Thursday, January 17, 2013

Melodi Grand Prix 2013: Semifinal 1 - The artists

The 1st semifinal of the MGP 2013 is going to be on saturday and here are the participants:

1: Vidar Busk - Paid My Way
Tekst: Tim Scott McConnell
Melodi: Tim Scott McConnell og Vidar Busk

2: Carina Dahl - Sleepwalking
Tekst: Carina Dahl
Melodi: Carina Dahl og Ben Adams 

3: Tom Hugo - Det er du
Melodi/tekst: Tom Hugo

4: Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen - Alone
Tekst: Emil Solli-Tangen og Sven Atle Kopperud (Silenoz)
Melodi: Gromth

5: Julie Bergan - Give A Little Something Back
Melodi/tekst: Ben Adams, Sara Skjoldnes og Julie Bergan

6: Mimi Blix - Catch Me
Tekst: Mimi Blix og Dr. Shiver
Melodi: Dr. Shiver, Luca Monticelli og Mauro Cottini

7: Datarock - Underground
Tekst: Fredrik Saroea
Melodi: Fredrik Saroea og Pål Myran-Håland

I havent listen to all the songs but i think this is a good line up, now lets hope to get good performances and a good result from the Norwegian public.

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