Monday, February 3, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Deltävling 1: Sing for me, songbird

Welcome to the Melodifestivalen 2014/First semifinal post! This year we've started with a really good semifinal and with very interesting results!
Då kör vi!!!!

1.To the End - Yohio
I didnt like Yohio last year and i still dont like him but i have to say that his song this year is really good and his performance was very nice! 

2.Aleo - Mahan Moin
WE CAN STAND UP HIGH! ALEO! I love Mahan! She has such a beautiful energy and her song is so catchy, i cant stop singing it! Her performance was ok, i would have change some things in the choreo but the best of it was seeing her emotions through her eyes,  i loved that! I would love to see her on Melodifestivalen again with a different kind of song. GO MAHAN!

3.Bröder - Linus Svenning
Great performance! I didnt like the 1min rehearsal clip but i really loved the performance on saturday! He has a very genuine stage presence and the song is very emotional. Good luck in AC Linus!

4.Casanova - Elisa Lindström
I dont like this song cause i was waiting for a big schlager song not a dansband but she is such a fabulous performer that i end up liking the whole act! Fantastic performance with a kinda blah song :(. Please Elisa comeback next year with a bang schlager!

5.Bedroom - Alvaro Estrella
I love Alvaro and his song but i think he was too nervous and the whole performance had too many things on stage. I think the performance would have been much better with a simple stage act. It makes me happy to know that the song is doing great on Itunes cause he is a very talented guy! Good luck on your career Alvaro! 

6.Songbird - Ellen Benediktson
So beautiful and simple, when you have a great song the only thing you need is a great voice and stage presence and Ellen has thoes 2 very important things! You cant imagine how happy i was when she got in the final! GOOD JOB ELLEN! A huge round of applause for you and the songwriters of the song. GO ELLEN!

7.Bygdens son - Sylvester Schlegel
I like this song and the performance wasnt bad.

8.Survivor - Helena Paparizou
Well, i dont know how to start, i think the Mello press is overrating Helenas song, i mean it is a very nice song but its not Eurovision winner!. We all know she is a very good singer but i didnt love her performance, it was kinda disappointing, i really dislike the over the top diva moves on it, she should definitely change that cause it looks a bit fake imo. I want her to change the performance and to feel more the song and to stop those moves! Good luck in AC Helena!

8.Bygdens son - Sylvester Schlegel
7.Aleo - Mahan Moin
6.Bedroom - Alvaro Estrella

5.Casanova - Elisa Lindström

Bröder - Linus Svenning
Survivor - Helena Paparizou

To the end - YOHIO
Songbird - Ellen Benediktson

Photos: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT

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