Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jógvan Hansen: "There is really no competition amongst the artists"

Next week the Icelandic selection will start and i did an interview with one of their finalists. He are the answers of JÓGVAN HANSEN:

Name: Jógvan Hansen
Age: 34
Height: 1.74
Favorite Color: Blue
Favourite food: French Fries, and all Faroes traditional food. Especially lamb
Shoe Size: 42-43
Eye color: Blue
Where are you right now? In Mosfellsbæ where I live in Iceland
3 things that makes you happy: Food and wine, good people, my girlfriend and our little son
What’s your strangest talent? Im really good painting in houses where you need a lot of patience..
Do you have any nicknames? Jógvan hjá mostir.  They call me in my home town. In the Faroe Islands they
often identify you by whom your family with. Sometimes when I introduce myself to elders I say : Jógvan hjá
Ásu(my mother), hjá Hans Jacob(mom´s father), hjá Dáva(my grandfathers father). All in one sentence.
Home alone and your bored. What do you do? Is it possible to bored in 2013?
What are you really good at? Making food
What are you really bad at? playing the Trumpet
Childhood idol: Twisted Sisters
Tell me something no one knows about you: Never !
What would you do if you were invisible? I would travel around the globe
Favorite movie: Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman
Tell me a super power you wish you had: Being a carpenter so I could build my home from scratch
What's your favorite part of your body? My hands
Tell me one of your insecurities: riding horses
What is your guilty pleasure? KFC( Kentucy fried chicken)
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Everything by Michael Buble
Can you teach me some interesting words in Icelandic, Faroese and Danish?
OK If you would say musician… Icelantic: Tónlistarmaður. Faroese: Tónleikari.. Danish: musikant..
Eventhough we are a under the sovereignty of Denmark. You see that our language is 100% more related to
Icelantic. I would say that we have no similarities with Denmark or the Danish people.
Tell me some of your bad habits: Bite my nails, and tobacco
When did you start singing? Childrens Choir at the age of 9.
If you were the journalist what would you ask to Jogvan? and tell me your answer:
Is it true that you ripped a hole on the back of your pants on your new Hugo Boss suit, while you were
singing on-stage with 1000 people in front of you ? I would have to respond: YES ….

Hey Jógvan, how do you feel right now?
Tired. Its 4 in the morning and my 13 month old son has a high fever and he cant sleep so I don´t get to sleep... 

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I would say Im an entertainer as much as an artist. 50% is singing and 50% is how you express yourself. People who think that you only have to have a great voice to become apart of the stage are dead wrong.
How many times have you participated in the national selection? and what memories do you have from those years?
I have had the privilege to participate 3 times before. I love to meet up with all the musicians and singers such a great atmosphere in our little green room everytime. Never felt a hint of competition between artist. Only joy and the looking forward to go to a great party afterwards.

You are one of the 12 finalist of this year. How did it all begin?
By a message on Facebook from Sveinn Rúnar.

You are not alone this year, you are going to sing with Stefanía Svavarsdóttir, what can you tell me about her?
She is one of the persons that isn´t trying to hard to be what she is. A star ! Great, great talent. And she may not know it but she´s gonna be singing for all her life.
Til þín is the title of your song, what did you think the 1st time you heard it?
The very first time I heard it I didn´t like it at all. But when they changed the production I felt like I was listening to a new song. Like a hidden flower.

Describe the song with 4 words.
Powerful, melodic, great dynamic and awesome singers.
What can you tell me about the performance? what can we expect?
Two people on stage trying to do their best.

What do you think about the other artists that are going to compete with you in the selection? what do you think about their songs?
Well as I have said in the interview before. There is really no competition amongst the artists. Its only a mask that the Tv-production company puts on us to make it look more interesting. I like all the songs. Cause I know how much effort you have to put in the music to try to get everybody to like it.
What do you like about Eurovision?
All the glamour, joy and good talent.

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
That sometimes contries send some of their " joke " acts that nobody else finds funny. Like when we sent Sylvia Nótt.

Did you watch eurovision 2012? what do you think about the winner?
The winner in 2012 is one of those rare hits that only come by ones in a decate. There hasn´t been such a good hit since " Fly on the wings of love" in 2000

Do you like any of the Eurovision songs from Iceland?
I think the best on so far is " Is it true" that Johanna Guðrún sang in 2009

What are your plans for this year?
Having a blast in the studio, making new concerts with my friend Fridrik Ómar,  and winning Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpssinsins.
Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
Be safe, be loved. And most of all be yourself
Looking forward seeing you all.

Thanks to Jógvan for the interview! and i wish him good luck!

Here is the page of his song in the SS website:

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