Monday, February 21, 2011

Italy is back with Raphael Gualazzi

The winner of the Sanremo Giovani 2011 will go to Düsseldorf, i dont know if it was the right desition but all that i know is that he is an amazing artist. Good luck to hin cause i know he is a shy guy and all this eurovision thing might be too much for him.

I have to say that even if i think Raphael is a very good and talented artist there were better options for Eurovision like:

Nathalie: She was the 1st artists that all the rumors said to represent Italy, when Italy talked about Eurovision was when the X-Factor 2010 started and they said that the winner will not participate on Sanremo but in Eurovision her song In punta di piedi was apointed to be the esc song and it was fantastic so bad that then RAI said that the representer will be an Artist from Sanremo but she was one of the participants in Sanremo 2011 with her song "Vivo sospesa":

This was one of my favorites but imo In punta di piedi is much better.

Anna Tatangelo: With a fabulous song with a very strong and catchy chorus "Bastardo" was one of the esc fans favorite to represent Italy.

And i think the next one wasnt for Eurovision but i really loved his song and i was very happy when he get into the top 3: Al Bano with "Amanda e libera" fantastic lyrics and great performance

Well Italy is back but im not sure if they will get a good result but all i can say is Good luck Raphael!

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