Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ukraine National Selection 2011 - Semifinal 1

Finally after all those failed sundays waiting for the 1st semifinal, tomorrow the Ukrainian channel will broadcast the first show, we will listen 7 songs and only 3 of them will go to the final for the decision of the juries, then with the 4 songs that left the ukrainian audience will have the chance to vote for their favorite and put 1 song in the final.

1.Yakov Smirnov -
2.Zaklyopk - Ou la la
3.El Kravchuk - Моя надежда
4.Kristina Kim - Victim of my love
5.Elena Korneeva - Why didn't say goodbye
6.Inna Voronova - Mr. Fever
7.Daria Medovaya - Infinity

I have to say that i've listened 4 of those 7 songs but i cant wait to listen the other songs and the most important to watch the performances.

For more information you can visit the official web

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ukraine news

The 1st semifinal of the Ukrainian National Selection will start next sunday 31, if they dont change it... so i guess the dates of the shows will be like this:

Semifinal 1: October 31
Semifinal 2: November 7
Semifinal 3: November 14
Semifinal 4: November 21
Semifinal 5: November 28

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eurovision Ukraine - The official draw

Heat 1 - October 24
1.Yakov Smirnov
3.El Kravchuk
4.Kristina Kim
5.Elena Korneeva
6.Inna Voronova
7.Daria Medovaya

Heat 2 - October 31
1.Para Normalnyh
2.Eduard Romanyuta
4.Ivan Berezovsky

Heat 3 - November 7
1.Arina Domski
2.Vitaly Galay
5.Natalia Pugachova

Heat 4 - November 14
1.Alexander Kvarta
2.Valentin Levitsky
4.Zlata Ognevich
5.Anastasia Prikhodko
6.Mika Newton
7.Mila Nitich

Heat 5 - November 21
1.Pavel Tabakov
3.Denis Povaliy
4.Maxim Novitsky
5.Tatiana Vorzheva
7.Masha Sobko

This is the official draw, the one that was showed in the draw show, the heats will start this sunday and i will comment all the songs here.

First names in the Melodifestivalen 2011

The Melodifestivalen 2011 will be absolutely amazing, SVT announced the first 4 name two weeks ago and yesterday other 8 artists with the title of their songs. Im very excited with 3 names:

Danny (E.M.D)

He is cute, i like him very much and i think he can do it very well, this will be his 2nd time in the MF but the 1st one as a solist, and he represented Sweden in the Eurovision Dance Contest.

Sanna Nielsen

Well im soooo excited with this, i love her, i think she deserved the 1st place in 2008, i also love Vågar du, vågar jag, she looks like a very nice girl and im really happy to see her back in the MF.

Linda Bengtzing!!!!

OMG this made me so extremely happy, i love all her MF songs, Hur Svårt Kan Det Va? was the song that made me want to learn swedish, i cant wait for this new song and im sure i will love it, i guess she will be one of my favorites next year.





Well now that you all know my favorites here is the list of the 12 artist that are in the MF 2011:

Upphovsman: Pernilla Andersson
Artist: Pernilla Andersson

E de fel på mig
Upphovsmän: Pontus Assarsson, Thomas G:son, Jörgen Ringqvist
Artist: Linda Bengtzing

En blick och något händer
Upphovsmän: Alexander Bard, Ola Håkansson, Tim Norell
Artist: Lasse Stefanz

Me And My Drum
Upphovsmän: Teron Beal, Patrik Magnusson, Johan Ramström
Artist: Swingfly

Upphovsman: Niclas Lundin, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad
Artist: Sara Lumholdt

I'm In Love
Upphovsmän: Bobby Ljunggren, Thomas G:son, Irini Michas, Peter Boström
Artist: Sanna Nielsen

In the Club
Upphovsmän: Figge Boström, Peter Boström, Danny Saucedo
Artist: Danny

My Heart Is Refusing Me
Upphovsmän: Moh Denebi, Björn Djupström, Loreen
Artist: Loreen

Social Butterfly
Upphovsmän: Amir Aly, Henrik Wikström
Artist: Rasmus Viberg

The Hunter
Upphovsmän: Kristofer Östergren, Erik Stenemo, Jon Axelsson, Niklas Stenemo ? Melody Club
Artist: Melody Club

Tid att andas
Upphovsmän: Fredrik Kempe
Artist: Simon Forsberg

Try Again
Upphovsmän: Niklas Pettersson, Linda Sonnvik
Artist: Dilba

Euroviisut 2011 - Online competition results

On saturday 16, YLE announced the 3 songs that won the online competition, those songs will be taking part in the semifinals on January.

Here are the songs:
- Rapture in time - Cardiant
- Good enough - Father Mckenzie
- Blessed with love -Saara Aalto

Monday, October 18, 2010

Once again...She is Jamala

With a new version and singing "I am not Gaga, I am not Amy, It's me, It's me, It's me, It's me Jamala", my favorite in the Ukrainian National Selection released her new video, im loving her so much and i cant wait to smile on the last semifinal on  November 21, as we all know she will perform 2nd, i hope to listen smile soon.

Here we can see the presentation of the artist that will compete with her

So we have to wait 4 weeks and all we can do is SMIIILEE.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Final

The day of the Melodifestivalen 2010 final came and i was very excited, i had my favorites and the show was great, a big round of applauses to Svt, the singers, the songwriters and everyone who made the greatest national final.

This are the results of my MF 2010:

10.We can work it out - Andreas Johnson

This song its not the kind of songs i like, he is a great artist but from that semifinal i think he won because he is Andreas and not because of the song, the song is just ok, i prefer Underbart or Manipulated, but he did a good performance but this wasnt for eurovision, too boring for me.

9.Jag vill om du vågar - Pernilla Wahlgren

I really love this song, first of all because is in swedish and the lyrics are great, then cause its very catchy and last because Pernilla did a fabulous performance even if i prefer the 1st dress, why 9th? i cant imagine this song doing well in eurovision, but it was definitely one of my favorites.

8.Hollow - Peter Jöback

Well in this case the artist is much better than the song, to me hollow is just a nice song but Peter did it very good, i think Kempe make good songs but im not sure if i want to see him next year maybe he should come back in 2012, but lets talk about the lovely Peter, he is great but once again this song wasnt for esc.

7.Manboy - Eric Saade

The best performance with the worse song, thats what i think, to me he did a good job but the song was bad, the choreography safe him and he came 3rd in the final results, from this song i just like the chorus, and the hot moment in the rain.

6.This is my life - Anna Bergendahl

The winner of the MF 2010, im still asking why she won? to me there were much much better options to send to Oslo but this won, it was a safe song, and she is not bad but i say it again there were better songs and artists, when she finished 7th with the international juries votes i knew that it will happen the same thing in eurovision just like 2009 with Malena, it was a shock when she didnt make it to the final, i thought she deserved but its like a wake up call to the swedish people, they have such an amazing and talented artists and since 2007 they are sending the wrong songs to eurovision, i really hope they get it and send some one who can win in Düsseldorf next year.

5.Kom - Timoteij

Well i really like this tune, the melody and this 4 girls did a good performance, i can imagine this doing well in the Junior eurovision song contest, but not in the esc.

4.I did it for love - Jessica Andersson

Wonderful song, horrible dress, lol, to me she was perfect and the song is beautiful, it would have been amazing in the eurovision, i love the lyrics and i love her, she did a fantastic performance.

3.You're out of my life - Darin

What can i say about this fantastic boy, he is so cute and he have such a nice charisma, he had a fantastic song and it was one of the best performance of the final.

2.Unstoppable - Ola

Great song, i loved it since the 1st day, he just being him on stage without a choreography was perfect, i think this was very good for eurovision and he would have ended in a good position. His energy, looks, and voice made me get sooo excited, is a strong song that i would never forget.

1.Keep on walking - Salem Al Fakir

Oh yes, this is my winner, Salem Al Fakir the one that when Svt announced he was a joker i said WTF who is this guy? he is not for esc, but when i watched and listened Keep on walking i thought this is the one that should go to Oslo and make a top 2 or win for Sweden, that song was the best one, he is so unique, i still dont get it, why the swedish people didnt vote for him, but i guess thats destiny, i would say thanks to the MF cause i met him, and now he is one of my favorites artists, his songs are amazing and i really hope to see him back in the MF someday, Keep on walking has such a powerful message and thats why i love it and i love him.

Hoping for great song next year

My Melodifestivalen 2010 Winner
Salem Al Fakir
When you feel down and want to give up you should definitely listen Keep on walking

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally: Ukraine 2011

After been waiting for 2 weeks finally this sunday 17/10 the Ukrainian National Selection will start with their 1st of 5 shows, each heat will have 7 songs, the jury will select 3 and the public 1, which means we will have 20 songs in the final. My dear Jamala is in the last group, she sang a bit of her song "Smile" in a chat she had on, and its a Jamala style song and i liked it and it made me smile.

I will comment here about the shows.

Well this sunday 17 we will see the Draw, so i guess everything will start next sunday...

So im not going to write the draw they put in their web cause knowing then it will be diferent.

Jamala in the draw show

Well we will see whats going to happen next...all i can do is Smile.

Euroviisut 2011 Online Selection

The online selection of the Euroviisut 2011 is going to finish on friday, 3 songs from the 15 will be on the semifinals on January with the 12 invited artist.

This year wasnt the best for the people who is in charge of the Euroviisut, 12 nameless invited artist(I hope for good songs) and 15 not good enough songs from the open competition.

Yesterday Yle announced the currently top 5 and thanks good there are 2 of the songs i like the most:

Good enough - Father McKenzie

Share your life - Chorale

Well lets hope to see this 2 songs in the Semifinals.

Düsseldorf 2011

It's not Berlin, It's not Hamburg, It's not Hannover, It's Düsseldorf and im loving it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Melodifestivalen 2010 Deltävling 4

The last semifinal came and in my opinion it wasnt the best, but i like some of the songs of this 4th semifinal.

Deltävling 4

Melodi nummer 3: Human Frontair - NEO

Neo did a great performance, i love his voice, the song was good and his falsetto is absolutely fabulous, i hope to see him again in MF.

Melodi nummer 5: This is my life - Anna Bergendahl

When i listened the preview of this song, it was my favorite of the 4th semifinal, i liked her genuine look, and everything was ok in the performance, it was a surprise when she won the semifinal.

Melodi nummer 6: Jag vill om du vågar - Pernilla Wahlgren

I thought it would be a so so song, but when i watched the performance i really liked it, her dress was beautiful, i think she is a nice woman, and it was great when she went to the final in the andra chansen, the song is one of my favorites, i really love swedish songs, it sounds so good.

Melodi nummer 8: Hollow - Peter Jöback

He was the favorite when the names of the artist were announced, to me the song is good but not good enough to win, i love him, he is such an amazing singer, his connection with the camera was perfect, his performance was great and he is HOT.

As you can see i really liked it the results of the 4th semifinal.

And now the rest of the song in order of preference:
Idiot - Noll disciplin
Thursdays - Lovestoned
Stop - Sibel
Magisk sjärna - Py Bäckman

My Favorites

Peter Jöback & Pernilla Wahlgren