Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spain 2014: Ruth Lorenzo!

The spanish national final was also last night and here is the winner:

Ruth Lorenzo and her song "Dancing in the rain":

I dont know where to start! I think Ruth as an artist is just WOW i mean just look at the 1st min of her performance! She has "IT"! She is a phenomenal singer with a super strong stage presence! I can see a Eurovision winner in her but i cant see her winning with that weak song! Its very disapponting to send someone so good with such forgettable song :/

My favorite song in the selection was "Más" by Brequette, here is her performance:

The performance wasnt perfect but i still think this entry would have been much better in Eurovision.

None of them (Ruth/Brequette) had the whole package!
Run >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dancing in the rain
Ruths stage presence >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brequettes stage presence

Good luck Spain!

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