Monday, January 31, 2011

The Netherlands - Je vecht noot alleen is the song

The 50% of the juries and 50% of the televote decided that the song that 3JS will sing on Düsseldorf is "Je vecht noot alleen". The song was definitely the best one, i like it but i thing this is not a winner material and i have doubts if this can qualify to the final, i think they can if the song is in english, its a huge step from last year horrible junior 1967 song, the singer vocals were very good and the song is not bad, i really wish them good luck.

The other songs:
De Stroom
Ga Dan Niet
Toen Ik Jou Vergat
Weelderig Waardeloos

The Lyrics of Je vecht noot alleen (You never fight alone)

Beetje zwart, we zien het soms een beetje zwart
Soms lijkt de wereld om je heen koud en gemeen
En je strijdt omdat de aarde lijdt
Maar zelfs als de zon voorgoed verdween
Je vecht nooit alleen

Want je hebt de tijd, de eeuwigheid
De verbeelding aan je zij
En je weet, daar zal ik altijd zijn

Als je mij belooft dat je blijft geloven
Dat een mens krijgt wat hij geeft
In je grootste zorg zit de hoop verborgen
Dat wie lief heeft overleeft
Stil maar, lief
Je piekert want het wil maar niet
Ga waar de wind je vleugels vindt
Ontstijg je verdiet

En je vraagt wie dan de aarde draagt
Kijk naar de zon, de bron, ze scheen
Je was nooit alleen

Want je hebt de tijd, de eeuwigheid
De verbeelding aan je zij
En je weet, daar zal ik altijd zijn

Als je mij belooft dat je blijft geloven
Dat een mens krijgt wat hij geeft
In je grootste zorg zit de hoop verborgen
Dat wie lief heeft overleeft

In je grootste zorg zit de hoop verborgen
Dat wie lief heeft overleeft
Dat wie lief heeft overleeft

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2011 - Semifinal 3

A semifinal with a touch of sadness last week the singer and composer Sigurjón Brink died, he was set to compite on this semifinal, his song was performed by his friends and gets into the final, and now is one of the favorites.

The Eliminated songs

The Finalists

Magni Ásgeirsson - Ég trúi á betra líf

Sigurjón's friends - Aftur heim

Jógvan Hansen - Ég lofa

RIP Sigurjón Brink
His good song from last year

Eurovision Moldova 2011 - The Songs

Click HERE to listen the 25 songs that are competing in the national final of Moldova 2011.

United Kingdom 2011 - I bought new underwear, they're BLUE

Yeah, the BBC announced that the boyband Blue (Lee Ryan, Simon Webbe, Duncan James and Antony Costa) are the representers of the UK in Eurovision 2011, the name of their song is "I can" and i cant wait to listen it, i think they are a good choice, they are very talented and HOT. I guess tomorrow we will have more information so you should visit the BBC Eurovision web.

Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Semifinal 3

The last semifinal in Skien, the metal is back and 2 times, the kids that are teens, SOS someone needs good vocals, African chorus, a lovely ballad, some rockabilly and the biggest injustice with the best song of the semifinal.

Also a very beautiful look by Anne Rimmen

If you want to watch the Semifinal 3 click HERE.

1.Susperia - Nothing remains
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
Last year Keep of kalessin were the metal band in the competition, now the 3rd semifinal started with Susperia, i wasnt that happy with metal again in the mgp, but this song is kinda better than "The Dragontower" but the performance wasnt as good as Kok, i loved the pyro, the energy was great but the singer didnt connect with the camera, his vocals were ok but they didnt have a good stage presence, his , even if i think the song is good, i prefer Keep of kalessin, also they look better than this band lol. I like it but not enough.

2.Noora Noor - Gone with the wind
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
When i listened the song on wednesday i fell in love with it, to me its one of the best songs of this year, she is without a doubt a huge artist, the performance was very good, fantastic presence and nice vocals maybe i was waiting for more, but i just have to say that this was the perfect song and singer to represent Norway, it was the worst injustice ever, i cant believe how such an amazing artist with a GREAT song and a nice performance didnt get the enough votes to get in the top 4. Bravo Noora, a huge round of applause for her and the composers of the song, this song is absolutely magical.

3.Girl Happy - SOS
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
What a nice song (studio version) with a bad and boring performance, his stage presence is very poor, the backing vocals sounded horrible and his vocals were not so good, so bad cause this song its very good.

4.Grethe Svensen - Like dreamers do
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
A very beautiful classic ballad song, when i listened the 30seconds i didnt like it but the whole song is good, the performance was amazing, i LOVED it, fantastic camera work, her vocals and stage presence were perfect, her look was fabulous, i really loved it, so a big round of applause for Grethe and the backing vocals for such a lovely performance.

5.The Blacksheeps - Dance tonight
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
Well i dont love this song, but i dont dislike it, this was a fantastic performance with an ok song, she is amazing, great vocals, nice look and strong presence, i think they are much better than the song. So you guys try next year with a better song.

6.Stella Mwangi - Haba haba
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
"Haba haba hujaza kibaba, haba haba hujaza kibaba" what a catchy song, i love it, i like the story of the song, the performance was good but it can be much much better, she needs more energy, more dance and improve her vocals for the final and it can be a good representer of Norway, right now to me its good but not a winner, im very happy for her and i hope she make a fabulous performance on Spektrum.

7.The Lucky Bullets - Fire bellow
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
This is not the kind of songs i like, they did a good performance but to me Noora was much better than this.

The Results

Siste Sjansen
3.The Lucky Bullets

2.The BlackSheeps
1.Stella Mwangi

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Euroviisut 2011 - Semifinal 3

The last semifinal started with this:
What happened to his hair, he looked so weird and funny, his hair made me laugh so bad but i love it lol. Now its time to comment the performances:

1.Eveliina Määttä - Dancing in the Dark

With just the first 10 seconds i knew it was going to be bad, the song is not bad, but its kinda weak, her vocals were just ok but her stage presence is very very poor, she looked nervous, strengthless, her charisma is 0, i didnt like anything of it, i have a lot of bad things to say about it but im just going say that it was the worse performance of the euroviisut 2011. Im sorry but this wasnt good.

2.Sami Hintsanen - Täältä maailmaan

This is the typical boring song that finnish people vote but he is a great singer and he did a nice performance, the only thing i didnt like was his clothes, he needs to wear something more appropriate for that song.

3.Tommi Soidinmäki - Seis!

This song was one of my favorites since november, its a very different song, his vocals were very good, he stage presence amazing and i really liked it, i also loved the way he looked, great connection with the camera and a very strong performance.

4.Saara Aalto - Blessed with love

She was my favorite in this semifinal, her song is beautiful but i had some doubts about her live vocals before the performance but she showed me that her vocals abilities are amazing. she did a great performance, i love it, the dress was good, the backing vocals did a fantastic work and the best of this song its Saara, magic stage presence and the best vocals in this Euroviisut 2011, im very very happy for her and i wish her all the best in the final.

5.Stala & So - Pamela

The 1st time i saw a pic of the band i thought he was an old lady lol, this was good, they had a great energy on stage, the song its very catchy, his vocals were ok for this kinda songs, they knew how to do it and they did it well, the audience there loved it and i think it was very good.

The Finalists
Sami Hintsanen
Stala & So
Saara Aalto
The YLE Wildcard
Eveliina Määttä
Is this a joke? O_O
I just cant believe this there were much better artists, performances and songs, there is no reason to think this girl is better than Tommi, Jonna and even Jimi, the only way i think she get the wildcard was putting all the names of the non finalists on a box and her name was chosen radomly.  Well at least we know who will finish last on the final.
The final will be on February 12, im not sure how the finnish people will vote but i guess it will be between Stala & So and Paradise Oskar.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Music Videos - Ithaka Maria, Elmayonesa, Saara Aalto & Ola

Ithaka Maria is competing on the Eesti Laul with this fabulous song, the video is awesome, i think this is my favorite for Estonia 2011 and cant wait to see her live.

This can be my 2nd favorite from Eesti laul, its so interesting, he is from Argentina and it can be very interesting to see this representing Estonia in Eurovision, waiting to see if it sounds good on the live performance.

She is Saara and is going to be today on the 3rd semifinal of the Euroviisut, i like her song and the video is ok, i wonder if her vocals are good live, we will know soon.

And the last video is from the amazing Ola with that great song, the video looks fantastic and he looks hot!.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carina Dahl - Guns & Boys Official Video

Cause i love guns & boys...I love this song and the video its the bomb.

Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Semifinal 3 - The Songs

Click HERE if you want to listen the songs from the 3rd Semifinal of the MGP 2011.
This semifinal will be amazing, fantastic songs, i will comment on saturday.

The Netherlands 2011 - The Songs - 30 seconds

The band 3JS will be the representers of The Netherlands in Düsseldorf, they were chosen by the dutch broadcaster TROS, on January 30 we will know which song they are going to sing in Eurovision, the desition will be made by 50% televote and 50% Jury. Today the snippets of the 5 songs were played on the radio.

The name of the 5 songs are:
01. Vecht nooit Alleen
02. Ga Dan Niet
03. De Stroom
04. Toen Ik Jou Vergat
05. Weelderig Waardeloos

Waiting to listen the full songs, right now i really liked the 30 seconds of Vecht nooit alllen.

Eesti Laul 2011 - The Songs

Click HERE to listen the 20 songs from the Eesti Laul 2011.

Are we ready for Jedward?

Well i have to say im ready and i cant wait to listen their song, there is a lot of people judging them, saying that they are like Dustin, they cant sing, they cant dance, Ireland should not send them to ESC, we hate them, all this without listen the song. I like the idea of the twins on ESC but i'll wait for all the 5 songs that will compete to represent Ireland. Right now with just knowing the names Jedward are my favorites, i know everything can change after the songs, i can like their song or i can like some of the others participants song, i like their energy and im sure they can make a great show so i hope they have a fabulous song, i dont like the people that to suport their favorite say bad things about their competitors, if you want someone to win why just not say Go "Favorite" and not the "competitor" is sh!t but i know everyone have an opinion and we have to respect it. Im on Team Jedward right now so GO JEDWARD!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

MGP 2011 - Alexander Stenerud & Guri Schanke

This was the best performance from last night, i love all the songs and it was a fabulous duet. A huge round of applause to Alexander & Guri. I LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2011 - Semifinal 2

Today was the 2nd semifinal in Iceland, Yohanna the one that finished 2nd in Moscow in 2009 is back wih a beautiful song and obviously she gets into the final.

I love her, she is so talented, perfect vocals, magical stage presence and a very good song, im so happy cause she is in the final, and i think we will see her in Düsseldorf.

This is the other song that gets into the final:
I have to say that i like the first part but when the women apears its like too much, the music, her vocals,
his vocals, then the woman screaming wtf is this? it makes me want to break the computer. im not sure but i hate it.

The eliminated songs

The Finalists
Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir - Nótt

Matthías Matthíasson & Erla Björg Káradóttir - Eldgos


Kristján Gíslason & Íslenzka sveitin - Þessi þrá

Rakel Mjöll Leifsdóttir - Beint á ská

Bryndís Ásmundsdóttir - Segðu mér

Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Semifinal 2

2nd Semifinal, a cute boy feeling like a dog, an allergic model, a hungry girl, a lullaby song, Hanne Bergendahl?? well 7 fantastic artists, good songs and fabulous performances, but im happy with the results?

If you want to watch the 2nd semifinal click HERE.

1.Pernille & Marius - I'll be yours
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
The first performance of the night, a song that would perfectly fit into a teen musical movie, i really like the song, their vocals were very good, he is HOT and she is very cute, i think they did a good show but i guess it wasnt enough to qualify, i didnt like their looks on stage, too boring for that song.

2.Babel Fish - Depend on me
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
This song is so cute, the performance is ok, a normal band performance, his vocals were good and the only thing i didnt like was the little house at the begining and at the end, but it was good, honestly they are not my winners of this semi, to me that was too much, to me they deserved at least a sistesjansen but i know norwegians love this kinda songs.

3.Marika - Hungry for you (Gipsydance)
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
 Whopa, this was one of my favorites, this song is so catchy and it have an amazing energy, her voice is so unique and she is so nice and kind  (you can see it here in this fabulous interview made by the fantastic Schlagerboys) The stage looked great for her performance, the dancers and backing vocals were good and she was sooo fierce, even if there were little parts when she looked nervous but i really like it and i hope she gets one of the wildacards to go to sistesjansen. A big round of applause for Makika and all her team. Whopa!!

4.Isabella - Sand
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
I like this, nice song, good vocals but maybe too dark to love it, even if she did a great performance i think its not the right song for eurovision, but i have to say that this was nice and i like it.

5.Endre - Oh, Oh (Puppy love)
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
He is sooo cute, the song is very nice and modern, i like the oh oh oh, the performance was good, the camera loves him, he is very charming and his stage presence is good but it can be much better, he looked nervous is some parts, i think the performance without the guitar would have been perfect, but it was cool.

6.Hanne Sørvaag - You're like a melody
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
She is so nice and sweet, just like her song, i like the song but im not sure about the performance, i didnt like the guitar and the choreography, she looked uncomfortable and her vocals were ok a bit shaky in some parts, i think she needs to show how she is and not the typical performance, the idea of it reminds me Anna Bergendahl, im happy for Hanne and i really hope she can fix her performance in the final.

7.Mimi Blix - Allergic
Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK
Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
Now a model debuting as a singer, i have to say i was a bit scared about her vocals because she is new on this, but her vocals were very good, the song is nice, it can be one of my favorites, her stage presence was ok but i think she needs more confidence on herself next time, i guess tonight she was very nervous and she did a good job, so i definitely she can do it much better, i want her to make me feel the song on the sistesjansen, this was one of my favorites in this semifinal and to me she deserved the final.

The Results

4.Mimi Blix

2.Hanne Sørvaag
1.Babel Fish