Monday, February 28, 2011

Kdam 2011: The songs and the running order

As we all know Dana International is competing in the Kdam 2011, but is her song good enough to win and represent Israel? well you should listen her song and the other 9 competitors here:

1. Adi Cohen - Rak al ahava

2. KNOB - Ohev et ze
3. Chen Aharoni - Or

4. Idit Halevi - It's my time
5. Hatikva 6 - Hakol sababa
6. Niki Goldstein - Amri itach (You make me fly)
7. Sivan - Kach oti
8. Michael & Shimrit Greylsummer - Tu du du
9. Dana International - Ding Dong

10. Carmel Eckmann - Nosa'at el ga'agu'ay

I love the songs of Chen and Dana, i hope one of them win, cant wait to see the performances. Right now im loving Or cause Ding dong sounds like a demo, i think it needs more power but im sure Dana will make a fabulous performance, come on Israel and vote for the right one on March 8.

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