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David Lindgren: "I wanna be up there again and fight in the top three"

The Melodifestivalen 2013 is just around the corner so i did an interview with one of the artists from Semifinal 1, he was one of the surprises of 2012 and this year he is coming back for more, here are the answers of DAVID LINDGREN:

Name: David Lindgren
Age: 30
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm
Favorite Color: Green
Favourite food: Chicken
Shoe Size: 41 or 8 1/2
Eye color: Blue/green
Where are you right now? In Malmö on the couch
3 Fears:
That something bad would happen my son
That something bad would happen my wife
3 things that makes you happy: My family, good food, my work
What’s your strangest talent? Pretty good hockey player
Do you have any nicknames? No not now but when I was breakdancing I was called Dave D Danger :-)
Home alone and your bored. What do you do? Watch a movie with alot of sound from the surround sound and subwoofer:)
What are you really good at? Being on time.
What are you really bad at? Watering the flowers
Childhood idol: Michael Jackson, nkotb
Tell me something no one knows about you: My wife knows everything....... I love candy :)
What would you do if you were invisible?:  I would travel the world for free in first class :)
Favorite movie: The shawshank redemption
Tell me a super power you wish you had: Fly
What's your favorite part of your body? My nose
Tell me one of your insecurities: Some days I don't like my body.
What is your guilty pleasure? Candy
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Step by step Nkotb :-)
Can you teach me some interesting words in swedish?
Bonde- farmer
Sol- sun
Frukost- breakfast 
Hångla- makeout 
Tell me some of your bad habits: Honestly don't have any really bad habits. But I enjoy desserts, cookies and candy maybe a little to much.
When did you start singing? When I was little in the church choir. But I started seriously when I was 18.
If you were the journalist what would you ask to David Lindgren? and tell me your answer.
How's it working to both be an artist that works so much and also be a father to a little son?
Answer: it's hard and a lot of logistics and you need a lot of help from family and friends. And without my understanding wife it would never have worked.
Hello David! The Melodifestivalen is getting closer, how do you feel right now?
I actually feel calm, I'm so proud of the song and number.

You're coming back to Melodifestivalen after a great result last year, what are your expectations for this year? what did you learn from last year experience?
My expectations and hopes are high, I wanna be up there again and fight in the top three. I learned a lot about working with the camera, so now I'm much more prepared for the rehearsing on the stage.....I hope :-)

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I'm all round I think, it can be positive and negative because you don't have that one thing that you're really great at. But it works for me and I can work in a lot of different areas and I love that. To try new things and challenge your self.
Skyline is the title of your song, what can you tell me aboit it? what is the song about? what did you think the 1st time you listened it?
It's a uptempo song with a lot of happiness and energy. The song can be about a lot of things, it's in the ear of the listener:) but for me it's about a gang of guys doing a night in the city and were gonna sees the moment.
First time I heard it, it honestly gave me the same feeling like shout it out did.

Describe your song with 4 words
Fresh, happy, energy, dance
Fernando Fuentes is one of the songwriters of your songs in MF, he is from Chile, do you know some words in spanish?
Mi casa? Hahaha

What can you tell me about the performance? what can we expect? 
Its gonna be a lot of different dance styles and you can expect a show that hopefully will blow your mind :)

Do  you know what you are going to wear for the semifinal?
Almost, I know the base but its still work in progress.
What do you like about Eurovision?
The feeling of it, for me it's a lot of happiness and togetherness.

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
That its a competition.......

Last year your song got in the competition because Anna Järvinen withdrew and this year you are competing against her. What do you think about the artist from semifinal 1?
It's an exiting start of the competition with a lot of different genres and a lot of new faces in this competition .its going to be hard.
Apart from Melodifestivalen, what are your plans for this year?
I'm releasing my second album, doing a tour with Diggiloo, my own television show "fixa showen" have premier in sep and some other stuff that I can't talk about.
Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
I really hope that you are going to enjoy my number and song this year and that you support me like you did last year. 
Alll the best
David Lindgren 

Tusen tack to David for this great interview and good luck in MF!!

Here is his facebook page:
His official website:
His instagram:
UPD: I had the oportunity to listen to his new EP and its really good ( I love Armageddon & Amnesia)
Here is the Spotify link:
And here is the Itunes link:

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