Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Linda Pritchard: "Alive is a very vulnerable song with a lot of emotions"

This saturday is going to be the 4th and last semifinal in the Melodifestivalen 2011, im sure i'll be very nervous this week cause there are a lot of artists that i really like in this semifinal and i had the chance to ask some questions to one of my favorites of last year. She is back this year with a ballad and i cant wait to listen her amazing voice on Saturday, lets see the answers of the beautiful Linda Pritchard:

How are you right now? getting ready for Malmö?
Hi! i am great thank you! nervous and exited at the same time!

How was your expirience on the Melodifestivalen 2010?
It was a great experience! i absolutely loved it!

You were the singer on the demo of "Hollow", this year that demo came out and everybody listened, did you read the comments on the web about your version?
Oh really??? i have to check that out then!! i hope the comments are nice though....?

*Well everybody loved it, so im sure we all cant wait to listen Alive.

You were amazing last year with "You're making me hot hot hot" but this year you come back with "Alive", what is the song about?
Thank you! Alive is a very vulnerable song with a lot of emotions and a lot of hope!

Its a very different song from the one you sang last year, do you feel more confortable with this kind of songs?
Yes it´s very different. i like both styles, the show-part-of me and also the ballad-side... i could never cut one of them out!

What can you tell me about the performance?
It will actually be very simple, the opposite from last year! i´m keeping the song in focus, nothing else.

Can you give me a hint about what you are going to wear on the semifinal?
A very nice dress by Lars Wallin, with a little twist added to it.. but i wont tell you now! ;)

This year there is a new rule on the final, there will be just international juries and no swedish, whats your opinion about it?
I think it´s great! the swedish people are already voting, so it´s better that we have an international jury voting as well!
Did you watch the 1st and 2nd semifinal? what do you think about the songs and results?
Oh yes.. i can´t stay away and not watch.. and i have a few favourites so far!

What do you thing about the other 7 artists competing on the 4th semifinal?
They will be great! it will be tough...

There will be a Linda Pritchard album this year?
Yes!!! i´m soooo looking forward to it!

Do you have a message to the eurovision fans?
I hope you´ll see me perform Alive at the eurovision song contest! And if you´re in sweden... give me your vote! ;)

Thank you very much for your time, im very happy to see you on the Melodifestivalen again, you were amazing last year and im sure this year you will rock the stage with your fantastic voice, i wish you all the best and Go Linda!
Thank you so much! take care for now!!
Love LP

If you want to be a fan of Linda Pritchard here is her Facebook page.
To more information here is her official web.
Her page on the Melodifestivalen official web.
And if you want to know what she is doing in the Melodifetivalen week you can enter in her aftonbladet blog.

Thanks to Linda P again, and if you are Swedish you should definitely vote for her, Alive is the melodi nummer 4 so VOTE FOR LINDA PRITCHARD!!

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