Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dziesmas 2014: Semifinal 1 - The Results

Here are the 6 finalists from semifinal 1:

Here I Am Again - Niko
A David Lindgren kinda song with the heads of Daft punk as dancers! haha it was actually a very nice performance, would i like him to win? No but he was better than last year.

I Can Breathe - Aminata Savadogo
This girl is really good! Love her voice and presence! The song is too blah but she did a great job on stage.

Stay - Samanta Tina
Im not a fan of the song or the way she sings but i think the whole act was nice! 

Going All The Way - MyRadiantU
This song is kinda nice and I really like them! They were great on stage! Well done!

Cake To Bake - Aarzemnieki
I LOVE this song! Its one of my biggest favorites from the selection! The performance was nice but they really need to improve their vocals! Good luck Aarzemnieki! 

Saule Riet (Take Away) - Olga & Līgo
This is a good song and the performance was very entertaining!

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