Monday, February 28, 2011

Ukraine 2011: What happened? I just wanted to smile

Im sure you all know how much i loved the Ukrainian preseleccion this year, there were good artists, good songs and the heats and semifinal were kinda nice shows, i thought Ukraine was learning from the mistakes they made on 2010 but i think they didnt, to be honest everything was amazing until last night in the final, this was worse than the Spanish preselection, it seems like they didnt rehearse anything, they found a studio, lets go there, 3 very bad hosts that didnt know a word about the preselection and Eurovision and all the artists making a poor performance. Of course how to forget the moment when the juries disqualify an entry on the show, so that make me thing that they didnt have rehearsals, what a horrible and unprofessional organization.

Im very dissapointed, there is no words to explain how i feel about that messy final.

Here are the results:
1.Mika Newton 21.00
2.Zlata Ognevich 18.40
3.Jamala 17.10
4.Daria Medova 14.65
5.Ivan Berezovsky 14.00
6.Matias 13.20
7.Eduard Romanyuta 12.90
8.Anastasia Prikhodko 12.20
9.Elena Korneeva 11.65
10.Mila Nitich 10.90
11.El Kravchuk 9.80
12.Vladislav Levitsky 9.60
13.Bahroma 8.55
14.Denis Povaliy 7.55
15.Zaklyopki 7.00
16.Zhemchug 5.60
17.Shanis 5.05
- Vitaly Galay 0.00
- Tatiana Vorzheva 0.00

Well it seems that there is a scandal about the results, you can see the results details here, well Mika Newton won the Televote with 29.064 votes sent by 1.996 phones, this means that maybe 14 votes per phone were send for Mika Newton also to me this means that this wasnt the representer that Ukraine audience wants cause Jamala finished 3rd on the televote with 10.800 votes but those votes were sent by 6.365 telephones, the same happens with the online voting Jamala was voted by 7.104 differents IP while Mika who won the Online voting was voted by 2.640 IP. So Ukraine wanted Mika in Eurovision? I dont think so, now the Ukrainian broadcaster have a new thing to learn in 2012.

Here you can watch all the performances:

I think they need to be professionals and have a nice organization to make a good preselection cause there are Amazing artists in Ukraine, its a shame that this was a disaster. here is the "winning" song Angel by Mika Newton:

I think she is a good singer but the song its boring and in english is horrible, its sad that she is going to represent a country that didnt voted for her, well she should be proud to represent that group of people, producers, etc that voted massively for her.

This is the real winner:

Thank you Jamala! She is a GREAT artist, a round of applause for her and that fabulous song, lets forget all this disaster and SMILEE.

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