Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eric Saade: "I think the song describes me very well"

Im so happy for this, i had an interview with one of the biggest favorites of the Melodifestivalen 2011, he came 3rd last year and this year his aim is to win Eurovision.

First of all thank you very much for your time cause i know you must be very busy right now.

Hi Eric, How are you?
I'm fine thank you, but very busy :)

Ready for Linköping?
Yeah I think I am... But there are still some details that needs to be fixed before next week.

How important was your participation on the Melodifestivalen 2010 for your career?
Very important. I had the chance to show what i have to give, in front of the whole swedish population. But I was still very young, and had a long way to go, with the singing, the dancing and all that stuff!
This year felt like 5 years to me. I think i have developed my skills enormousely. This year, will gives you a much more better Saade.. :)

Now you came back to the Melodifestivalen with "Popular", what is the song about? how did you get it? it was made for the Melodifestivalen?
The song is about someone who wants to be the best, and he wants to get there on his own. I think the song describes me very well. Its more ElectroPop/Club-Pop style. But still in Fredrik Kempe style. Fredrik Kempe wrote the song while I was on Tour in sweden. We had telephone contact to make it work. Yeah, the song was made for melodifestivalen, but with a more international touch. ;)
Last year the performance of "Manboy" was spectacular, can you describe how is going to be the performance of "Popular", i know it must be top secret but can you tell me a hint about what are you going to do on stage?
It's gonna be me more skilled dance. I've been training sooo much dance with the best danceers in sweden to get to where i stand today, comparing with last years performance. It will be a cool Pop-show. Dance style is now more, LA-Pop/Street.. I think people will see a bit Justin but more energy...
I wont tell you more than that. :) haha!

You are one of the favorites to represent Sweden on Eurovision this year, also you've said the you came back not only to win the Melodifestivalen but to win the Eurovision song contest, why do you think your song and performance can win eurovision?
I'm gonna do my best... But its up to the Swedish people to decide.
The song has a more international touch this time. Its more SAADE its more me! ;)
The song is so much better, my dancing and singing skills are so much better..
I think This song and my performance can win Eurovision, because it gives you a feeling of a Popstar.... And that's my dream....

There are new rules this year on the MF final, no swedish juries just international juries and televote with the % of the number of votes that the artists get, whats your opinion about it?
Very good. This contest is all about international feelings. That is just what we need, to send the right song..

Did you watch the 1st Semifinal? what do you think about the songs and the results?
I liked it. Most of The songs had high quality. But I think it's gonna be even better...

What do you think about the other 7 artists competing in the semifinal 3?
Its gonna be hard. They are good! I actually think it's gonna be the hardest night of all semifinals.
But as i said.. It's up to the swedish people!
Do you have a message to all the eurovision fans that you'll probably meet on Düsseldorf?
Haha... probably meet?
I havent been thinking that far. But of course.
"I hope you guys will love the song and my performance. And I hope i'll release my second album international! :) See you some time! "
Thank you very much, i really cant wait for your song and performance and i wish you all the best on the seminal.
Thank you!
I'm gonna do my best! :)

/ Eric Saade!

If you want more information about him, you should visit his official web.
Be a fan on Facebook.
And here you can see his page on the Melodifestivalen web.

Again Thanks to Eric Saade for his time, i know that all the artists are very busy now and im very thankful for this. As i said to him i cant wait to listen Popular and watch the amazing performance that im sure he will have, i wish him all the best and good luck on saturday.

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