Sunday, February 9, 2014

Malta 2014: FIRELIGHT!

The Maltese national selection this year was good! I really liked a lot of entries (Would've love to make some interviews with the artists but TVM didnt let the artists do any interview :/) and im very happy with the results!

Before posting about the winners i would like to give some comments about my other favorites:

Daniel Testa - One last ride

Love him! He is such a talented boy and i hope we can see him someday on the Eurovision stage!

DeBee - Pin the middle

This was one of my biggest favorites! Loved everything about this act! Good job DeBee!

Pamela - Take Me

Love her! Super talented singer with a very beautiful song! Well done Pamela!

Now it the turn for the winners! FIRELIGHT!

Love them! Im very happy for Richard! He is lovely and i love some of his past years entries. "Coming home" is a great song and they are a really good band! I wish them all the best in their Eurovision journey!
Congratulations Firelight! Good luck in may! GO MALTA!

Photos: Mario Micallef

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