Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Im Ready for it

Tomorrow the rehearsals will start but right now we can watch some of the technical rehearsals, the arena and the stage looks FANTASTIC. I wanted to be in Düsseldorf so bad but i guess and hope that i will go next year to ?? no idea yet. Well now i just going to put the webs that i will visit for all the coverage:

- Esckaz:
- Escdaily:
- Escnation:
- Esctoday:
- Oikotimes :
and of course

Well i really love all the guys that are in Düsseldorf, last year i really enjoyed all those webs so i know this year they will rock too. I will post my pre-rehearsals opinion later so i think i will go to sleep.

Sakis Rouvas Collection

Well i just have to say that pic is HOT, i love Sakis and i want more pics like this one please, here is the official twitter of his collection

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daria: "I can promise you a great show and a fantastic performance"

This year Croatia had a long preselection shows, 24 artists competed to represent their country and after 6 shows only 2 artists got into the final, where Daria Kinzer as we all know won the DORA 2011 and  i have to say that its one of my favorites this year, so i asked her some questions and here are her answers:

Hello Daria,
First of all can you tell me something about you? about your music career, what do you like to do in your free time, and do you feel being the Croatian representer this year?
It feels great to represent my country on such an important event, but in the same time, it’s also a big responsibility. My first task at the moment is to prepare myself the best I can so Croatia could enter finals, and then, everything is possible.

Preparations are now underway so the whole our team could give its best in Germany. There is a lot of interest in Croatia’s entry from many European countries, such as Spain, UK and others, and on Youtube there are nearly 150.000 hits on my music video “Celebrate”. At home, I get questions and requests for interviews almost every day from various media, I think all this is a good sign that Croatia will this year be highly placed.
As for my self, I'm 21, I was born in Germany, my father was German and my mother is Croat. Ever since I was a child, I loved music, dance and this contest is a great opportunity for me to show everything I can.
In my free time, I like to spend time with my boyfriend Bela, who is also a musician, he plays piano and helps me a lot with his advices. I have many friends, we like to go out , socialize, drink coffee.

There are only a few weeks before for the Eurovision song contest and i want to know how are you right now? How are you doing with all the preparations and rehearsals?
Very busy, at the moment I'm in the middle of the promo tour visiting several European countries – Malta, Russia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia where I promote Croatian song, have contacts with my fans, sing in tv shows etc. This is a period of constant rehersals, me and the entire Croatian team want everything to be perfect, we are also preapring a russian magician on the scene who will perform one of his greatest tricks, I'm sure it'll have a great effect.
Your song is Celebrate, can you describe it in 5 words and tell me how did you feel recording the other versions of the song?
I don't need five words , one is enough – victorious! But if you insist, Celebrate is also modern, energetic, fast, powerful and optimistic. Beside original Croatian song which is named "Lahor“ (gentle breeze), we recorded english version, celebrate“ and three more – German, Russian and French so millions of people through out Europe could here it on their mother tongue. Each version is somehow different, due to differences in languages, but I was very emotional while recording every one of them. But, message is the same in every version, to celebrate life, dance and moving.

Can you give us a hint about how the performance in the semifinal will be and about what you will be wearing?
As I mentioned, there will be one of finest russian magicians with me on the scene in Dusseldorf. I can promise you a great show and a fantastic performance but at this point we do not want to spoil the surprise by revealing all the details.
Daria & Sergej Voroncov

Do you have a message to the Eurovision fans?
This year, Croatia will be something special, something which hasn't been seen so far! I invite you all to watch the Eurosong and have a good time!

Here is the official video of Celebrate

The Lyrics of Celebrate
Composer(s) Boris Djurdjevic
Lyrics writer(s) Boris Djurdjevic & Marina Mudrinić

Friday, my night
Flashing street lights
Let's get this old town dancing
Leave your troubles behind

Put your hands up
Let the magic take over your heart
Join us you'll have a good time, love is here to stay


Friday, late night
We are all just shadows in the moonlight
A thousand drums are beating
Till the break of day

Put your hands up
Let the magic take over your heart
Join us you'll have a good time, the party of your life

Just keep moving and dancing and dancing and dancing
Music will heal your soul
Let's just move to the rhythms and beats all around
Until we loose control

Well all i can say its Thanks to Daria for the answers cause i know she is very busy right now and i really wish her all the best in the semifinal, i cant wait to see her performance and dance with her song.

If you want more information visit her official web.

And remember Croatia will participate in the Semifinal 1 on May 10, Daria will perform in the position number 13 so vote for her.

Norway 2011: Haba haba - Official video

I love the new version of the song and i hope her vocals in Düsseldorf can be better than in the MGP, the video its just ok, not my favorite of this year.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Serbia 2011: Magical - Official video

This is the english version of Čaroban and i like it, the video its simple but cute, i love Nina and i think she will be on the final.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

United Kingdom 2011: I can - Official video

Well here is another new video, its not bad but i dont love it, even if i gave 12 points to their looks in this moment i dont want them to win Eurovision, maybe their performance in may will change my opinion.

Sweden 2011: Popular - Official video

Its not the best video, but its good enough. He is a great dancer and he looks HOT, i'll miss some of his hot dancers but im very curious about how the performance will be in Düsseldorf.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bulgaria 2011: Na inat - Official video

Wow she looks amazing and i really like the video, the director did a good job, i dont know if she will go to the final but i wish her all the best and good luck in the semifinal.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slovenia 2011: No one official video

One of my favorites songs of this year, the video its not as good as the song but its not horrible, just ok.

Monday, April 4, 2011

United Kingdom 12 points

Im speechless, They are HOT HOT HOT, OMG im in horny mood lol, all i can say its that this pic its from the Attitude Magazine, they are on the cover of this month so if you are in UK you should definitely buy it.
Also if you want some to see pics of the guys enter here.