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Yela: "I am proud to be in the group of such talented artists"

The Austrian final is on february 15 and its time get to know better another of the Austrian finalists. Here are the answers of YELA:

Name: Yela
Birthname: Daniela Bauer
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 5feet 5inches (1m60)
Favorite Color: green
Favourite food: Sushi
Eye color: dark brown
Where are you right now? in my mother´s kitchen
3 Fears: War, pollution to the point of the destruction of our natural resources, rats..;-)
What’s your strangest talent? Maybe not really strange but I am a decent tap dancer
Do you have any nicknames? Yela is a nickname I got in college
Home alone and you're bored. What do you do? Watch some episodes of "Modern Family"
What are you really good at? making stir frys and soups (I perfected one pot
What are you really bad at? staying organized
Childhood idol: Shera, He-man's sister
Favorite movie: Up
Tell me something no one knows about you: I cant watch horror flicks, i get totally scared
What would you do if you were invisible? ha no idea, the same of what I do now....?
Tell me a super power you wish you had: Put people in a good mood
What is your guilty pleasure? Sugar, especially baked goods
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Bob Marley "Is this Love"
Tell me one of your bad habits: staying on the iPad for waaaaaaay to long
Describe yourself with 3 words: sunny, creative, lover
Can you teach me some interesting words in German? Ich liebe dich...I love you
When did you start singing? according to my family I already sang as a toddler, but formally I started in our school choir in middle school
If you were the journalist what would you ask to Yela? and tell me your answer
what inspires you?
People and their life stories, my friends, human suffering and happiness, great conversations, real connections with folks; reading books, and ofcourse listening to great music
Hi Yela, we are getting closer to the final. How do you feel right now?
I feel great! I am excited that the song " Feels like Home" is released and I am excited about the big concert on the 15th of feb.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I  love all types of music, but I think I primarily embody a soul/singer-songwriter sound.  
I write my own songs, but also love to collaborate and write with musicians I click with.

You are one of the 5 finalist of the Austrian final. How did it all begin?
I received a phone call in my current home of Brooklyn, New York from the Austrian producers of the Austrian ESC final. They recently heard my EP "Just The Way You Are" and asked if I'd like to enter the competition. Of course I said YEAH!
Photo:ORF/Hans Leitner
Feels like home is the name of your song. What can you tell me about it? What is the song about?
It is about the feeling of home and especially how the feeling of old friendship can evoke the feeling of home. It is about those good old friends with whom it will always feel like nothing has changed even if you have not seen each other or talked to each other in a very long time.

Describe your song with 4 words
sunny feel good groovey
What can you tell me about the performance? what can we expect?
The song is not frilly, it simply aims for a good feeling. The staging should represent that, so I don't think it will be flashy, but in some way a representation of home.

What do you think about the other artists that are going to compete with you in the selection?
They are 4 strong candidates and very talented artists. You can hear the heart they all put into the songs. I am proud to be in the group of such talented artists.
How do you feel with the reaction of the public with your song?
So far so good. I am very happy with it.

What do you like about Eurovision?
As Europeans we're all unique, each country with it's own flavor, style and history. Music is international and speaks all languages and also unifies us.
I love the fact that every year each country has the opportunity to represent its self in a creative way and that it is a friendly competition that celebrates music

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
I think it's important that the contest keeps looking for new exciting music. Music is always evolving my hope is that the contest will evolve with all types of music

Did you watch Eurovision 2012? what do you think about the winner and the Austrian song?
I did not watch the ESC last year in New York. But of course I know Loreen"s song "Euphoria", what a great catchy tune! And I really liked her simple performance where she was really just herself.
I thought Austria represented with a dance song that is in the trend of the time and hip hop culture today. Music is made for different reasons, some to express emotions, like joy and pain and some are sad some are funny and some are made simply to dance.
Photo: ORF/Hans Leitner
 Do you have a favorite eurovision song?
ABBA "Waterloo", Katrina and the Waves "Love Shine a Light", Loreen "Euphoria"

What are your plans for this year?
Make a record!

Do you have a message for the Eurovision fans?
Without the fans the ESC wouldn't exist. I appreciate all the love and support on this journey. I hope you will enjoy "Feels Like Home" and that it will bring love and joy  to all of you!
I am looking forward to celebrate this year's Eurovision with all of you!

Thanks to Yela for such a lovely interview! I wish her all the best!

Here is the official video of her eurovision entry "Feels like home"
Lovely video! Good luck to Yela!!!

Here is her facebook page:
and here is the link to get her song on Itunes:

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