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Nica & Joe: "The only thing that is constant and secure is the love that you have inside you"

Photo: Michael Petersohn
Its time for another interview from Germany, they are one of the 12 acts that are going to compete in Unser song für Malmö and they are very talented. Here are the answers of NICA  & JOE:

Name / Zodiac Sign / Favorite Color: Nica / Virgo / Purple
Name / Zodiac Sign / Favorite Color: Joe / Leo / Blue
What's your strangest talent?
Nica: I know almost all animation/ Disney movies by heart, especially Finding Nemo - I can totally join in there!
Joe: I know all the King of Queens episodes by heart.
What are you really good at?
Nica: I can cook pretty well, at least people tell me so.
Joe: I'm good at cleaning , I'm the Rainman of cleaning!
What are you really bad at?
Nica: Organizing things... I just don't like that.
Joe: Lying.
Favorite movie?
Nica: The Godfather and Dirty Dancing.
Joe: The Color Purple.
Something no one knows about you?
Nica: I'm singing in my sleep.
Joe: I start to curl my hair when I'm tired.
What would you do if you were invisible?
Nica: I could go to all the concerts in the world for free and I could stand on the stage as well!
Joe: I would get on a flight home and see my family. 
A super power you wish you had?
Nica: I would love to fly like Superman, but you'd call me Superwoman then!
Joe: Breathing under water.
Describe yourself with three words.
Nica: Crazy, down-to-earth, passionate
Joe: Loyal, funny, emotional.
Could you teach me some interesting german words? 
Joe: Weiter machen (I like the sound of it).
When did you start singing?
Nica: I started to cover Celine Dion and Whitney Houston when I was about 12 years old. I had my first singing lessons with 15.
Joe: When I was 16.
If you were the journalist, what would you ask Nica & Joe? And what would your answer be?
Nica & Joe: Are you a couple? - No comment.
We are getting closer to the final, how do you feel right now? 
Nica: I feel great! But of course I get a little nervous when I'm looking at the calendar.
Joe: I'm looking forward to the experience.

A polish girl and an american boy, right? How did you meet each other?
Nica: I'd rather say I'm a russian/azerbaijan girl. We met through my first vocal coach Yana Kris. She had a Show Group named The Voice Factory and she booking artist from all over the world. Me and Joe met at The Voice Factory and that's also where we sang The Prayer together for the first time.

How was the X Factor experience?
Nica & Joe: It was a wonderful experience! We met incredible people and we were on a huge stage every week - what more can you ask for? And we also grew together as a Duo.
You are one of the finalist of Unser Song für Malmö, how did it all begin?
Nica: Last year me an Joe were wondering about how it would be like to have such an amazing Chance and perform in Azerbaijan, my home country. We were very happy about the good news this year and being part of the qualification competition.

Elevated is the title of your song. What can you tell me about the song? What is the song about? When are we going to listen it?
Joe: This song is about lifes up's and down's and the only thing that is constant and secure is the love that you have inside you.
Nica: You can listen to the song pretty soon, it will be released on Feb. 15th. But there'll for sure be an audio sample!
Photo: Michael Petersohn
Describe your song with 4 words.
Nica & Joe: Light, love, passion, easiness.

What can you tell me about the performance? What can we expect?
Nica & Joe: Top secret.

What do you think about the other acts in the competition?
Nica & Joe: We think the acts are very versatile, there's something for everyone. The people should look forward to this event, it will be exciting this year!
What do you like about Eurovision?
Nica: It's great to have this kind of contest. It offers new and unknown acts the opportunity to prove themselves to the public and build up a nice career. It's a huge steppingstone. And remember, the ESc was a big help for Stars such as Abba or Celine Dion.

What do you dislike about ESC?
Nica & Joe: We must honestly say there is nothing to dislike about.

Do you like and Eurivision song of Germany?
Nica: I thought Satellite was pretty cool and definitely a catchy song, it followed me for weeks.

You made a Nica & Joe version of the winner of ESC 2012. Euphoria, what do you think about the song and about Loreen?
Nica & Joe: We loved that song! We watched the contest last year and Loreen was just about the limit! She was also one of our favorites, we were very happy for her. And that's also why we wanted to perform that song!

What a you tell me about magic moments?
Joe: The album for us is a very emotional Album and the the songs we picked where in honor of the artists that sang the songs before us. Nica and I have such admiration for Guns and Roses and Adele and the artist that are on the album- that we wanted to see if we could do it our own way with still the  respect  and  essense of the song the original artist had in mind.
Photo: Michael Petersohn
Apart from this ESC experience, what are your plans for this year?
Joe: We find that its ok to have goals-but if you just wake up and do your vocal excersise, go to the gym, take care of yourself- do the work and preparation and discipline that it takes to be ready to sing for a paying audience, then things work out on their own... You cannot be distracted by the LIGHTS and Camera. You must stay focused and disciplined...cause if you sing well, then people will want to hear you.... and your schedule gets busy.

Is there anything you want to say to close the interviews?
Nica & Joe: We just want to thank all of our fans for all the support and encouragement they have given us so far.. and we hope to be only at the start.

If you want more info about them, here is their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NicaJoe.Official
and their official website: http://www.nica-und-joe.de

Here is the link to listen their Eurovision song "Elevated": http://www.eurovision.de/teilnehmer/nicajoe101.html

Thanks to Nica & Joe for the interview!!

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