Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Deltävling 1: A Melodifestivalen Orgasm with Jenny Silver

I have to admit something im a Melodifestivalen addict too, well i will write just some things cause i will post soon all my opinions about the semifinal 1 i have to watch it again without buffering. It was a very good semifinal but once again what the hell the swedish people vote, i woke up on saturday and then all the songs in the studio versions are online OMG!! you cant imagine how excited i was and i just listened something in your eyes like 10 times. Then the show started and the 1st thing in my mind was: what a spectacular stage, about the hosts i like Marie even if she made some mistakes the other one is just meh but lets go now with the performances im sorry if im rude or something cause i really respect all the artists but this is honestly what i think, imo the worse of the night was Dilba: i didnt listen her voice it was only the backing vocals track, i think she didnt sing it was all playback which is not good, the performance wasnt good, then Jonas Matsson: he is HOT, his song is nice but the 1st part of the performance was bad it looked ridiculous, Swingfly: who on earth voted for this? Swedish people deserve to get nul points in esc if they send this, its not a bad song but till globen? are they kidding me? it was a joke or something? cause it was the worse moment of the night, what a random finalist, well at least we know who will be on last place on the final.

Now the songs and performances that i really enjoyed:
Le Kid: they were so cool, super sweet and catchy song with a colorful performance and they finished 5th and Swingfly is on the final, c'mon SVT tell me that it was a joke lol, they are number 1 on Itunes Sweden right now so cogratulations to them.
Rasmus Viberg: he is so cute, i really love his look and voice, to me this was very good and deserved a andra chansen, i guess he should try next year because he is a very interesting artist.
Pernilla Andersson: What a lovely girl, im sooo happy for her, the song is good and the performance was perfect, i love it btw the stage looked so wow on her performance, a round of applause to Pernilla!!
Danny: He is Super HOT HOT HOT, it was a strong performance, he knows how to move and sing, the only thing i didnt like was the clothe he wore, maybe he should get naked next time lol, or at least shirtless
 Ok i love him, great song, amazing performance and hot body lol.

But even if i love Danny, to me the one that gets my heart is Jenny Silver!
I cant believe how lovely she is, i really want to give her a hug, i love her. When i listened and watched the rehearsal i knew that she was going to be my favorite, but when i listened the full i fell in love with it, the performance was the definition of FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, SCHLAGER and more, the lights, the camera work, the HOT dancers, the dress, the hair, the song, her beautiful face, EVERYTHING!! It was the best performance of the night, it was a Melodifestivalen orgasm, all i can say is TACK to Jenny, the songwrites, the dancers, the choreographer, Rickard and all the people who made this absolutely great performance, i love every single one of you guys! If you liked Jenny you should be a fan on her Facebook Page and you should visit Rickard Engfors blog.

Also if you like one of the eliminated songs you can buy them on Itunes:
Rasmus Viberg - Social butterfly
Le Kid - Oh my god
Dilba - Try again
If you want all the information, photos and more about the MF you have to visit http://blogg.aftonbladet.se/schlagerblogg and http://blog.qruiser.com/schlagerprofilerna.
I love Tobbe and the schlagerprofilerna boys they are amazing.

Jenny to the FINAL!! there's no reason to think twice, cause there is something in her eyes.

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