Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Spain 2018: Amaia & Alfred

16 years ago Operacion Triunfo made Eurovision popular again in Spain and last night we got our 4th Eurovision entry from OT, here is the spanish entry for ESC 18: "Tu Canción"
I've been hooked to OT 2017 since it started so I'll start by saying that Im really proud of all the contestants and I think they all did a great job with their ESC songs. Amaia and Alfred are such great artists, everything stops when they are on stage and you can see how much they love music when they sing, no matter what happens in May I think Spain will be very proud of them! (I hope they work a lot on their staging cause the one the had here was lame! They dont need much, they have each other and that is enough) Go Spain! TODOS CON ALMAIA!

Shout out to my other favs:
Alfred's solo entry

Aitana War

Ana's solo entry

Aitana's solo entry

Amaia's solo entry

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  1. Amaia y Alfred solo se necesitan a ellos, son pura magía. Da igual el puesto en el que quedemos lo importante es que hagan un buen trabajo.