Monday, February 10, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Deltävling 2: Undo my sad

Hej hej everybody! Välkommen to the Melodifestivalen 2014/Semifinal 2 post!
Då kör vi!!!!

1.Love Trigger - JEM 
Impresive visual performance! The 1st part was pretty cool! Im not a fan of JEM but they did a really good performance, the rap parts should improve a lot but overall i think they did a good job on stage! Good luck in AC!

2.Hallelujah - The Refreshments 
Nice performance but i didnt like the song.

3.Glow - Manda
Beautiful song! Loved it! The performance was ok but maybe it wasnt the right stage performance for the song but it definitely didnt deserve the last place! Hope the song do very well in the charts cause its a pretty good song!

4.Efter solsken - Panetoz 
When i heard the 2:30min studio version of this song before the semifinal i thought it was a bit blah but then i saw them on stage and i loved it! They are amazing performers! They made a party with this song in the arena and thats why the audience voted for them! Good job Panetoz! 

5.I Am Somebody - Pink Pistols 
Im not a big fan of this song but i think they did a good performance! STAND UP! 

6.Undo - Sanna Nielsen 
I LOVE SANNA! She is so fantastic on stage, i mean WOW. In the 1st performance i think she was a bit nervous but in the 2nd performance she was perfect! I loved it!. You can see in her eyes that she really love this and she wants to win so im very happy for her and i wish her all the best in the final. I dont think this song is a Eurovision winner but i can see it doing very well in the contest. GO SANNA!

7.Set Yourself Free - Little Great Things 
Great song! LOVED IT! Their performance was really good! I dont get what happened? they deserved a top 5 result! GO LGT!

8.När änglarna går hem - Martin Stenmarck
MARTIN! DILF! Haha Love him and i love the song! I didnt like the performance on saturday but i just watched it again and it was a great performance so good luck in AC Martin!

8.Glow - Manda
7.I Am Somebody - Pink Pistols 
6.Set Yourself Free - Little Great Things 

5.Hallelujah - The Refreshments 

Love Trigger - JEM 
När änglarna går hem - Martin Stenmarck

Undo - Sanna Nielsen 
Efter solsken - Panetoz 

Photos: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT

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