Sunday, January 28, 2018

France 2018: Madame Monsieur

France made a National selection this year with 18 pretty interesting acts and Madame Monsieur were the winners, here is the winning song: Mercy
Before the release of their ESC entry I heard their album "Tandem" and became a fan of their music right away. There was some hype around Mercy from the people who were at the taping of their semifinal so I had big expectations and I gotta say that even if I liked it when I heard it for the first time, it didnt gave me the winner alert vibes I was waiting for, but then I read the lyrics and I got it. I dont know about their chances in May but Im glad the french audience voted for such a beautiful song.

Big shout out to my other favs from Destination Eurovision:

I also heard his album and I loved it! 

Emmy Liyana


Lisandro Cuxi

Max Cinnamon



June The Girl


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