Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Austria 2014: CONCHITA WURST

Today ORF has announced that Conchita Wurst is going to represent Austria in Copenhagen next year!
She participated in the Austrian national final in 2012 with the song "Thats what i am":

Im happy with the selection, i think she is a nice singer and i really hope she can find a good song. I wouldnt like something like her 2012 song cause it was very dated, i want something strong and modern (Please not a song with the typical "i am who i am" message) and i also hope they focus more on the song than on the stage act, i think she doesnt need any gimmick, she has a great stage presence. I hope she can surprise everyone with a good song!

This is my favorite song from her:

I think that if she would have sent this song to the 2012 selection, she would have won cause its a very good powerful ballad!
Good luck Conchita! Good luck Austria!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tijana Dapčević: "You'll see a great show in Denmark, I promise!"

Hello everyone! Its September and we already know that Eurovision is going to be in Copenhagen and we also know the slogan and the arena but today i got my 1st interview of 2014! YES! She was selected internally by MRT to represent Macedonia next year and she is a fantastic artist! Here are the answers of TIJANA DAPCEVIC:

Hello, how are you feeling right now?
-I feel great, thanks! How about you? :)

Im feeling good, thanks. Can you introduce yourself?
- I was born and raised in Skopje (Macedonia), started playing cello at the age of seven and graduated at the Music Academy of Skopje (I have a degree in cello).
I come from a musically-educated family, so music is my life, basically. My sister, Tamara, is also a singer (she was represnting Macedonia in Eurovision, in 2008.)
Recently, I've got the role in a theatrical play and am very happy about it because acting is my big passion.
When I'm not on stage, I am a married woman who is a mother of a beautiful boy who means the whole universe to me.

Tell me about your music career? when did you start singing?
-Officially, I've started singing in 2001. when my first album was released. So far, there are five of them.
I took part in many festivals and competitions all around Balkans.

Now for those who are knowing about you right now, can you tell me 3 songs from you that they should listen to:
-It's hard to tell because everyone has a different taste.. but if I really have to name three of them, I would go with: 


and "Zemlja mojih snova".

Last week you were announced as the artist that is going to represent Macedonia in Eurovision next year. What was your 1st reaction when MRT asked you to do eurovision?
-I couldn't believe! I was really excited. I have been in this business for many years and it is an honor to be able to represent my country in such a huge competition.
How has been the reaction from the public there?
-Reactions are awesome which also means that everyone expects a lot from me now. That's good, I expect a lot from myself, too. I'll do my best to please all those expectations.

Are you ready to work hard to find the right song? what kind of song would you like to do?
-Of course! We have already started making plans for the song but we haven't decided yet what kind of song it will be. We have quite enough time to make everything perfect.
You have a lot of support from eurovision fans on twitter, how do you feel about that?
-That is great! Social networks are incredible, really. I feel very pleased to be able to communicate to everyone who supports me and my work.

What do you like about Eurovision?
-Tradition and energy. The Eurovision is the only competition where you don't only represent yourself and your song but also your country which is great.
What do you think of the songs from Macedonia in Eurovision? do you have a favorite?
-I do, my favorite is "Let me love you" by Tamara, Adrijan and Vrcak . They were representing Macedonia in Eurovision in 2008.

This is just a little interview, i hope we can do another in some months. Would you like to say something to your fans?
-I would like to thank them for supporting me during all these years. I wouldn' be here without them. You'll see a great show in Denmark, I promise!
Thank you very much! wish you all the best in this amazing eurovision journey! Talk to you soon!
-You're welcome! It was a pleasure to answer your questions. Thank you very much for all the kind words and wishes! Keep up the good work and many greetings to your readers!

Once again Thanks to Tijana and her team for the interview!
If you want more info about her, this is her official website:
Her Facebook page:
Her Official Twitter: