Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Melodifestivalen 2011 - Deltävling 3: My body wants Eric Saade

Its time to comment the 3rd Semifinal of the Melodifestivalen 2011, i have to say that when i listened the snippets of the songs i didnt get a fantastic impression, it was like the 2nd semifinal i didnt love the snippets but in the live semifinal i kinda fell in love with all the performances, well that didnt happen in this one, it was the worse semifinal at the moment and im not the only one who thinks that cause the audience kinda agree with me, it was the semifinal with less viewers this year with 2.718.000 viewers, the first semifinal got 3.014.000 viewers and the 2nd semifinal got 3.093.000 viewers.

Lets talk about the songs and performances:
I dont even know how to start cause its not that the songs are bad but they were not good enough for me and the performances didnt make me like the song. I will start with Simon Forsberg with a swedish ballad, he did a nice performance but it was kinda boring and not for a great place in eurovision, Sebastian i like him and his song was nice hmm what else, i liked the performance his stage presence was good and he looked great i just dont love the song.

Linda Sundblad: She was so cute, i liked, the song is nice, the performance was cool, she looked very nervous and maybe her vocals were a bit shaky in some moments but i think this deserved a top 5.

Sara Lumholdt: I really like this song but the performance was bad, she was VERY nervous and her vocals were bad, its sad cause its a good song.

Sara Varga: The lyrics of this song are great but i dont like the melody, its too boring for me, she looked absolutely beautiful but imo she doesnt feel the song cause i cant see or feel  the message of the song.

The Playtones: I dont like this kind of music at all but the song was catchy and the performance was nice i think the lead singer needs a stronger stage presence but i think this was for Andra chansen and not Globen but i guess its going to be interesting to see which song will going to finish last this one or Swingfly?

Shirley's Angels: I LOVE this team and i think they did a fabulous work on stage, i hope they can change some things in the choreography that in some parts was like too much but the girls can sing, dance and their stage presence its wonderful, the song is just ok but their performance gave some power to the song.

And without a doubt the last one was the best of the semifinal, Eric Saade it was his semifinal there wasnt a competitor for him and he did a fantastic performance, he also looked HOT. Is this a song for Eurovision? i have no idea, i think it will be very different in esc, i wonder how this will sound with live backing vocals? in eurovision there can be only 6 people on stage, i dont know how they will make the show and thats what the swedish people have to think before send their votes to an artist. Also i have a question cause even if Saade was the winner of the night, Kempe is "The king" 2 of his songs get into the final, why the Swedish people like Kempe songs? i think the European people dont like his songs, his results in eurovision are  2008 - 18, 2009 - 21, 2010 - 20, im not saying that i hate his songs cause i dont, i really like some of his songs, but his result on esc are bad and with different songs a schlager, a popera schlager and a popera ballad, is Eric the one that can give Kempe a good result in eurovision?. I think Saade is working very hard to get a great result and i like that, his 2nd performance in the semifinal after the results was so fantastic i loved the energy and all the public screaming, in that moment i get a winning image on my mind.
I will be popular, i will be body wants you boy.

This week will be the hardest, please the Lindas to GLOBEN! i think i will hate the Swedish people on Saturday, i hope im wrong and on saturday i will reaffirm my love for Sweden.

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