Monday, January 28, 2013

Melodi Grand Prix 2013: Semifinal 2

The 2nd semifinal of the MGP 2013 was yesterday and there was a huge surprise: the right songsgot into the final :O here are my comments of all the performances:

1.Martin Blomvik - Det vakje mi tid
I think this song is good but its not a song to perform live. The performance was very boring, nothing happened on stage, i like him but this wasnt the right song for a contest like this one.

2.Annsofi - I’m With You
Rybak wrote a great song, i really really like it but im not sure if Annsofi is the right singer for this song still i think she did a good job on stage, i think for the final she should improve on the 2nd part of the song.

3.Shackles - On Hold
The only thing i can say about this is that i didnt like it at all.

4.Hank - No One
This wasnt for me, i dont like his voice and thats why i dont like the song.

5.Fjellfolk - Ulvetuva
*Standing ovation* This was perfect, the song is so unique, the lyrics are so dark and interesting and the performance was magical, they were amazing. Well done guys!!!

6.Haji - Shine With Me
I like Haji but he was much better last year.

7.Margaret Berger - Feed You My Love
WOW, i dont have words for this, it was POWERFUL! she has a very strong stage presence and her vocals were so perfect, if this doesnt win its because theres something better on semifinal 3 or because the people in Norway doesnt want a top result in Eurovision. This was one of the best performances on MGP history. GO MARGARET!!! 




1.Margaret Berger

Photos: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK 

Great results this week!! but theres only one song i can see doing a great job in Eurovision so GO MARGARET!!!

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