - Sebastian
Popular - Eric Saade
Spring för livet - Sara Varga
The king - The Playtones
Tid att andas - Simon Forsberg

Deltävling 4 - Malmö - February 26
Alive - Linda Pritchard
Better or worse - Julia Alvgard
E de fel på mig - Linda Bengtzing
I surrender - Lasse Stefanz
Leaving home - Nicke Borg
The hunter - Melody Club
TBA - Love Generation
OMG Bengtzing and Pritchard on the 4th semi, its going to be fabulous, im sure i will love the MF 2011.

There are 31 songs cause one song was disqualified:

Don't Stop
Upphovsmän: JC Chasez, Carl Falk och Kristian Lundin
Artist: Anders Fernette

It seems that SVT gave one week to make a new song to the composers, if the song is good they will put it on the list.

Information about the new songs:

The King
Upphovsmän: Fredrik Kempe, Peter Kvint
Artist: The Playtones

Upphovsmän: Fredrik Kempe
Artist: Eric Saade

Upphovsmän: Oscar Görres, Fredrik Kempe
Artist: Linda Pritchard

I Thought It Was Forever
Upphovsmän: Robin Abrahamsson, Alexander Bard, Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström
Artist: Shirley's Angels

No One Else Could
Upphovsmän: Andreas Alfredsson Grube, Sebastian Karlsson
Artist: Sebastian

Upphovsmän: RedOne
Artist: Love Generation
Lucky you
Upphovsmän: Linda Sundblad, Johan Bobäck, Fredrik Thomander, Anders Wikström
Artist: Linda Sundblad

Pop, Rap and Metal in the Melodi Grand Prix 2011

Fabulous Pics, 21 artists, 21 song titles and it seems that a lot of differents styles.

Now lets continue with the artists of the 2nd Semifinal:

Semifinal 2 - Florø: January 22
What a cute boy, absolutely beautiful
Song: «Oh, Oh (Puppy love)»

Lyrics & Music: Samsaya Sharma/Jarl Aanestad
Artist: Endre
Song: «Hungry For You (Gipsydance)»

Lyrics & Music: Marika
Artist: Marika
Hanne is back as an Artist this time
Song:«You’re Like a Melody»

Lyrics & Music: Hanne Sørvaag
Artist: Hanne Sørvaag
Ovi is one of the composers of their song
Song: «I’ll Be Yours»

Lyrics & Music: Ovi Martin/Johanna Demker/Bjørn Lindstøm
Artist: Pernille & Marius

Song: «Sand»

Lyrics & Music: Isabella Leroy
Artist: Isabella

Semifinal 3 - Skien: January 29
Song: «Like dreamers do»

Lyrics: Simon Walker
Music: Grethe Svensen og Tommy Berre
Artist: Grethe Svensen
Song: «SOS»

Music: Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen/Christoffer Bergesen
Lyrics: Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen/Christoffer Bergesen
Artist: Girl Happy
Song: «Gone with the wind»

Lyrics & Music: Simone Larsen / Moh Denebi / Jennifer Brown / Bjørn Djupström
Artist: Noora Noor
Song: «Dance Tonight»

Lyrics & Music: Agnete Johnsen / Emelie Nilsen
Artist: The BlackSheeps
Song: «Nothing Remains»

Lyrics & Music: Andersen/Hagen/Åkesson/Didriksen/Mustaparta
Artist: Susperia
Song: «Haba haba»

Lyrics & Music: Stella Mwangi
Artist: Stella Mwangi
Song: «Fire Below»

Lyrics & Music: Knud Kleppe
Artist: The Lucky Bullets

The full list of the participants in each semifinal

Semifinal 1 - Ørland - January 15
Carina Dahl - Guns & boys
Use Me - Daisy
Sichelle - Trenger mer
Sie Gubba - Alt du vil ha
Rikke Normann & Åste Sem - Not that easy (Ah-Åh Ah-Åh)
Helene Bøksle - Vardlokk
Gatas Parlament - Jobbe litt mindre, og tjene litt mer

Semifinal 2 - Florø - January 22
Pernille & Marius - I'll be yours
Mimi Blix - Allergic
Endre - Oh, Oh (Puppy love)
Isabella - Sand
Marika - Hungry for you (Gipsydance)
Babel Fish - Depend on me
Hanne Sørvaag - You're like a melody

Semifinal 3 - Skien - January 29
Girl Happy - SOS
Stella Mwangi - Haba haba
The Blacksheeps - Dance tonight
Susperia - Nothing remains
Grethe Svensen - Like dreamers do
The Lucky Bullets - Fire bellow
Noora Noor - Gone with the wind

Is The Euroviisut 2011 Good Enough?

Today the songs that will compete in january in the Euroviisut 2011 were released, some surprises and i already have some favorites, even if i think there were better songs in the Euroviisut 2010.

Now i will comment the 5 songs i like the most

5.Jimi Constantine - Party to party

This one is nice, it sounds a bit like his other song Dirty Cinderella, "We can sleep when we're dead" can be the "Her daddy doesnt need to know", but its a cool song and if he is going to be shirtless it will be hot.

4.Tommi Soidinmäki - Seis!

I like the energy of this song, his voice is very strong but im not sure if this will work in eurovision.

3.Saara Aalto - Blessed with love

This is one of the online winners, they made a nice new version, it sounds beautiful, can she sing it perfectly live? i hope so.

2.Paradise Oskar - Da da dam

What a surprise, when i saw the title and with paradise oskar as a name of the artist i thought it was going to be a dance club song but it was a beautiful song, i love the lyrics and the da da dam da da dam, definitely i think this one should have the chance to go to Düsseldorf.

1.Father Mckenzie - Good enough

This was my favorite since the 1st time i listened, great melody, nice lyrics and if i have to choose one to go to Eurovision, it will be between Father Mckenzie and Paradise Oskar, i really want to see them live, lets wait that the finnish people choose the right one. This is good enough for me.

Here is the full line up:
Semifinal 1 - January 14
1.Automatic Eye - I'm not the one who's sorry
2.Marko Maunuksela - Synkän maan tango
3.Johanna Iivanainen - Luojani mun
4.Jonna - Puppets
5.Cardiant - Rapture in time

Semifinal 2 - January 21
1.Soma Manuchar - Strong
2.Paradise Oskar - Da da dam
3.Jimi Constantine - Party to party
4.Milana Misic - Sydämeni kaksi maata
5.Father Mckenzie - Good enough

Semifinal 3 - January 28
1.Eveliina Määttä - Dancing in the Dark
2.Sami Hintsanen - Täältä maailmaan
3.Tommi Soidinmäki - Seis!
4.Saara Aalto - Blessed with love
5.Stala & So - Pamela

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine 2011 - Heat 5

The last heat came and we will know the last 6 songs in the competition, is the winner in this heat?

1.Pavlo Tabakov - Shake your body

This song is not horrible but his look, his dancers and the backing vocals looked very bad, maybe too cheap, his vocals were not bad. Pavlo dont try to be sexy cause you're not.
2.Jamala - Smile

What can i say? I was waiting for this since october, imo Jamala is the perfect artist for the ESC, she is an amazing singer with a great look and strong stage presence. Smile is a fantastic song, it made me smile every time i listen to it, i really love it, the performance today was very good but i think she didnt gave us all maybe she is ready to give us all in the semifinals, her vocals were absolutely fabulous and she is on my top 3 favorites.

3.Denis Povaliy - Aces high

Is this guy a comedian? i dont know but im not sure if he is a singer, his vocals were weak, his stage presence a bit boring, his look was good kinda funny and his song is just ok.
4.Maxim Novitsky - True love can free you

WTF moment, i dont get their costumes, his vocals were ok but in some parts were bad as the screaming girl in the backing vocals, the show wasnt horrible but wasnt good enough, the song is not bad.
5.Tatiana Vorzheva - Vse Resheno/Всё решено

I really like this song, the melody is so catchy. Tonight she looked nice and her dancers looked hot, the choreography was very good, her stage presence was good but can be better and her vocals were weak, so i hope she can improve her vocals in semifinals cause i like this.

6.VRODA - Zhovteye zhyto/Жовтеє жито

They made a good performance, their vocals were good, their stage presence was nice and im not sure if the song is strong enough for eurovision, but i like it they deserved to go to the semifinals

The Semifinalists
Tatiana Vorzheva
Denis Povaliy

The Best of the night
Lets Smileee