Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Israel 2011: Ding dong new version

Just close your eyes and hear the bells of your soul...Im not sure if i prefer this version, maybe its because i listened the 1st one a lot of times, but i really love the song and i wish Dana all the best in may.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slovenia 2011: Maja Keuc - No one

The english version of the song that won the EMA this year was presented tonight and i really like it, we all know that she is a fantastic singer and this version its great so was the slovenian version, so good luck to Maja and Slovenia in Düsseldorf.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lauris Reiniks - La chica del banjo

I just love this song and its kinda sad that its not going to represent Latvia this year, but here is a nice spanish version.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - The Final

It was last week, all the excitement and sadness at the same time, it was a great Melodifestivalen, but there were things that make me thing that the format needs some changes but lets start comment THE FINAL:

The opening was just ok like the hosts but it wasnt the worst show cause they did the best and they knew how to work on the mf. The postcards this year were THE BEST:


Now its time for My Melodifestivalen 2011, the results i wanted:

10.Swingfly - Me and my drum

I never liked this song, i have to admit that the chorus its kinda good but the rap its horrible, so i dont have any comment about this performance, this is the last place.

9.The Playtones - The king

Other song that i dislike but i dont hate, i kinda like the chorus but rockabilly style its not the kind of music i like and this wasnt for esc at all, they looked too old.

8.Sara Varga - Spring för livet

I like this song but i think Sara looked very nervous and her vocals were kinda shaky, still she gave her best but for this song with those strong lyrics i wanted more.

7.Nicke Borg - Leaving home

I thing this is a very good song and i was scared cause you never know how the swedish are going to vote, and to me it was like Bergendahl, this wasnt for esc at all, i have no idea who told him that he looked good but really those clothes didnt matched with the song but well i liked the song and he is a good artist.

6.Brolle - 7 days and 7 nights

I love him, he is such an AMAZING artist, his stage presence its fantastic, his vocals are good and i thing he did a great job in this mf, i thing the song wasnt good enough for eurovision but he is great and i say it again i love him!.

5.Sanna Nielsen - Im in love

What can i say about her? she is so sweet and talented, she definitely is much better than the song, she did a better performance in the final and she got three 12points from the international juries, honestly i didnt wanted this song on esc cause its not a good song but Sanna made the song fantastic and you should buy her new album.

4.Danny - In the club

He is fantastic, the song is good and the stage presence is great, maybe too repetitive but in general was good, im very happy for his 2nd place.

3.Eric Saade - Popular

3rd place for the winner, first of all im very happy for him cause i know he worked very hard to get the 1st place and i know he will word harder to get a good position in Eurovision. He was the winner with the international juries but some juries gave him 1 or 2 points and that made me have some doubts, im sure that we will see and hear something very different on the esc stage, live backing vocals, less dancers, dancers with microphones, no glass? what are they going to do in Düsseldorf? i have no idea and i dont know if it will work in right way to the europe audience. I wish him all the best in Germany and lets hope for a great show and a good result.

2.The Moniker - Oh My God!

Well as i said weeks ago, he was a wonderful surprise for me, his charisma is so strong and the song was the best of this year, i LOVED the performance and i think this was maybe too risky for esc but the perfect song for this year, im glad he wants to come back to the mf and i really hope to see him again with another fantastic song like this one,  this is kinda my winner cause this is the song i wanted to see on esc but right now it gets on my 2nd place but anyway Oh my god, oh my god its a wonderful surprise, im in love, im in love yeah im in love with the moniker and his Oh My God!.

1.Linda Bengtzing - E det fel på mej

Yes, LINDA BENGTZING IS MY MF 2011 WINNER, she gave me the best moments of the mf 2011, i felt her energy here and you cant imagine how happy her performance made me, i was clapping, jumping, singing, dancing, screaming, it was so fun and crazy and i LOVE IT, she is my schlagerqueen, i love all her songs and she is so amazing, there is not words to describe how much i love her, i was so sad when the televote results came, honestly i dont know what the f*ck the swedish people were thinking but the Linda`s performance was one of the best and she deserved a top 5 result, but whatever all my love to Linda!

The Melodifestivalen 2011 is over and all i can say its CONGRATULATIONS to all the 32 artists, the composers, the dancers, the producers, the directors and all the people who made this fabulous show. Thanks to Bengtzing for making my MF fantastic and for making me absolutely happy, good luck to Eric on Düsseldorf and lets wait for the MF 2012!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ukraine 2011: Angel - The final version

Well, i still having doubts about this and im sorry but Ukraine will not be in my favorites.

San Marino 2011: Stand by official video

I kinda like more the song but i still thinking that it doesnt have any chances. The video its cool.

Belarus 2011: New song and the official video

"I love Belarus" its the song that Anastasiya will sing in Düsseldorf, i like it but i want to know if she can sing well live. The video its simple but good.

Iceland 2011: Coming home official video

Nice cute song, but Iceland its not going to be in my favorites after 2008. 2009, 2010 being on my top 3 :( , i hope next year they send something better.

Belgium 2011: With love baby - The video

This is not the worse of this year but its so 2000 and i dont like their looks and the song its just so-so, the video its not bad.

The Netherlands: Never alone official video

Nice video, great song, i think this will be a fantastic year for The Netherlands in eurovision, top 10 in the final at least.

Malta 2011: One life official video

Very nice video, good job Malta, i really like Glen but im not sure if the song is good enough for the final, at least i really enjoy the video.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Azerbaijan 2011: Ell & Nikki - Running scared

After that kinda horror movie preselection, here is the song that is going to represent Azerbaijan in Germany, from the creators of "Drip drop" above its the official video of "Running scared", Ell looks like a good cute boy and Nikki looks like a ..., i have to say that i really like this, its a good song and i hope they can find the right performace to the song, also im wondering how this will sound live, i know that Ell can sing live but i hope Nikki improve her vocals for may, i think this will be on the top 6.

Croatia 2011: Celebrate - The video

I like this song and the video its ok, lets dance and celebrate.

Albania 2011: Aurela Gaçe - Feel the passion Official video

We were waiting for the final version of the Albanian entry and here it is, i dont know what to say, i think the Albanian version was better but this one is not bad its just that the other sounded perfect with the melody, about the video: i dont like it, too much green screen and her dress is not looking good, i like Aurela and her energy but i have no idea if this will work on esc.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Armenia 2011: Boom boom - The final version

I think the problem of this song its the horrible chorus, i kinda like the verses but its not enough, im wondering how this is going to look on esc stage and how good or bad will be Emmy live.

Spain 2011: Que me quiten bailao - Official video and the new version

In my opinion the new version is fabulous, i like it very much, the video its not good but its not the worse, i hope they can find the right choreography for the performance cause i think this can get a nice position.

Finland 2011: Da da dam official video

I like him and his song but the video its BAD, i dont like it at all.

Sweden 2011: Eric Saade will be Popular in Düsseldorf

No surprises on the final and Eric won! I will comment the final soon, im very happy for Eric cause i know he worked very hard to get this and i wish him all the best in Düsseldorf.

Also you can see the interview i did to Eric before the 3rd semifinal here:
Im sorry but that was HOT, HOT, HOOOT!
Good Luck Sweden, Grattis Eric!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Russia 2011: Alex Sparrow - Get you

As i said before he is HOT, but i was expecting more, the song is nice but not a winner for me but at least he knows i want him so come and get me boy.

Romania 2011: Change official video

Today the video of Change was released, last year the video of "Playing with fire" was one of the best, this year this video its just ok, but i like it and this is a happy song and its nice to listen it.

Georgia 2011: Eldrine - One more day official video

Well i just dont like this, sorry.

United Kingdom 2011: I can official video

This video its just meh, i like the song more than yesterday but still not a winner for me.

United Kingdom 2011: I can - The performance

I like it, they are fantastic singers with a strong stage presence and a very good song, they will definitely finish on the top 5.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hungary 2011: Kati Wolf - What about my dreams official video

Ok, this is definitely one of my FAVORITES this year, I LOVE IT, fabulous video, the new version its amazing, OMG it only needs a Great performance and then it can be in the top 3, Bravo Hungary and Go Kati!!

San Marino 2011: Senit - Stand by

First think i have to say is that she has a very strong charisma, i like her energy and i know she will give her best on may but the song maybe its not good enough, i was hoping for something better and my 1st impression about this its thats its kinda boring, maybe a live version would be better we have to wait to know, right now its just meh and no final for San Marino.

Italy 2011: Madness of love

This is the video of the long version of the bilingual version of the song that is going to represent Italy, im liking this more now, as i said before he is VERY talented and the song sounds amazing, im sure the juries will love this.

Croatia 2011: From "Break a leg" to "Celebrate"

I really like this, but im not sure if i like the lyrics but this will be great to dance and sing along, now i cant see it as a sure finalist but we never now.

The Netherlands 2011: 3JS - Never Alone

It seems that this is a good year for The Netherlands, its a very good song and they are a fantastic band. Now im sure that we will see them on the final, fantastic final version, good luck to them!

United Kingdom: Blue - I can

Today the song "I can" was leaked on the web so we dont have to wait until tomorrow night to listen it:

Well, i think its a very good song, i thought it was going to be a ballad but this is really nice but im not sure if i want them to win in this moment, they are great singers, they look HOT and they have a quality song with a super catchy chorus but i just like the song right now, but im sure i will LOVE it.

Ireland 2011: Jedward - Lipstick videos

It seems that there are 2 videos of Lipstick, the first one its from their youtube account, i dont like the video but i definitely i LOVE them, they are fabulous, i love their eyes expression.

And this one its from the eurovision youtube account:

With photos and parts of the performance, i think this one its kinda better, but the other its kinda cool cause they had fun, the problem with the 1st one its that looks so amateur, i wanted something great but i guess we already have them so thats enough, LOVE the guys and i wish them the best in Düsseldorf.

Switzerland 2011: In love for a while official video

I really like this video, its well done, they look so cute and the song its nice.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hungary 2011: Kati Wolf - Szerelem, miért múlsz?

OMG im so loving this entry, very very good choice! Welcome back Hungary and good luck to Kati! i LOVE IT, Bravo Hungary!

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Andra Chansen: Oh my God, Oh my God I love The Moniker

The Andra Chansen of this year was one of the strongest, a lot of good songs and some of them really deserved to be on the final, there were problems with the voting numbers and that made me have some doutbs about the results but it doesnt matter cause we have our 2 finalist and the big final on Saturday.

My favorites were Jenny Silver, Loreen, The Moniker/Linda Pritchard, Pernilla Andersson.

The show was good but i didnt love it, the best show still being the 2nd semifinal.

All my love and a huge round of applause to my girls JENNY SILVER & LOREEN!

Jenny is on my top 3 of favorites this year, she is lovely and did an amazing job, i found a bit strange that the camera work failed on her performance, i know it can happen but i really think that it was weird, i dont know but i believe that she was the winner on that round, her performance was much better than the Love generation performance and their vocals were worse than in the semifinal, so that mess with the camera was to fucked up Jennys chances? still it didnt affected cause she gave her heart on stage and it was a nice performance and honestly she deserved the final on the 1st semifinal over that Swingfly, BRAVO to Jenny, Rickard, dancers, songwriters and all her team. Also a big Thanks to all the people who voted for this Schlager queen!

Loreen a huge surprise for me, AMAZING singer with a great look and with one of the best songs in this year MF, imo this was perfect for eurovision, its sad that its not in the final but im sure this song is going to be a hit. Bravo Loreen and all her team for making this amazing performance that unfortunately we are not going to see on esc but i really enjoyed on MF.

A good thing of the Melodifestivalen is that you get to know some artists that you didnt know so i have to say that im a new fan of Pernilla Andersson she is so real and lovely, you cant get tired of her music, i just LOVE her and i was so happy to see her reaction when she won the duel. Bravo Pernilla and thanks for you wonderful music.

Shirley's angels were cool and i hope to see Linda Pritchard again on MF someday.

Now lets talk about the finalists:

Sara Varga: She has improved a lot, so im happy for that, her song its very nice with meaningful lyrics im not sure if its the best one from the line up for eurovision but its not the worse, it will depend on the performance, good luck to her.

The Moniker: As i said before he was a wonderful surprise for me and im extremely happy for him, his performance its Fabulous and  i LOVE his song, i have my hopes on him for saturday and i think he has the right song for this years eurovision.

This is the running order for the final:

1.In the club - Danny
2.Spring för livet - Sara Varga
3.Oh my God! - The Moniker
4.7 days & 7 nights - Brolle
5.E det fel på mej? - Linda Bengtzing
6.Leaving home - Nicke Borg
7.Me and my drum - Swingfly
8.I'm in love - Sanna Nielsen
9.The king - The Playtones
10.Popular - Eric Saade

All my hopes are on The Moniker, Linda Bengtzing, Eric Saade, Brolle, Sanna and Danny! If the winner is one of them it will be great.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Israel 2011: I know where to go and im coming NOW - Dana International to Düsseldorf

Ding dong say no more, DANA IS BACK!!! im very happy, i just LOVE her and its great to see her again on Eurovision, i really really hope they revamp the song cause right now its too demo, well i cant say anything else, good luck to Dana International!

France 2011: The official video of Sognu

OMG im in love with him and his song. This is quality!

Monday, March 7, 2011

France 2011: Sognu - Amaury Vassili

WOW, an AMAZING song and he is INCREDIBLE, BRAVO France, BRAVO Amaury, im very very happy with this entry and i wish all the best in Düsseldorf this is i dont know how to say what i feel about it, i just love it. Good job France!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Crap from Portugal for Düsseldorf


Croatia: Daria Kinzer - Break a leg

This title is so weird but i kinda like the song and she is a good singer so im happy with this.

Here is the song in croatian:

and here is the song that the public wanted:

Well good job Croatia and Good luck in may!!

Armenia 2011: Emmy - Boom boom

Im Speachless, i love Armenia but this is their worst entry, i dont like Emmy and this song is horrible, wondering how it will sound live. Good luck Armenia, hope you come back with a great entry next year.

Russia 2011: Alexey Vorobyov is hot

Channel One announced that Alexey will represent Russia in Düsseldorf with the song "Get you". The song will be presented on march 12, so all i can comment right now is that he is HOT, HOT; HOT.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Moniker: "I enjoyed every second of it and will definitely participate again someday"

The Andra Chansen of the Melodifestivalen 2011 its going to be on saturday, 4 duels and only 2 songs will get into the final. The Moniker was a wonderful surprise to me cause i didnt know him but when i listened to his song and watched that fabulous performance i really liked it and he became in one of my favorites of this year, he will compete on the 3rd duel against Linda Pritchard and here is my interview with him:

Hello The Moniker, How are you? ready for Sundsvall?
Hello! I'm just fine, thank you for asking! I'm as ready I can be. I get to perform the song once more so I'm very excited.

Can you introduce yourself? tell me something about you, what do you like to do? what kind of music do you like?
I'm an old guy in a young mans body really. One of my favorite things to do is to sit in my rocking chair reading a book. Like to watch football. Irony and sarcasm is also typical for me.
You participated on the 2nd semifinal, how was Göteborg? did you liked the Melodifestivalen world?
Gothenburg was great as always.
It's not a world, it's a weird, crazy, funny circus. I enjoyed every second of it and will definitely participate again someday.

How did you feel in the performance and with the audience reation?

In the rehearsals there was a bed on your performance, what happened with the bed?
I was done resting:)

Your song is called Oh my God! and you are the composer what is the story of the song? why did you write it? are you in love? did you write it thinking about the Melodifestivalen?
The song is yellow. I wrote it 6 years ago – A down-period in my life. I was playing the piano at my mom’s house and complained loudly about only writing sad songs. Mom said from the kitchen: “So, write a happy song then!”And in 15 minutes it was done. Mom came to me and said: “Well, that wasn’t so hard, right? Come on, dinner is ready.” So I thank my mother for that piece of musical therapy…
I fall in love every day:)

Did you watch your performance? what do you think about it? did you like it? are you going to change some things for Andra Chansen?
Yes, I've watched it. I think it's a fantastic number. Everything went great and even the mushrooms were dancing :) No changes. If I reach the final, then maybe.

Some people say that the duels in AC are unfair, What do you think about the duels in Andra chansen?
Television rules. You have to play the game.

Also there is a new rule this year in the final, there will be just international juries and not swedish, what do you think about this?
Don't know, my friend. We have to wait and see.

Did you watch the other semifinals? what do you think about the songs and results?
My focus is on my song but I enjoyed Swingfly.
What are you going to do if you get into the final?

Do you have a message to the Eurovision fans?
Hope to see you all soon! Make love, not war!

Thank you very much for this interview and good luck in Andra chansen.
Thanks to you! Keep it real!

If you like Oh my God! you should buy the song on Itunes
Be a fan of The Moniker on Facebook
Follow him on Twitter
And visit his official web:

Here is his fantastic performance on the 2nd semifinal:

Dont forget to vote for him on saturday! He will compete on the 3rd duel.

Thanks to The Moniker for the answers and i wish him all the best on the duels.

I want to be with Brolle 7 days & 7 nights

Im sorry but he is HOT. Buy his MF song on Itunes.

Greece 2011: I dont wanna watch your dance

Whats happening in all the countries this year?? A couple of minutes ago, Loukas and his rapper won the Greek National Final, even if i think he is HOT the song is BORING, the greek part(Loukas part) its kinda good but that rap is just eww i dont like it. And of course this wasnt the best of the preselection:

She was one of my favorites, cute song with good vocals and a beautiful performance.


This was the best of the greek national final, fabulous performance, good vocals and fantastic song, we needed a song like this one in Düsseldorf so sad the messy song won.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jenny Silver: "Its a happy, flirty disco-performance"

Foto: Leif R Jansson / Scanpix - Photo from
She is one of my favorites on the Melodifestivalen 2011 and she will compete on Andra chansen on saturday, i have to say that this interview was planned to be before the 1st semifinal but i sent her the questions a bit late on the days she was in Luleå so she was very busy, but then last week i get her answers so im very happy so here are the couple of questions i did to the lovely JENNY SILVER:

How are you right now, ready for Sundsvall?
I'm feeling great, thanks, the show is fun; Rickard Engfors has done an amazing job, the dancers are brilliant, performing Jennie Widegrens cool choreography with excellence. I feel like I'm hanging out with my friends, working hard and having a good time.

How are you doing with the rehearsals?
There's a lot to concentrate on, but I thing we're doing good under the circumstances.
This is your 2nd time in the Melodifestivalen, this year your song its very different from your last year entry "A place to stay", Something in your eyes is your entry for 2011, what is the song about? and how did you get the song?
It's about when you meet that special Someone and you can tell by looking in his/her eyes that there's an unusual, strong and beautiful connection. The composers Gson, Sethson and Bernholm sent it to me asking if I wanted to give it a go and I immediately fell for it's cathcy, upbeat ABBA-esque chorus. That's a proper schlager, and a really good song I thought.

Jenny on the Melodifestivalen 2010 with "A place to stay"

Can you tell me something about how the performance will be? how do you feel working with Rickard Engfors?
It's a happy, flirty disco-performance. Rickard is an absolute darling, full of energy and very professional, he sure knows how to put on a show wherever he goes, we're having so much fun.

Do you have a message to the eurovision fans?
Get your golden shoes out babes and shake that booty! :) XXX

Bildbyrå: Stella Pictures / Photo from 

Now here are the lyrics of "Something in your eyes" to sing along:
My love for you is simply irresistable
You came to me
A rainy cold November night you came to me
I felt it in a heartbeat
Only time will tell
Will we be together
Will it be now and forever

There is something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Just tells me that you're mine
Tell me that you are the only one
The only one for me
I would never leave you
I would never let you go
'Cause there is something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Just tells me that you're mine
Say that you will be forever true
All that we can do
Trust in me and you
There will never be another
There's no reason to think twice
'Cause there is something in your

My love for you is meant to be my destiny
The moment that I caught your eye - a miracle
I felt it in a heartbeat
Only time will tell
Will we be together
Will it be now and forever

There is something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Just tells me that you're mine
Tell me that you are the only one
The only one for me
I would never leave you
I would never let you go
'Cause there is something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Just tells me that you're mine
Say that you will be forever true
All that we can do
Trust in me and you
There will never be another
There's no reason to think twice
'Cause there is something in your eyes

(There will never be another)
(There's no reason to think twice)
We will be together
It will be now and forever

There is something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Just tells me that you're mine
Tell me that you are the only one
The only one for me
I would never leave you
I would never let you go
'Cause there is something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Just tells me that you're mine
Say that you will be forever true
All that we can do
Trust in me and you
There will never be another
There's no reason to think twice
'Cause there is something in your eyes
(Something in your eyes)
Something in your eyes
There's something in your eyes

Well we know the lyrics, im sure we all know the choreography so we are ready to sing and dance on saturday and dont forget TO VOTE!.

Be a fan of Jenny on Facebook
Here is her page on the Melodifestivalen web.
And of course you should BUY the song on Itunes.

Thanks to Jenny for the answers and i really wish her all the best on saturday, i just LOVE her so if you are Swedish VOTE FOR JENNY SILVER!!! There's no reason to think twice, CAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING IN HER EYES! JENNY SILVER TO GLOBEN!!!

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Deltävling 4: Varje gång jag ser dig exploderar det nånting inom mig

This last semifinal was very good, i was so nervous before the show cause as always i read all the press comments about the songs, the rehearsals, the odds and i dont know why but this week they were too good with some artists and bad with others, then the voting in the dress rehearsal was very weird and i was a bit worried as you all know my favorites for this semifinal were Bengtzing and Pritchard, their songs were amazing but lets comment all the songs right now:

Even if this semifinal was good, the best semifinal was the 2nd and the audience agrees with me cause it was the semifinal with more viewers this year, all the performances and songs from the 2nd semifinal were great but in this one there were some songs and performances that i didnt like at all:

Lasse Stefanz: There's no words to describe this, im sorry but it was horrible, their looks, the song, the voice of the singer, one of the worse performances this year.

Anders Fernette: Its kinda sad cause his 1st song was so good and this was just meh, and the performance was a mess, bad vocals in some parts, i didnt like it, he is very cute, maybe he should try again another year.

Melody Club: They were the winners on the dress rehearsal, but they get on the 7th place on the semifinal what happened? i have no idea, maybe the vocals of the lead singer werent good enough, the song is ok and the performance was very good, i like the chorus "Finally i become the hunter...".

Julia Alvgard: We all knew that she was chanceless in this semifinal but the surprise was that she didnt get the last place, 6th place is till now the best result of a webjoker, i like the song, she did a good performance, her vocals were very nice and she deserved that place. Good job girl!

Love Generation: High expectations for this song cause its a RedOne song, i think the press tried to make them favorites  cause all the comments about this act were very good, they said the show was one of the best MF performance ever, they should go directly to Eurovision, their vocals in the group part are good but in the solists part are kinda bad but we dont care cause its a redone song and it can win eurovision. What i think about this? i think the press made me hated it a bit but i really like the song, their vocals are ok, some parts are bad and the show to me its a bit (very) pretentious, i dont think this should win, im sure the song its going to be a hit, but i dont think it will work on esc, cause it will be the same show, the girls posing and the white carpet and all that stuff. I wonder if the people will follow the press comments on andra chansen cause im sure they will make them super favorites, for the press they are Gaga, Spears, Aguilera and Madonna on stage and im sorry but they are just another girlband with a not fantastic song by RedOne.

Nicke Borg: I really him, he did a very good performance and his song is a great song but WTF was he wearing? please take off your clothes, i know you will look better lol, i have a feeling that this will win, i hope no cause i think he can be another Anna Bergendahl, but lets wait and see.

Linda Pritchard: I loved her last year and i wanted her to come back with a better song and she is here with a beautiful ballad, her vocals were WOW PERFECT!, she looked beautiful and i think she needs to feel more the song, i want some real emotions and i dont like the part when she get down on her knees, but it was a fantastic performance, a big round of applause for her cause she was marvelous.

Well now its the turn for the best of the night, cause it was her night:
I was so nervous, cause i love Linda and i was waiting for this since they announced that she was going to take part this year, i was a bit scared cause almost all the press said that it wasnt good, that the lyrics were horrible, that the performance was bad, that she was going to be on the bottom 3 and all that stupid things that i believe they said cause they wanted LG to win, but when i listened the song i fell in love with it and im not those fans that love whatever the artist do cause i love Sanna Nielsen as much as Linda and if you see my review of the 2nd semifinal i didnt like her performance and her song wasnt the best of that semifinal, so im not loving Lindas song cause its her but cause it make me want to clap, dance, scream and it makes me very happy. I think her performance was good but it can be much better, i just love her energy and passion on stage, when the moment of the results came i was absolutely nervous, it maybe sound freak but i was shaking, only one place left and there were Linda and Melody club, omg i thought f**k, please say melodi nummer sex, when they announced i screamed so loud, it was like omg i almost died, and then the moment of the winner of the semifinal, i thought Love Generation were the winners but in my heart i was hoping to hear Linda Bengtzing and when that happened you cant imagine how happy i was, i screamed yeeeees, this was the best moment of my MF 2011 and also the best of saturday cause all the national finals were not good but i didnt care cause Linda Bengtzing made my day!! a big IN YOUR FACE to the Bengtzing haters and LOL to the one who said that Linda was going to be on the bottom 3. Thank you Linda Bengtzing!!! I LOVE UUU!

All the photos are from:

Belarus 2011: Anastasiya Vinnikova - Born in Belorussia

Im just going to say that the lyrics are hilarious.

Cyprus 2011: Christos Mylordou - San aggelos s'agapisas

Here it is, today CyBC presented the official video of the song that Chirstos Mylordou is going to sing in Düsseldorf, its a dramatic ballad in greek, i kinda like it but i will wait for the live version, anyway good luck to Christos!