Monday, February 28, 2011

Kdam 2011: The songs and the running order

As we all know Dana International is competing in the Kdam 2011, but is her song good enough to win and represent Israel? well you should listen her song and the other 9 competitors here:

1. Adi Cohen - Rak al ahava

2. KNOB - Ohev et ze
3. Chen Aharoni - Or

4. Idit Halevi - It's my time
5. Hatikva 6 - Hakol sababa
6. Niki Goldstein - Amri itach (You make me fly)
7. Sivan - Kach oti
8. Michael & Shimrit Greylsummer - Tu du du
9. Dana International - Ding Dong

10. Carmel Eckmann - Nosa'at el ga'agu'ay

I love the songs of Chen and Dana, i hope one of them win, cant wait to see the performances. Right now im loving Or cause Ding dong sounds like a demo, i think it needs more power but im sure Dana will make a fabulous performance, come on Israel and vote for the right one on March 8.

Anastasia Prikhodko: Action Official Video

Nice video, i like the white nastia!, you rock girl.

Surprise Suprise Ukraine Revote on March 3

Im just going to say one word: SMILE!!

F.Y.R Macedonia 2011: Vlatko Ilievski - Rusinka


Slovenia 2011: Maja Keuc will shine in Düsseldorf

What an AMAZING singer and what a great song, yaaay Slovenia is BACK, we needed this, the performance last night was so powerful, i LOVE Slovenia again! since 2008 they dont get into the final but this year Maja will be on the final and make them proud.

But she wasnt the only one with a good song on the EMA 2011, the other superfinalist April was absolutely FABULOUS

I LOVE this too, makes me dance like crazy, great vocals, catchy chorus, crazy look, i really love it. April try next year, you are FANTASTIC!!!

Well Bravo Slovenia, the song was very good, i loved the host, the juries, the 2 superfinalist and the result.

Denmark 2011: Andreas Johnson - Sing for me??

Opps, its not Andreas, but its his song the one that is going to represent Denmark? oh no well:

Denmark 2011: A Friend in London - New tomorrow

Well even if the chorus its a copy of sing for me, i like this, i guess they can be on the top in Düsseldorf, his vocals are not good in some parts but he is good and the song too, i will talk about my favorites on the DMGP later, now i just going to say that they are cute and their performance was great, so i think they deserved, anyway good luck to them in may.

Latvia 2011: Musiqq beats the banjo

Well i dont know what to say, they were my 2nd favorites but i wanted Lauris in Düsseldorf so bad :( , i dont know how this is going to do in esc, but its just nice and not fabulous and great like banjo laura but its ok, they are cute and i like the chorus.

He is my winner, one of the most fantastic songs of this year, i just LOVE this song and i also love him lol, lets sing la la la laura the banjo girl, lovely song, thank you Lauris for this wonderful song!

Good luck to the Musiqq guys!

Estonia 2011: Getter Jaani is on the game

All i can say its WOW, what a fantastic choice, i cant believe she wasnt my favorite on eesti laul but now she is, I LOVE IT!, Bravo Estonia, they are back on the game, no more non finalists, this will rock the final and i think she can get a great result! Fabulous song, amazing artist and this is one of the best entries of this year! Thank you Estonia!.

Moldova 2011 - Zdob si Zdub: They are back without the grandma

Yes they won on saturday getting the 10 points of the televote and the juries, i dont hate it but i dont think i will love it, im 90% sure that they are not going to get a result like the result the got with their 2005 entry.

In the final they werent on my favorites, but lets see which were my favs:
Natalia Barbu:

Amazing singer, ok song, with a very good performance i hope she try next year, her 2007 song was one of my favorites.


She was the televote winner but the juries gave her just 1 point, its a nice dance song but it wasnt the best or the right one for eurovision and her vocals are not good.

Millenium - In memoriam

Lovely performance, nice lyrics and her vocals were very good, i really like this song.

Well the guys of Zdob si Zdub are so lucky, i hope the take off those horrible hats and bring some good energy to Germany.

Serbia goes retro with Nina

Well this is the Serbian entry for Düsseldorf, she is Nina and her song is "Čaroban". I kinda like it, nice melody and she looks very sweet, a different entry, all i can say is Congratulations to Serbia for making a good election.

This was other participant, which also was very good:

Well good luck to Nina in Düsseldorf!

Ukraine 2011: What happened? I just wanted to smile

Im sure you all know how much i loved the Ukrainian preseleccion this year, there were good artists, good songs and the heats and semifinal were kinda nice shows, i thought Ukraine was learning from the mistakes they made on 2010 but i think they didnt, to be honest everything was amazing until last night in the final, this was worse than the Spanish preselection, it seems like they didnt rehearse anything, they found a studio, lets go there, 3 very bad hosts that didnt know a word about the preselection and Eurovision and all the artists making a poor performance. Of course how to forget the moment when the juries disqualify an entry on the show, so that make me thing that they didnt have rehearsals, what a horrible and unprofessional organization.

Im very dissapointed, there is no words to explain how i feel about that messy final.

Here are the results:
1.Mika Newton 21.00
2.Zlata Ognevich 18.40
3.Jamala 17.10
4.Daria Medova 14.65
5.Ivan Berezovsky 14.00
6.Matias 13.20
7.Eduard Romanyuta 12.90
8.Anastasia Prikhodko 12.20
9.Elena Korneeva 11.65
10.Mila Nitich 10.90
11.El Kravchuk 9.80
12.Vladislav Levitsky 9.60
13.Bahroma 8.55
14.Denis Povaliy 7.55
15.Zaklyopki 7.00
16.Zhemchug 5.60
17.Shanis 5.05
- Vitaly Galay 0.00
- Tatiana Vorzheva 0.00

Well it seems that there is a scandal about the results, you can see the results details here, well Mika Newton won the Televote with 29.064 votes sent by 1.996 phones, this means that maybe 14 votes per phone were send for Mika Newton also to me this means that this wasnt the representer that Ukraine audience wants cause Jamala finished 3rd on the televote with 10.800 votes but those votes were sent by 6.365 telephones, the same happens with the online voting Jamala was voted by 7.104 differents IP while Mika who won the Online voting was voted by 2.640 IP. So Ukraine wanted Mika in Eurovision? I dont think so, now the Ukrainian broadcaster have a new thing to learn in 2012.

Here you can watch all the performances:

I think they need to be professionals and have a nice organization to make a good preselection cause there are Amazing artists in Ukraine, its a shame that this was a disaster. here is the "winning" song Angel by Mika Newton:

I think she is a good singer but the song its boring and in english is horrible, its sad that she is going to represent a country that didnt voted for her, well she should be proud to represent that group of people, producers, etc that voted massively for her.

This is the real winner:

Thank you Jamala! She is a GREAT artist, a round of applause for her and that fabulous song, lets forget all this disaster and SMILEE.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Austria is BACK with an AMAZING singer: Nadine Beiler

This was a surprise for me, i didnt expect her to win but im so happy that her stunning performance made the people take their phones and vote for her. Her performance was magical, i cant believe how perfect were her vocals, im very very happy with Austria this year, it was a fabulous performance and she deserved to win. Also i have to say that it was a very good national final so great comeback for Austria.

Here are the 2nd place and 3rd place:

They were the favorites, its a catchy song and it was a good performance but i perfer Nadine 100%.

This was my 2nd favorite.

Well i have to congratulate Austria for making a fantastic National Final, a round of applause for Nadine and Good Luck to her in Düsseldorf!

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Kat and Justin Hopkins & A Friend In London

09.Black and blue
Artist: Kat and Justin Hopkins
Music/Lyrics: Patric Johnson, Joakim Övrenius & Justin Hopkins

10.New tomorrow
Artist: A Friend In London
Music/Lyrics: Lise Cabble & Jakob Glæsner

Well we've listened the 10 songs tomorrow the danish people will vote and select their representer, i think there are very good songs and i hope they send the right one to Germany.

Turkey 2011: Yüksek Sadakat - Live it up

When TRT announced that this band was the representers of Turkey i wasnt happy and now i listened the song i have to say i dont like this at all, this is the worst Turkey entry in the last year, the worst thing is that they will still getting in the final and being on top for being Turkey but i hope im wrong.

Eurovision Ukraine 2011: The running order of the final

Here it is, something i've been waiting so much, since october i followed all the heats and semifinals and tomorrow we will know who is going to represent Ukraine in Eurovision 2011.

Here is the running order:

01.Zlata Ognevich - The kukushka
02.Daria Medovaya - Infinity
03.Zhemchug - Hero
04.Bahroma - Eyo imya/Ее имя
05.Matias - Myself
06.Jamala - Smile
07.Mila Nitich - Goodbye
08.Elena Korneeva - Why didnt say goodbye
09.Denis Povaliy - Aces high
10.El Kravchuk - Moya nadezhda
11.Shanis - Kamenniy tsvetok/Каменный цветок
12.Vitaly Galay - My expression
13.Mika Newton - Angel
14.Eduard Romanyuta - Berega
15.Tatiana Vorzheva - Vse Resheno/Всё решено
16.Ivan Berezovsky - Ave Maria
17.Zaklyopki - Ou la la
18.Vladislav Levitsky - Love
19.Anastasia Prikhodko - Action

I have a lot of favorites and i truly believe that Ukraine will be on a top 5 in Düsseldorf. I have no idea about who is going to win but i wish the best to all the participants. My favorites are Jamala, Anastasia Prikhodko, Daria Medova, Zlata Ognevich, Mika Newton, Vladislav Levitsky and Eduard Romanyuta. Of course i can say that i really want to Smile on Düsseldorf so vote for the right one tomorrow and maybe we will have Kiev 2012.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lithuania 2011: Evelina Sašenko - C'est ma vie

Zzzzzz, she is very talented, her vocals are amazing but the song is too boring, thats all i can say for now.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Lee Hutton & Christopher Brandt

07.Hollywood girl
Artist: Lee Hutton
Music/Lyrics: Matilde Kühl, Sune Haansbæk & Ian Mack

Artist: Christopher Brandt
Music/Lyrics: Christopher Brandt & Sisse Søby

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Sine Vig & Stine Kinck

05.You'll get me through
Artist: Sine Vig Kjærgaard
Music/Lyrics: Henrik Janson & Hanif Sabzevari
06.Hvad hjertet lever af
Artist: Stine Kinck
Music/Lyrics: Pharfar, Rasmus Allin, Fresh-I & Stine Kinck

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bulgaria 2011: Poli Genova - Na inat

Tonight the bulgarian audience and juries selected Poli Genova to represent them in Düsseldorf, it was one of the best songs in the preselection and im happy for her, this wasnt the 1st time in the bulgarian national final, she came 2nd in 2009 with a fantastic song much better that the one that won that year, here its her 2009 song "One lifetime is not enough"

This year she has a very different and new style, the song is kinda good but its good enough to get into the final?
Here is the studio version:

Good luck to Poli!

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Deltävling 3: My body wants Eric Saade

Its time to comment the 3rd Semifinal of the Melodifestivalen 2011, i have to say that when i listened the snippets of the songs i didnt get a fantastic impression, it was like the 2nd semifinal i didnt love the snippets but in the live semifinal i kinda fell in love with all the performances, well that didnt happen in this one, it was the worse semifinal at the moment and im not the only one who thinks that cause the audience kinda agree with me, it was the semifinal with less viewers this year with 2.718.000 viewers, the first semifinal got 3.014.000 viewers and the 2nd semifinal got 3.093.000 viewers.

Lets talk about the songs and performances:
I dont even know how to start cause its not that the songs are bad but they were not good enough for me and the performances didnt make me like the song. I will start with Simon Forsberg with a swedish ballad, he did a nice performance but it was kinda boring and not for a great place in eurovision, Sebastian i like him and his song was nice hmm what else, i liked the performance his stage presence was good and he looked great i just dont love the song.

Linda Sundblad: She was so cute, i liked, the song is nice, the performance was cool, she looked very nervous and maybe her vocals were a bit shaky in some moments but i think this deserved a top 5.

Sara Lumholdt: I really like this song but the performance was bad, she was VERY nervous and her vocals were bad, its sad cause its a good song.

Sara Varga: The lyrics of this song are great but i dont like the melody, its too boring for me, she looked absolutely beautiful but imo she doesnt feel the song cause i cant see or feel  the message of the song.

The Playtones: I dont like this kind of music at all but the song was catchy and the performance was nice i think the lead singer needs a stronger stage presence but i think this was for Andra chansen and not Globen but i guess its going to be interesting to see which song will going to finish last this one or Swingfly?

Shirley's Angels: I LOVE this team and i think they did a fabulous work on stage, i hope they can change some things in the choreography that in some parts was like too much but the girls can sing, dance and their stage presence its wonderful, the song is just ok but their performance gave some power to the song.

And without a doubt the last one was the best of the semifinal, Eric Saade it was his semifinal there wasnt a competitor for him and he did a fantastic performance, he also looked HOT. Is this a song for Eurovision? i have no idea, i think it will be very different in esc, i wonder how this will sound with live backing vocals? in eurovision there can be only 6 people on stage, i dont know how they will make the show and thats what the swedish people have to think before send their votes to an artist. Also i have a question cause even if Saade was the winner of the night, Kempe is "The king" 2 of his songs get into the final, why the Swedish people like Kempe songs? i think the European people dont like his songs, his results in eurovision are  2008 - 18, 2009 - 21, 2010 - 20, im not saying that i hate his songs cause i dont, i really like some of his songs, but his result on esc are bad and with different songs a schlager, a popera schlager and a popera ballad, is Eric the one that can give Kempe a good result in eurovision?. I think Saade is working very hard to get a great result and i like that, his 2nd performance in the semifinal after the results was so fantastic i loved the energy and all the public screaming, in that moment i get a winning image on my mind.
I will be popular, i will be body wants you boy.

This week will be the hardest, please the Lindas to GLOBEN! i think i will hate the Swedish people on Saturday, i hope im wrong and on saturday i will reaffirm my love for Sweden.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Jeffrey & Le Freak

Artist: Jeffrey
Music/Lyrics: Jeffrey, Lasse Lindorff, Svend Gudiksen, Daniel Fält & Kim Nowak-Zorde

04.25 hours a day
Artist: Le Freak
Music/Lyrics: Erik Bernholm, Henrik Sethsson & Thomas G:son

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Linda Pritchard: "Alive is a very vulnerable song with a lot of emotions"

This saturday is going to be the 4th and last semifinal in the Melodifestivalen 2011, im sure i'll be very nervous this week cause there are a lot of artists that i really like in this semifinal and i had the chance to ask some questions to one of my favorites of last year. She is back this year with a ballad and i cant wait to listen her amazing voice on Saturday, lets see the answers of the beautiful Linda Pritchard:

How are you right now? getting ready for Malmö?
Hi! i am great thank you! nervous and exited at the same time!

How was your expirience on the Melodifestivalen 2010?
It was a great experience! i absolutely loved it!

You were the singer on the demo of "Hollow", this year that demo came out and everybody listened, did you read the comments on the web about your version?
Oh really??? i have to check that out then!! i hope the comments are nice though....?

*Well everybody loved it, so im sure we all cant wait to listen Alive.

You were amazing last year with "You're making me hot hot hot" but this year you come back with "Alive", what is the song about?
Thank you! Alive is a very vulnerable song with a lot of emotions and a lot of hope!

Its a very different song from the one you sang last year, do you feel more confortable with this kind of songs?
Yes it´s very different. i like both styles, the show-part-of me and also the ballad-side... i could never cut one of them out!

What can you tell me about the performance?
It will actually be very simple, the opposite from last year! i´m keeping the song in focus, nothing else.

Can you give me a hint about what you are going to wear on the semifinal?
A very nice dress by Lars Wallin, with a little twist added to it.. but i wont tell you now! ;)

This year there is a new rule on the final, there will be just international juries and no swedish, whats your opinion about it?
I think it´s great! the swedish people are already voting, so it´s better that we have an international jury voting as well!
Did you watch the 1st and 2nd semifinal? what do you think about the songs and results?
Oh yes.. i can´t stay away and not watch.. and i have a few favourites so far!

What do you thing about the other 7 artists competing on the 4th semifinal?
They will be great! it will be tough...

There will be a Linda Pritchard album this year?
Yes!!! i´m soooo looking forward to it!

Do you have a message to the eurovision fans?
I hope you´ll see me perform Alive at the eurovision song contest! And if you´re in sweden... give me your vote! ;)

Thank you very much for your time, im very happy to see you on the Melodifestivalen again, you were amazing last year and im sure this year you will rock the stage with your fantastic voice, i wish you all the best and Go Linda!
Thank you so much! take care for now!!
Love LP

If you want to be a fan of Linda Pritchard here is her Facebook page.
To more information here is her official web.
Her page on the Melodifestivalen official web.
And if you want to know what she is doing in the Melodifetivalen week you can enter in her aftonbladet blog.

Thanks to Linda P again, and if you are Swedish you should definitely vote for her, Alive is the melodi nummer 4 so VOTE FOR LINDA PRITCHARD!!

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Dino Merlin - Love in rewind

Dino presented his comeback song and i dont know  bur right now i dont like it, maybe i need to listen it more times but i think he is not going to be in my favorites.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Anne Noa & Jenny Berggren

This week all the songs from the DMGP will be presented so here we have the songs number 1 and 2, i really like both also if you want to listen a preview of the 10 songs click HERE.

Artist: Anne Noa
Music/Lyrics: John Gordon, Lene Dissing & Peter Bjørnskov
02.Let your heart be mine
Artist: Jenny Berggren
Music/Lyrics: Jeppe Federspiel & Thomas G:son

Monday, February 21, 2011

Italy is back with Raphael Gualazzi

The winner of the Sanremo Giovani 2011 will go to Düsseldorf, i dont know if it was the right desition but all that i know is that he is an amazing artist. Good luck to hin cause i know he is a shy guy and all this eurovision thing might be too much for him.

I have to say that even if i think Raphael is a very good and talented artist there were better options for Eurovision like:

Nathalie: She was the 1st artists that all the rumors said to represent Italy, when Italy talked about Eurovision was when the X-Factor 2010 started and they said that the winner will not participate on Sanremo but in Eurovision her song In punta di piedi was apointed to be the esc song and it was fantastic so bad that then RAI said that the representer will be an Artist from Sanremo but she was one of the participants in Sanremo 2011 with her song "Vivo sospesa":

This was one of my favorites but imo In punta di piedi is much better.

Anna Tatangelo: With a fabulous song with a very strong and catchy chorus "Bastardo" was one of the esc fans favorite to represent Italy.

And i think the next one wasnt for Eurovision but i really loved his song and i was very happy when he get into the top 3: Al Bano with "Amanda e libera" fantastic lyrics and great performance

Well Italy is back but im not sure if they will get a good result but all i can say is Good luck Raphael!

Georgia 2011: One more day

The Band Eldrine won last night on Georgia and is going represent Georgia in Düsseldorf, imo it was the best one in that kinda bad preselection, the vocals of the singer were not good but they said it was because she was ill so i hope she can sing better and the song is something that i wouldnt imagine for Georgia. I think this is not going to be on my favorites.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spain 2011: A Lucia no le quitan lo bailao

Well the whole preseletion in Spain this year was very bad, my favorite was eliminated on the 1st show, then after 2 shows only 3 artists get in the final, to be honest i didnt like anyone so i didnt have a favorite in this year spanish national final. Lucia Perez with 68% of the televote is the winner, i didnt like her, but honestly i think there is something of her i liked when she performed "Que me quiten lo bailao" , she looked fresh and happy and i cant get the uo uo uo uo out of my mind, so its a very nice entry that she has to enjoy, give the best of her and have fun, good luck to Lucia and uo uo uo uo uo uo uo uo ahora que me quiten que me quiten lo bailao.

Unser Song Für Deutschland: Taken by a stranger

Well the german people voted and with 79% of the votes "Taken by a stranger" won and is going to be the song for Lena in Düsseldorf also its the 1st single of her new album "Good News" that is already  number 1 in Germany. I have no idea about how this will do in Eurovision, it can be top 10 or bottom 5, its a risk but i think its good to take some risks and all i can say is good luck to her.

Lets get in a mystery mood and listen to the german song, here is Lena and Taken by a strager:

Lena - Taken by a stranger from Hanazawa Rui on Vimeo.

Watch the performance HERE.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eric Saade: "I think the song describes me very well"

Im so happy for this, i had an interview with one of the biggest favorites of the Melodifestivalen 2011, he came 3rd last year and this year his aim is to win Eurovision.

First of all thank you very much for your time cause i know you must be very busy right now.

Hi Eric, How are you?
I'm fine thank you, but very busy :)

Ready for Linköping?
Yeah I think I am... But there are still some details that needs to be fixed before next week.

How important was your participation on the Melodifestivalen 2010 for your career?
Very important. I had the chance to show what i have to give, in front of the whole swedish population. But I was still very young, and had a long way to go, with the singing, the dancing and all that stuff!
This year felt like 5 years to me. I think i have developed my skills enormousely. This year, will gives you a much more better Saade.. :)

Now you came back to the Melodifestivalen with "Popular", what is the song about? how did you get it? it was made for the Melodifestivalen?
The song is about someone who wants to be the best, and he wants to get there on his own. I think the song describes me very well. Its more ElectroPop/Club-Pop style. But still in Fredrik Kempe style. Fredrik Kempe wrote the song while I was on Tour in sweden. We had telephone contact to make it work. Yeah, the song was made for melodifestivalen, but with a more international touch. ;)
Last year the performance of "Manboy" was spectacular, can you describe how is going to be the performance of "Popular", i know it must be top secret but can you tell me a hint about what are you going to do on stage?
It's gonna be me more skilled dance. I've been training sooo much dance with the best danceers in sweden to get to where i stand today, comparing with last years performance. It will be a cool Pop-show. Dance style is now more, LA-Pop/Street.. I think people will see a bit Justin but more energy...
I wont tell you more than that. :) haha!

You are one of the favorites to represent Sweden on Eurovision this year, also you've said the you came back not only to win the Melodifestivalen but to win the Eurovision song contest, why do you think your song and performance can win eurovision?
I'm gonna do my best... But its up to the Swedish people to decide.
The song has a more international touch this time. Its more SAADE its more me! ;)
The song is so much better, my dancing and singing skills are so much better..
I think This song and my performance can win Eurovision, because it gives you a feeling of a Popstar.... And that's my dream....

There are new rules this year on the MF final, no swedish juries just international juries and televote with the % of the number of votes that the artists get, whats your opinion about it?
Very good. This contest is all about international feelings. That is just what we need, to send the right song..

Did you watch the 1st Semifinal? what do you think about the songs and the results?
I liked it. Most of The songs had high quality. But I think it's gonna be even better...

What do you think about the other 7 artists competing in the semifinal 3?
Its gonna be hard. They are good! I actually think it's gonna be the hardest night of all semifinals.
But as i said.. It's up to the swedish people!
Do you have a message to all the eurovision fans that you'll probably meet on Düsseldorf?
Haha... probably meet?
I havent been thinking that far. But of course.
"I hope you guys will love the song and my performance. And I hope i'll release my second album international! :) See you some time! "
Thank you very much, i really cant wait for your song and performance and i wish you all the best on the seminal.
Thank you!
I'm gonna do my best! :)

/ Eric Saade!

If you want more information about him, you should visit his official web.
Be a fan on Facebook.
And here you can see his page on the Melodifestivalen web.

Again Thanks to Eric Saade for his time, i know that all the artists are very busy now and im very thankful for this. As i said to him i cant wait to listen Popular and watch the amazing performance that im sure he will have, i wish him all the best and good luck on saturday.

Poland 2011: Magdalena Tul is the one

Today was the National final in Poland, the song "Jestem" by Magdalena Tul won with 44,47% of the televote, i think its going to be very interesting, its a good song with a great singer and a strong stage presence, i really like it but i dont know if the song is good enough to go to the final, we have to wait but right now all i have to say is Congratulations to all the people in Poland because they voted for the right one.

Malta 2011: Glen Vella to Düsseldorf

He came 2nd last year and this year with the song "One life" won and he is going to represent Malta in Germany, im very happy for him, he really deserved it, he is very talented, he has great vocals, a fabulous stage presence and a good song, i hope they can make a new stroger version, i wish him all the best.

Be a Fan of him on Facebook.

The Results
1.Glen Vella - One Life 90
2.Richard Edwards - Finally 88
3.Kurt Calleja - Over And Over 69
4.Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender 57

5.Raquela - If I Could Do It All Again 46

6.Baklava - Moon Dance 45

7.Klinsmann & Ben - This Love 32
8.Wayne Micallef - Everybody Sing 23
9.Claudia Faniello - Movie In My Mind 19
10.Eleanor Cassar - Hypnotized 15

10.JAnvil - Topsy Turvy 15
10.Ally - Numb 15
13.Amber - Catch 22 07
14.Marilena ft. Michael - He’s A Demon 01
15.Jessica Muscat - Down Down Down 00
15.Kelly Schembri - Love Me Like Your Money 00

Good Luck to Glen!!

A New song of Hera!

Can Hera represent Iceland this year with this song please?
Hera is one of my favorites eurovision stars ever and this song is FANTASTIC!, I LOVE YOU HERA!!

Belgium 2011: Witloof Bay - With love baby

No comment

Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2011 - The Final

Last saturday was the Final on Iceland, 7 songs and a tribute, but was the right choice?

The Finalists

Haraldur Reynisson - Ef ég hefði vængi

Matthías Matthíasson & Erla Björg Káradóttir - Eldgos

Jógvan Hansen - Ég lofa

The Top 2
2.Magni Ásgeirsson - Ég trúi á betra líf

The Winners
Sigurjón's friends - Aftur heim

Well this song wasnt my favorite, i think its a bit boring but i respect the reason the icelandic people voted for it and im sure they will be very proud of them in Eurovision. I dont know if this will be on the final, i dont know if it can win, i really wish them good luck and all the best in Germany.
Now its time to my winners:

Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir – Ástin mín eina

She has one of the most beautiful smile i've ever seen, she is so sweet and nice, im very proud of her, she gave us an AMAZING performance, perfect vocals, magical stage presence and she is so charismatic, all i can say is that she deserve a STANDING OVATION! Bravo Erna!!

Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir - Nótt

I think this was the best song for Iceland this year, i have idea why she didnt get in the top 2, but i really thing that everything happen for a reason, her award was the support and love of all the people around the world who wanted her to win, all i can say is that she is GREAT, this song is going to be one of my favorites of this year, her performance was absolutely stunning, a round of applause for Yohanna and i really hope to see her on Eurovision again.

Iceland was on my top 3 since 2008, i love This is my life, Is it true and Je ne sais quoi, unfortunately i guess this year Iceland is not going to be on my Favorites, but i wish them Good luck.

Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - The Final

Well on Saturday the Norwegian people celebrated the MGP final, 8 songs, 4 superfinalists and the winner, what do i think? the gold final was the worse ever, but without a doubt the best won.

If you want to watch the MGP Final Click HERE.

The show started with an amazing opening, it was one of the best things of the night. Now i'll comment the songs from the final i liked the most.

1.Helene Bøksle - Vardlokk
Foto: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK

This song is beautiful and she did a nice performance. She is a fantastic artists and it was nice to enjoy her in this year MGP, imo she deserved to be a finalist in the gold final.

2.Sie Gubba - Alt du vil ha
ZZZZZ, im sorry this song is not bad but i dont like it.

3.Babel Fish - Depend on me
Very good and sweet song that was nice to listen, it will be on my ipod cause i really like it. It was for eurovision? nah.

4.The Lucky Bullets - Fire bellow
Again another song that is meh to me, i dont like and it was another of the finalists in the gold final, the Norwegian people hate me or what?

5.The Blacksheeps - Dance tonight

I have to say this again, the girls are soo good, they are so much better than that song, but even if i dont like the song, i think they deserved the top 4, so congratulations to the band and i hope to see them again in MGP with a winner song.

6.Stella Mwangi - Haba haba
Well the HUGE favorite, what can i say? she is s sweet and i really really like her, the show was better than in the semifinal, her vocals were good and i love how the people enjoy and dance this song, simple lyrics with a beautiful message and a very catchy chorus, i have to say that Norway voted for the best one for eurovision and im very happy with that so Haba haba hujaza kibaba!

7.Åste & Rikke - Not that easy (Ah-Åh Ah-Åh)
Foto: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK
Well if you visit and read my posts you now that this was my biggest favorite for the final, i love this song, i love the girls, they are fantastic, good lyrics, nice melody, perfect vocals and the most important thing is that their chemistry on stage is fabulous, this was a real DUET,  all i can say is THANKS to the girls for making one of the songs that im going love forever, a HUGE round of applause for Åste & Rikke. Bravo girls! they did a very good job on MGP, My Winners!!.

8.Hanne Sørvaag - You're like a melody
Hanne is lovely but i think this year wasnt her moment, i also think that she should stay as a composer.
Well then the top 4 were announced:
Gold Final
The BlackSheeps
Foto: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK
Sie Gubba
  Foto: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK
Stella Mwangi
Foto: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK
The Lucky Bullets
Foto: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK

At this moment i was like what a horrible gold final, but then he came
Amazing version of My heart is yours, he is a fantastic singer and i love him.

Then it was time for the results:
4.Sie Gubba - Alt du vil ha : 94.884
3.The Lucky Bullets - Fire bellow : 115.793
2.The Blacksheeps - Dance tonight : 155.059
1.Stella Mwangi - Haba haba : 280.217

Yaaay Stella won, that wasnt a surprise but with that top 4, im so happy that Haba haba won.

Well it was a nice year for the MGP, Congratulations to all the artists, the production, the hosts, NRK and all the people that made it, Thanks to everyone for all the 5 fantastic shows, the 21 songs and all the memories that this esc addict will remember forever.

Now here is my MGP favorite song of this year, 2 talented womans singing with their hearts:

I love you girls! Thanks again for this GREAT song.

And last but not least here is the Winner, Lets dance!!

Foto: Katrine Opdahl/NRK
Good luck to Stella in Düsseldorf and im sure everybody is going to sing and dance haba haba hujaza kibaba!
Here are the lyrics:
Haba haba
Music: Beyond51, Big City
Lyrics: Stella Mwangi
When I's a little girl, my grandma told me
That I could be just anything I wanted to
When I's a little girl, my grandma told me
That I could be just anything I wanted to
She said that
Everything I work for, everything I wish for
Everything I look for, it is right in front of me
Everything I work for, everything I wish for
Everything I look for, it is right in front of me

And she said 
Haba haba hujaza kibaba
Haba haba hujaza kibaba
Haba haba hujaza kibaba
Haba haba hujaza kibaba

When I's a little girl, my grandma told me
That it's the little things in life that's gon' make me happy
When I's a little girl my grandma told me
That it's the little things in life that's gon' make me happy

She said that
Little by little fills up the measure
Don't ever give up, keep on moving
Little by little fills up the measure
Don't ever give up, keep on moving

Haba haba hujaza kibaba
Haba haba hujaza kibaba
Haba haba hujaza kibaba
Haba haba hujaza kibaba

Monday, February 14, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Deltävling 2: Hopelessly in love with Loreen

When i listened to the 1min clips of this semifinal i was kinda dissapointed and i thought that the 1st semifinal was better, but yesterday the artists of this semifinal showed me that i was so wrong, it was a GREAT semifinal. I have to say that i like the 8 songs that competed in Göteborg.

Here are my opinions about the performances:
The first performance im going to comment is the only one that i didnt like even if i like the song, Anniela looked very nervous and her vocals were the worse of the night i thought she was going to be in the last place but some people voted for her and she finished 6th place.

Elisabeth Andreassen this lady is so talented, sweet and nice, she knows what she has to do on stage and her vocals were great, Vaken i en dröm is a beautiful nordic ballad that she made perfectly but this song wasnt for 2011.

Now is the turn of Babsan: This performance was FABULOUS, loved the video, the choreography and of course the super HOT dancers with Matador look, this was a very good show and i think everyone enjoyed, the song is nice but its definitely not for the Eurovision. But no matter what i have to give a round of applause for Babsan.

The Moniker: OMG OMG OMG i really really like this, super catchy song and a very nice performance, it was a surprise for me, he did a good job.

Sanna Nielsen: There is no doutb that she is one of the greatest artists in Sweden, i love her and all her mf songs, this is her participation number 6 on the mf and this year she is celebrating 15 years of her singing career, Im in love was the winner of the 2nd semifinal, i like the song but i have to be honest and i think it wasnt a song to win, i love Sanna but i didnt like her look at all, that new hairdo doesnt look good, i think she looked unconfortable of that cage, i dont think this is a winner and im very sorry cause i LOVE Sanna.

Christian Walz: His song was one of the best songs in this MF, i like it a lot, the performance was good maybe he needed more energy but to me this song is better than Im in love, the song is number 2 right now in Itunes.

Brolle: His performance was GREAT, perfect vocals, his stage presence was very STRONG and his song is very good, i love him lol, he is HOT and sexual, he knows how to seduce the camera and thats something i like about him, alone in the stage, looking beautiful, singing perfectly, he definitely deserved the final and im very happy for him, a round of applause for Brolle.
And last but not least my favorite from this semifinal Loreen: Imo her song "My heart is refusing me" is one of the best songs till now, i really can imagine her in eurovision with a top 5 result, her vocals were amazing, her look is fabulous and the whole performance was like WOW. I cant believe that my favorites of the semifinals are going to Andra chansen and both in the same part and thats not all but Jenny is in the 1st duel and Loreen in the 2nd duel if they win those duel will have to compete to go to globen which means that no Loreen and Jenny together in the Final :( but 1 thing is sure this year the Andra chansen will be the bomb. Well i wish all the best to Loreen and what can i say a HUGE round of applause for her, the dancers and the composers of the song. Go Loreen!!

If you liked one of the eliminated songs you should buy the songs on Itunes:
Christian Walz - Like suicide
from the semifinal 1:
Jonas Matsson - On my own

Congratulations to SVT, the hosts and the artists for the wonderful show, lets wait to see whats going to happen next week, will my favorite go to Andra chansen again?

The 2 photos from the show are from this fantasitic blog

Euroviisut 2011 - The Final

Last night Paradise Oskar won the Euroviisut 2011 and will represent Finland in Düsseldorf.
I definitely think that the best song won, he has an amazing charisma, knows how to move on stage and i think Finland will be proud of him. His performance in the final was good but i prefer his semifinal performance.

Also i have to say that i was really impressed when my 3 favorites get into the superfinal, so congratulations to Saara who showed that is an AMAZING singer, i hope to see her soon in Eurovision and Father Mckenzie for that great song.
The Results
3.Father Mckenzie - Good enough 12.6%
2.Saara Aalto - Blessed with love 40.7%
1.Paradise Oskar - Da da dam 46.7%
The Lyrics

Da da dam
M&L: Axel Ehnström

Peter is smart,
he knows each European country by heart.

He likes to sit under an apple tree on his yard
and wait for an apple to fall.

When Peter is nine
his teacher tells him that this planet is dying,
that someone needs to put an end to it all
and so when Peter comes home
he tells his mom:

"I'm going out in the world
to save our planet.

And I ain't coming back
until she's saved.

I'll walk my way to see
the King and parliament.
If they don't help
I'll do it by myself.
I don't wanna be

Da da dam
da da da da da da
da da dam"

Peter is young,
he tries to talk
but no one listens to him.

Everybody's busy living and dying,
not thinking about what they're doing.

But look at the boy who
went out in the world
to save our planet.

And he ain't coming back
until she's saved.

He walked his way to see
the King and parliament.

But they all turned their heads
and walked away
Da da dam

And now I'm going out in the world
to save our planet.

And I ain't coming back
until she's saved.

I'm walking in the footsteps
that young Peter made.
And everybody is welcome to join,
and sing with me:
Da da dam

Well all i can say is good luck to Axel(Paradise Oskar), i really wish him the best in Germany and lets sing da da dam da da dam...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ireland 2011: The Jedicated fans voted and Jedward Won

Yaaay im very happy for the guys, i have to say that i really like the whole show and all the songs were good in their own way, so the idea of the mentors was amazing, congratulations to RTE, all the mentors, all the artists did a very good job. As i said my favorites were the twins, to me Lipstick was the best song for Eurovision, i kinda liked the performance but i didnt loved it, so i think the guys should work harder now to get an absolutely fabulous show and nice position on Eurovision. The song is hit and i cant stop singing it, so if you like it, buy it on itunes.
She got her lipstick on here i come da da dam...Go Jedward!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Here they come, here they come dam da dam da dam da dam

Yaaay, get the lipsticks ready cause the Eurosong will start in a couple of minutes, John & Edward are ready
And the Jedicated army is ready too:
Good luck to the guys, vote for them and i will comment everything after the show.

Also follow them on twitter

Jedward to Düsseldorf!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Melodi Grand Prix 2011 - Final - The Running Order

Well the MGP final will be on saturday, and the NRK announced the running order:

Låt nr. 1: Helene Bøksle – ”Vardlokk”
Låt nr. 2: Sie Gubba – ”Alt du vil ha”
Låt nr. 3: Babel fish – ”Depend On Me”
Låt nr. 4: The Lucky Bullets – “Fire Below”
Låt nr. 5: The BlackSheeps – “Dance Tonight”
Låt nr. 6: Stella Mwangi – “Haba Haba”
Låt nr. 7: Åste & Rikke – ” Not That Easy (Ah-Åh Ah-Åh)”
Låt nr. 8: Hanne Sørvaag – “You’re Like a Melody”

Stella Mwangi is the biggest favorite, so i guess we will dance the Haba haba on Germany but even if i like it i have to say that my heart is with Åste & Rikke! Last year my favorite didnt get in the top 4 :(, lets hope my girls do a great performance and get the ticket to Düsseldorf, Ah-Åh Ah-Åh da da da da da da daaa.