Monday, February 17, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 - Deltävling 3: PARTY IN OUR UNDERWEAR!

Welcome to the Melodifestivalen 2014/3rd semifinal post:
Då kör vi!!!!

1.Echo - Outtrigger 
LOVE THEM! They are very talented and you can see that on stage! Very strong song and their energy on stage was great! Maybe the whole act was too scary for the normal public but i definitely think they deserve to go to the final! So vote for them in Andra Chansen! GO OUTTRIGGER! #voteouttrigger

2.Red - EKO 
Im really mad/sad with their result! I think this is one of the best songs of this year and i loved the performance! Im big fan of EKO and i cant wait to get more great music from them! BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR ONE OF MY WINNERS OF 2014! GO EKO!

3.Yes We Can - Oscar Zia
I really like Oscar and im very happy for him, i dont know if the song is good enough to win but its a very nice-catchy tune and he is a really charismatic performer. LOVE HIM! Good luck in the final Oscar! Now lets party in our underwear! Sha lalalala cause we can! YES WE CAN!

4.Burning Alive - Shirley Clamp
She did her best on stage but i think it wasnt the right song for her. The 1st verse of the song is really good but then with the chorus the song turns into something very blah and thats why she didnt get a good result! . (Also wth was that dress :S)

5.All We Are - State of Drama 
Im not a fan of SOD and i really dislike the fact that a big part of the song were pre-recorded backing vocals but Emil is great on stage and even if i dont like the song, i have to say that their performance was good.

6.En enkel sång - CajsaStina Åkerström
I like this song and i think she did a very nice job on stage!

7.Busy Doin’ Nothin’ - Ace Wilder
BANG! LOVED IT! I just cant control myself in that part of the song! THIS SONG IS A HIT! I can see it doing great on the charts cause its fabulous! The performance was fantastic and I LOVE ACE! Im very happy with her result! WOHOOOOOO! GO ACE! #voteace

8.Around the World - dr. alban & Jessica Folcker
This is an ok song to listen but not to watch cause there is no chemistry between them! The only thing i liked about this entry was the chorus the rest imo wasnt good.

8.Red - EKO
7.En enkel sång - CajsaStina Åkerström
6.Burning Alive - Shirley Clamp

5.Around the World - dr. alban & Jessica Folcker

Echo - Outtrigger 
All We Are - State of Drama 

Yes We Can - Oscar Zia
Busy Doin’ Nothin’ - Ace Wilder
Photos: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT

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