Saturday, January 19, 2013

Melodi Grand Prix 2013: Semifinal 1

The 1st semifinal of MGP was today and im not impressed with the results. Now im going to make some comments about each performance:

1.Vidar Busk - Paid My Way
This performance was good but not because of him, he looked like he didnt want to be there and his vocals were bad, yeah i really dont like his voice.

2.Carina Dahl - Sleepwalking
I like this song a lot (It was my favorite from this semifinal) but i knew she was going to be weak, there were a lot of pre recorded vocals on the performance but i liked it, it was a good visual performance and it was much better than Guns & boys. 

3.Tom Hugo - Det er du
I like him and i love the whistle part of the song, i think it was good perfornance but the song is kinda forgettable

4.Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen - Alone

Great performance, Emils vocals were perfect and the metal part wasnt bad but the biggest problem on this is that there is no tune on the song, so even if they did a good job, the song sucks.

5.Julie Bergan - Give A Little Something Back

She is a nice singer and i kinda like the song but that performance was a mess, i didnt like it at all, also that dress looked horrible and it didnt suit the song.  

6.Mimi Blix - Catch Me

I think Mimi did a nice job but its wasnt good enough. There was a lack of energy on her that didnt help the song but at least her vocals were ok and she looked pretty.

7.Datarock - Underground

I like the song and it was a cool performance but not a winner for me.


3.Vidar Busk


1.Gromth feat Emil Solli-Tangen
Photos: Hege Bakken Riise/NRK

It wasnt a bad semifinal but there wasnt anything wow in it. I hope we can get something good in the next semifinals cause i cant see any of this 7 songs doing well in Eurovision.

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