Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013: The final

Last night Denmark made me very happy with their winner and now im going to comment all the performances.

Daze - We Own The Universe
The worst song of this year and i didnt like the performance at all.

Brinck - Human
I like this song but i think his vocals were kinda bad and the whole act wasnt interesting.

Jack Rowan featuring Sam Gray - Invincible
I think this could have been a great performance but it was just a flat one, Sams vocals were perfect but it was not enough to get in the top 3.

Mohamed Ali - Unbreakable
I like him but i dont like the song, it was too "amazing" (Danny 2012). His performance was meh, his vocals were weak in some parts and i didnt like the choreography.

Kate Hall - I'm Not Alone
I like this one not because of the song or performance but because i think she did a good job on stage, her vocals were really good.

Simone - Stay Awake
Simone is a great singer but i think this song wasnt the right one for her, she doesnt have the energy for a dance (kinda cheap) song like this one, her dancing was pretty weak but her vocals were good. 

Louise Dubiel - Rejs dig op
This performance was so good, i really enjoyed it. She has charisma and she did a fabulous performance. I loved it!

Frederikke Vedel - Jeg har hele tiden vidst det 
This was one of my favorite songs, im not sure if i  liked the 2nd part of the choreography but it was a good performance and her vocals were sooo fantastic!!! I was like Wow she is killing it. Well done girl

Albin - Beautiful To Me 
This song is really good and he did a great performance, good job Albin!!

Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops
The best song of DMGP 2013!!! I fell in love with it when i heard the 1st 30seconds we got, i knew this was going to be great. Last night Emmelie was herself on stage, a lovely girl singing her heart out and enjoying the moment. She is very talented! her vocals were great and it was a beautiful performance so im very happy for her and i wish her all the best for Eurovision, i'll be suporting her here! GO EMMELIE!!!

Photos: Wouter van Vliet (EBU)  

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