Saturday, February 1, 2014

Finland 2014: SOFTENGINE!

Photos: Tom Hakala / Anatom Pictures
The UMK 2014 final was today and SOFTENGINE WON! WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!

I really liked UMK this year! They had really good and talented acts in the selection! A big round of applause for all of them (Mikko Pohjola, Hukka ja Mama, Madcraft, Hanna Sky, Lauri Mikkola, Clarisa & Josh, MIAU, MAKEA, Jasmin Michaela, Dennis Fagerström & Lili Lambert) Well done YLE!
Im very happy with the winners! Their song is great and they have such a fantastic stage presence! I love them! GOOD LUCK SOFTENGINE! Im sure they will rock the esc stage on may!

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