Monday, February 28, 2011

Moldova 2011 - Zdob si Zdub: They are back without the grandma

Yes they won on saturday getting the 10 points of the televote and the juries, i dont hate it but i dont think i will love it, im 90% sure that they are not going to get a result like the result the got with their 2005 entry.

In the final they werent on my favorites, but lets see which were my favs:
Natalia Barbu:

Amazing singer, ok song, with a very good performance i hope she try next year, her 2007 song was one of my favorites.


She was the televote winner but the juries gave her just 1 point, its a nice dance song but it wasnt the best or the right one for eurovision and her vocals are not good.

Millenium - In memoriam

Lovely performance, nice lyrics and her vocals were very good, i really like this song.

Well the guys of Zdob si Zdub are so lucky, i hope the take off those horrible hats and bring some good energy to Germany.

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