Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Malta 2011: Glen Vella to Düsseldorf

He came 2nd last year and this year with the song "One life" won and he is going to represent Malta in Germany, im very happy for him, he really deserved it, he is very talented, he has great vocals, a fabulous stage presence and a good song, i hope they can make a new stroger version, i wish him all the best.

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The Results
1.Glen Vella - One Life 90
2.Richard Edwards - Finally 88
3.Kurt Calleja - Over And Over 69
4.Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender 57

5.Raquela - If I Could Do It All Again 46

6.Baklava - Moon Dance 45

7.Klinsmann & Ben - This Love 32
8.Wayne Micallef - Everybody Sing 23
9.Claudia Faniello - Movie In My Mind 19
10.Eleanor Cassar - Hypnotized 15

10.JAnvil - Topsy Turvy 15
10.Ally - Numb 15
13.Amber - Catch 22 07
14.Marilena ft. Michael - He’s A Demon 01
15.Jessica Muscat - Down Down Down 00
15.Kelly Schembri - Love Me Like Your Money 00

Good Luck to Glen!!

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