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Natália Kelly: Hardworking, determined and focused

Photo: Stefan Tauber
Now its time to get another interview, this time its from one of the Austrian finalists, she is 18 years old and im sure she will SHINE on February 15. Here are the answers of NATÁLIA KELLY:

Zodiac sign: Sagitarius
Height: 1.64 cm
Favorite Color: Black, green and red
Favourite food: Lasagne
Eye colour: Green
Where are you right now? At home sitting on my couch and relaxing after a long day in the Studio recording songs for my album in March.
3 Fears: Not being able to sing, spiders  and losing a dear person.
What’s your strangest talent? I’m not really aware of any strange talents but as soon as I find out, I’ll inform you!
Do you have any nicknames? When I was small I couldn’t pronounce my own name properly so I used to call myself “Tati”. Some time later my parents started to call me Tati too and they still do.
Home alone and you're bored. What do you do? I’d go into our hallway which has great acoustic and I’d start to sing.
What are you really good at? Annoying my cats.
What are you really bad at? Keeping my room organized.
Childhood idol: Celine Dion, Billy Joel
Favorite movie: The Lion King
Tell me something no one knows about you: If I didn’t tell anyone by now, why should I tell you? ;)
What would you do if you were invisible? I’d go to every concert possible and be backstage with all my favorite artists. 
Tell me a super power you wish you had: I wish I could control water. Like in “Avatar: The last airbender”. Water is a very powerful element. It can wash away earth, put out fire and even carve its way through stone. And whenever water is trapped, it makes itself a new path. 
What is your guilty pleasure? Eating
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Walking Disaster by Sum 41
Tell me one of your bad habits: Not wanting to leave my bed in the mornings and because of that I’m constantly late to catch the school bus.
Describe yourself with 3 words: Funny, musically oriented and enthusiastic.
Can you teach me some interesting words in German & Portuguese?
The longest word in German is “Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän”. Its official translation is: Captain of the Danube Steamship Company.
And a funny word in Portuguese is “pipoca”, which means popcorn.
When did you start singing & writing? I’ve been singing throughout my whole life but when I was 8 I decided to become a professional singer. And I’ve been writing my own songs since I'm 13 years old.
If you were the journalist what would you ask to Natália Kelly? Tell me your answer.
What would you change if you could go back in time? 
Nothing, because everything I did then had an impact on who and where I am now. I’m quite happy about that! 

We're getting closer to the final, how do you feel right now?
Actually I feel pretty relaxed J I'm just really looking forward to go on stage and perform!
Photo: ORF/Hans Leitner
How would you describe yourself as an artist?
Hardworking, determined and focused.

You are one of the 5 finalists of the Austrian final. How did it all begin?
I was always interested in the ESC so I applied, they called me and now I’m here
Photo: ORF/Hans Leitner
What can you tell me about your song? what is the song about? was it made for Eurovision?
My song is about dealing with many difficult situations in life and despite everything you should not give up hope for better times. 
This song means a lot to me because it is my first single and of course I'm very proud of it especially because I am a co-writer.
Describe your song with 4 words
Uplifting, heartwarming, honest and inspirational. 

What can you tell me about the performance? what can we expect?
We already have a concept but it's not quite finished yet.
Photo: ORF/Hans Leitner
What do you think about the other artists that are going to compete with you in the selection?
I find to be very nice and they all have great songs. I think working with them in the live show will be cool! 

What do you like about Eurovision?
It is the biggest music competition in Europe and it’s a combination of many nations and different cultures coming together to do what unites us all: music. 
Photo: Stefan Tauber
What do you dislike about Eurovision?
I like it the way it is and I’d be glad if I could be part of it. 

Did you watch Eurovision 2012? 
Yes, I did watch the whole show.

what do you think about the winner and the Austrian song?
I think Loreen has a very interesting background, her performance was very creative and simple and her song was incredible. 
About our past Austrian representative: I like the fact that they were determined to stay true to themselves and to their music. In this way we’re very similar. But from their repertoire the song wasn’t my favorite.
What are your plans for this year?
I want to successfully finish the 11th School Grade and to have a good start with my album and hopefully to get enough votes so I’m able to represent Austria in Malmö! 

Do you have a message for the Eurovision fans?
Have fun with the show, enjoy the great music that’s going to be presented and if you have the chance to watch the Austrian finals, vote for me :D

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Here is the link to listen to her Eurovision song "Shine":

Thanks to Natália! I love her song and i cant wait to see her on stage! Go Natália Kelly!!!

Here is the official video of her Eurovision song "Shine"

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