Monday, December 31, 2012

The last post of 2012

Once again its time to make the last post of the year and im going to do the same think as last year: My Eurovision 2012 top 10.

Before the top 10, one of the songs that deserved to make it to the finals:
Bulgaria: Sofi Marinova - Love unlimited

I was a Sofi fan since the 1st day i heard the song and her eurovision performance was fierce! It made me very happy to know that she was on the top 10 of the televote. Go Sofi!

Now lets start:

10.Serbia: Zeljko Joksimovic - Nije ljubav stvar

This song was one of my favorites before the contest but during the contest i kinda ignore it but i really like it and Zeljko is so good.

9.Spain: Pastora Soler - Quedate conmigo

I love Pastora, she is a great person and it makes me very happy to see her doing so well after the contest cause she is an amazing singer. She did a good job on stage and thats why she got that result but i still dont like the song.

8.Estonia: Ott Lepland - Kuula

I love him and i love his pants jaja. One of the best ballads of this year and the best male singer without a doubt.

7.Ireland: Jedward - Waterline

Oh my boys! They were my winners last year and i was very happy to see them again this year. They did a very entertaining performance and i think the juries were really unfair with them but whatever they got a top 10 with the televote and they were one of the most succesful acts of this year. Well done boys! GO JEDWARD!

6.Italy: Nina Zilli - L'amore e femmina

Nina is great, she has style, a great voice and she is unique, i didnt love the performance and i would've prefered the song to be 100% in italian but i still think it was really good.

5.Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva - When the music dies

Its a surprise for me to see this in the top 5 but its one of the performances i can watch 1000 times and i still love it and i also love the song a lot, the best song from Azerbaijan in Eurovision.

4.Cyprus: Ivi Adamou - Lala love

This was one of my biggest favorites and she really did a great performance! and im very happy with her success around Europe. I knew this song was a hit since the 1st day i heard it and even if i think she deserved a top 10, its ok when you see that its was one of the mosts successful entries of this year. Well done Ivi!

3.Macedonia: Kaliopi - Crno i belo

Queen Kaliopi its here! The loveliest artist of this year, i cant find words to describe how much i love this talented woman. Her smile, her energy, her powerful presence and her great voice made me love her every second and i became a huge fan of her. This song and performance were marvellous! she deserved a better result but it doesnt matter cause she made her whole country proud. Thank you Kaliopi for the great moments in Eurovision! I would mind to see her again in Eurovision with a great song to win the contest for Macedonia. GO KALIOPI!!!

2.Albania: Rona Nishliu - Suus

This was a standing ovation performance, no more words to say. Bravo Rona!!!

Now before my 2012 winner here is one of the cutest videos of this year:

Little Vincent could be my junior winner!

And my 12 points goes to SWEDEN!!!

Loreen - Euphoria

Do i have to say something? jaja i've been supporting this since the 1st time i watched the 1min rehearsal video before the Melodifestivalen semifinal.

Also i've been supporting Loreen since her Melodifestivalen 2011 semifinal so what can i say? I LOVE HER and she made me very happy this year, im so proud of her and i know she is going to be one of the greatest artists of all times. She is one of the biggest eurovision winners of all times and she deserve it. Thank you Loreen for an amazing year and i know there will be more great years for you and your career.

So thats all for this year, thanks to the web guys and for the whole webcam experience during the Eurovision weeks. Thanks to every single person who made the Eurovision song contest possible.

Lets smile and be happy!

Georgia 2013: Nodiko Tatishvili & Sopho Gelovani are ready for 2013

Its the last day of 2012 and Georgian tv announced the artist that are going to represent them in Malmö and yeah we got another duet: Nodiko Tatishvili & Sopho Gelovani

Very good, i think we will see them with a ballad in Eurovision and thats fine with me, they are good singers and i wish them all the best. Good luck Georgia!

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