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Alda Dís: We got now until forever!

Photo: RUV
Hello Iceland! Time for our first Songvakeppnin 2016 interview! Here are the answers of ALDA DÍS:
Name: Alda Dís Arnardóttir
Birthday: January 9th
Height: 168 cm
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Everything my dad cooks.
Where are you right now? At my apartment.
3 things that make you happy: My boyfriend, my family and my friends.
What’s your strangest talent? I'm good at hula hooping
What is the strangest thing you have in your room? Superwoman costume
What are you really good at? Singing, decorating and organizing
What are you really bad at? Being on time (sorry dad).
Childhood idol: Celine Dion and Whitney Houston
Childhood memory: I was 5 and my brother 14 and we were boxing with socks on our hands when I accidentally punched him in the balls, he was not so happy and I kind of won.
Tell me something no one knows about you: I have troubles with falling asleep at night.
What would you do if you were invisible? Everything, no one could see me to stop me.
Favorite movie: Love actually
Favorite TV series: Hart of Dixie, Flesh and bones, Pretty little liars, Modern family and Friends.
Tell me a super power you wish you had: Flying
What is your guilty pleasure? Ice Cream
Name a song that never fails to make you happy: Smile by Nat King Cole
When did you start singing? My mom says i was singing before i was talking.
Can you teach me some interesting words in Icelandic? Yes, elbow is Úlnliður (try to pronounce it) and when there is a major chaos we say "það er allt er á tjá og tundri".
Hello Alda! How are you?
I'm super good.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I think I can sing almost whatever style of music; I’m powerful but I can also be really sweet. Besides that I am awesome!
You are one of the participants of Söngvakeppnin 2016. How did it all begin?
Well this has been in the works for quite a while now with the whole team involved. My managers, Steinunn and Soffia discussed this with the writers Alma Goodman and James Wong early 2015, about writing a song with me in mind. Then Jimmy was writing for Justin Bieber's Purpose album and I was writing my debut album "Heim". With our busy schedules we still longed for making that one true Eurovision song and then Alma Goodman and Jimmy got together and wrote "Now" the english part of the album and then me and Alma sat down wrote "Augnablik" the Icelandic version together. The whole birth of the song summarizes all our individual adventures together in being in the now.
“Augnablik” is the title of your song, what’s the story behind it?
The song is about putting the past behind and try to live in the moment and enjoy the passing moment.

Describe the song with 4 words:
Powerful, meaningful, anthemic and legendary.
What can we expect to see on stage for the performance?
Backing singers, drummer and a guitarist and one hell of a performance.

Did you watch Eurovision 2015? Who were your favorites?
Yes I did! My favorite was Love injected by Aminata from Latvia.
What do you like about Eurovision?
Everything! There is so much work put in everything, the song, the vocals and just the whole performance. It's amazing!

What do you dislike about Eurovision?
What is there to dislike? If I had to say anything I would say the negative discussions on the internet if someone fails. We are human we all make mistakes!
Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word:
Snow: Olaf (don't know why, just watched Frozen).
Color: Pink
Mystery: Eurovision
Ísland got talent: Me (omg just telling the truth here)
Fear: Cats
Cat: Fear
Dreams: Singing for the world
What are your plans for 2016?
I'm trying to enjoy the moment and not think too much ahead of time but I’m in the Icelandic academy of the Arts and I’m gonna write some songs and keep on performing and singing.

Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?
Just remember: We got now until forever! <3
Thanks to Alda for the interview. Good luck in the semifinal!

Here is the english version of her song:
Official website:

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