Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pernilla Andersson: "I keep saying to myself : This is a great experience, take it easy! "

The Melodifestivalen fever started and im so excited cause i did an interview with the lovely Pernilla Andersson, she will be competing on the 1st semifinal on Lulea, i love her answers, she is so nice, im sure you will like her and her answers too so take a look at this interview:

First of all can you tell me something about yourself and your singing career? what kind of music do you like?
I'm a singer/songwriter with my roots in jazz & blues, my parents were jazzmusicians so I guess it came naturally at home. I've been working as an artist and musician behind other artists since I was 20. (I'm 35 today) I like a lot of music, mostly jazz, rock'n roll and singsongwriters such as Bob Dylan & Carole King.


Now you are one of the 32 participants in the Melodifestivalen 2011, this week you will be on Luleå, how do you feel right now? and how the idea of the Melodifestivalen came to you?
By my own choice I have isolated myself on the island on which I am living (The arkepelagos outside of Stockholm), mostly to avoid the "media-circus" around Melodifestivalen. I try to focus on my music, since I'm not so good at the competing thing (I tend to psych myself out) and I keep saying to myself : This is a great experience, take it easy! The Idea of Melodifestivalen came from people I'm working with, since I had a "leftover-song" that felt really good. We figured it would be a great "window" for the song and me.
Your song is "Desperados", what its the song about? did you write it for the Melodifestivalen? what situation made you write the song?
Desperados is a song about choosing your own path, break boundaries and be aware of how precious time is. You might aswell use it in a positive way instead of wating for better days ahead.
Can you tell me 3 words that describe the feeling of your song?
Uptempo minor song in swedish (to many words, sorry about that) :-)
How are you doing with the rehearsals?
Pretty good, since I'm going on tour I rehearse very much with the band and I love that, I'm really most comfortable in the studio, rehearsalroom and on the tourbus.

Tell me something about how the performance will be?
I will perform with my band and I have made great effort to make the stage as personal and "Pernilla-like" as possible.
What do you think about the other 7 artists competing in the semifinal?
I don't know all of them, but everyone was really nice at the pressconference. I've worked with Jenny Silver on a Svante Thuresson album I produced and she's a great singer and a lovely person. I also know Dilba a litte bit and the same goes for her, great woman and singer.

Do you want to give a message to the eurovision fans?
Let's have a blast!!!

Her Meldifestivalen presentation video

If you want more information about Pernilla, you should visit her official web
Also you can be a fan of her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.
And here you can see her page on the Melodifestivalen web.

Well all i can say is that the way she answered the questions was amazing, her answers were so warm, nice and kind. Also i have to say that im very curious about "Desperados", i love songs in swedish so im sure im going to love it.

I have to thanks for this fantastic interview to Pernilla and i wish her good luck and all the best on saturday, i cant wait for it,
VOTE FOR PERNILLA! Desperados is the melodi nummer 7, so if you are swedish dont forget to vote.

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