Monday, February 14, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Deltävling 2: Hopelessly in love with Loreen

When i listened to the 1min clips of this semifinal i was kinda dissapointed and i thought that the 1st semifinal was better, but yesterday the artists of this semifinal showed me that i was so wrong, it was a GREAT semifinal. I have to say that i like the 8 songs that competed in Göteborg.

Here are my opinions about the performances:
The first performance im going to comment is the only one that i didnt like even if i like the song, Anniela looked very nervous and her vocals were the worse of the night i thought she was going to be in the last place but some people voted for her and she finished 6th place.

Elisabeth Andreassen this lady is so talented, sweet and nice, she knows what she has to do on stage and her vocals were great, Vaken i en dröm is a beautiful nordic ballad that she made perfectly but this song wasnt for 2011.

Now is the turn of Babsan: This performance was FABULOUS, loved the video, the choreography and of course the super HOT dancers with Matador look, this was a very good show and i think everyone enjoyed, the song is nice but its definitely not for the Eurovision. But no matter what i have to give a round of applause for Babsan.

The Moniker: OMG OMG OMG i really really like this, super catchy song and a very nice performance, it was a surprise for me, he did a good job.

Sanna Nielsen: There is no doutb that she is one of the greatest artists in Sweden, i love her and all her mf songs, this is her participation number 6 on the mf and this year she is celebrating 15 years of her singing career, Im in love was the winner of the 2nd semifinal, i like the song but i have to be honest and i think it wasnt a song to win, i love Sanna but i didnt like her look at all, that new hairdo doesnt look good, i think she looked unconfortable of that cage, i dont think this is a winner and im very sorry cause i LOVE Sanna.

Christian Walz: His song was one of the best songs in this MF, i like it a lot, the performance was good maybe he needed more energy but to me this song is better than Im in love, the song is number 2 right now in Itunes.

Brolle: His performance was GREAT, perfect vocals, his stage presence was very STRONG and his song is very good, i love him lol, he is HOT and sexual, he knows how to seduce the camera and thats something i like about him, alone in the stage, looking beautiful, singing perfectly, he definitely deserved the final and im very happy for him, a round of applause for Brolle.
And last but not least my favorite from this semifinal Loreen: Imo her song "My heart is refusing me" is one of the best songs till now, i really can imagine her in eurovision with a top 5 result, her vocals were amazing, her look is fabulous and the whole performance was like WOW. I cant believe that my favorites of the semifinals are going to Andra chansen and both in the same part and thats not all but Jenny is in the 1st duel and Loreen in the 2nd duel if they win those duel will have to compete to go to globen which means that no Loreen and Jenny together in the Final :( but 1 thing is sure this year the Andra chansen will be the bomb. Well i wish all the best to Loreen and what can i say a HUGE round of applause for her, the dancers and the composers of the song. Go Loreen!!

If you liked one of the eliminated songs you should buy the songs on Itunes:
Christian Walz - Like suicide
from the semifinal 1:
Jonas Matsson - On my own

Congratulations to SVT, the hosts and the artists for the wonderful show, lets wait to see whats going to happen next week, will my favorite go to Andra chansen again?

The 2 photos from the show are from this fantasitic blog

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